Howard's Pizza Villa

2010 South Ave W, Missoula
(406) 721-2011

Recent Reviews

madelein heaven

Super reliable quality, generous portions, friendly service and in house delivery.

gary schwartz

Best ribs in town for the price. Great pizza too friendly staff

The One

So, i had my friend call in a order for me. It was the 12 piece bucket of chicken with 4 pieces of garlic bread and 2 16oz sides.What i got was 1 breast and the rest was wings and legs, plus only 11 pieces of chicken, not 12. My sides were not 2 16oz. It was 4 small to go sides. You used to be my favorite for my family and friends.

Karen Huff

Phone in orders only, but the service was perfect. They were very attentive to our needs and took care of us. The pizza was delicious ?

Jake B.

Howard's pizza villa, big on pizza, small on price. One of the more reasonable priced places in town for pizza. In my experience it's typically about an hour wait during peak hours, so call before you're hungry. Only downside is no online ordering. Their chicken strips are also pretty good

Madolynn Bohlman

Best pizza in town. Definitely worth the long wait times for delivery.

Ryan Weyer

Have ordered food many times from here, this particular time the food was burned and unedible. The manager Matthew's wife cooked the meal and suggested me to order from another establishment.

Shelbie Jarosch

Fantastic customer service! Delicious (and consistent) food. Howard’s ALWAYS gets my order correct. And who can complain about free delivery? You can’t go wrong with their pizza, but if you’re in the mood for something else, the lasagna is yummy?


Food is pretty dang good! We ordered a 16” black olive & mushroom pie. Was a little bummed that the mushrooms weren’t fresh (My fav topping.) Hot wings had good flavor and crisp, but a little dry. Upside is they weren’t soggy like most places can be. Dinner came on time and arrived hot. Customer service & driver were really both nice!

Scott Thorning

We have been eating howards pizza since the 1970s, it's always is first rate

Dylan Smith

I used to work here while I was attending University for two years. Best job I ever had, no word of a lie! Matt and Jason really take care of their employees, and because of this the turnover rate is record-breakingly low. I think two of the delivery drivers have been delivering pizza there for like 20 years. Just a good, wholesome family-run operation. Kind of like the San Antonio Spurs of restaurants. The only reason I stopped working there was because NO ONE would quit and I just couldn't get any shifts. It is hard to move up.I can personally attest to the food being scrumptious and made with love and precision. As a broke college kid I, I knew of nothing else but full-bellies and blue skies while working here. The 'Belly Buster' was my favorite menu item there, it is absolutely to die for! Packed with toppings.

Jerry Copp

Love this place!! I visit Missoula frequently and tried Howard’s for the first time a couple days ago, man I’ve been missing out! Ordered it again the next night! Pizza is excellent, club sandwich amazing

Larry Lumley

I have ordered delivery from Howard's a few times, every time I order, the foods is delivered on time or early and is hot! I have struggled with getting quality food via delivery from Missoula. Most places the food is mediocre at best and late, cold, sloppy over priced. But not from Howard's it is delicious! Their milkshakes are handmade and arrive still frozen, perfect for eating when you say goodbye to the very nice delivery employee. They truly care about their customers and their food! They are my number one place in Missoula. Everywhere else is simply subpar to the high standards Howard's upholds.

Rachell Caldwell

Im just gonna list all the things that I love at this place so you can work your way through my favs.BBQ Wang hot drizzleRib fryChee Burg fry turb worksCrispy chick sal RBuff chick sal RSpicy chick Sammy16” White Hot Hawaiian lite on the jala12” GF Taco yes you want the sour cream cuz duhOh yeah every single item on the apps.Cheese bread yumBstx mmmhmmGarlic tst mmmmI’ll finish adding to this once I’ve tried it.Your welcome

Rhiannon Anderson

great food great service will definitely order again

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