Pagoda Chinese Food

425 N 5th St W, Missoula
(406) 549-7888

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The prices are a bit high for the portions given, but the food was fresh and tasted great. If you order any tofu dishes, expect there to be more filler vegetables than tofu. Also, they were somehow out of crab ragoons two and a half hours into being open?? I have literally never been to a American-Chinese food joint that has run out of crab ragoons before.

Alyssa Russo

Tasty but its a take out only. We had the peanut curry and the chicken satay. Authentic flavors and even some flavorful Thai tea. Lucky day!

Anna B.

Delicious! I was looking for somewhere to get Tom Yum in town and happened upon this place. They have a huge menu, Chinese as well as Thai options. We tried the pineapple fried rice on a whim and we were hooked. Large portions, spicy, sweet, lots of fresh veggies. Friendly service, fair prices, and lots of vegetarian options to boot. We love this place!

Vladislav Frederick

Amazing food that always tastes fresh and bright. And really friendly folk running the place! Their Pad kee mao is out of this world.

Daniel West

By far, the best chinese/Thai food in Missoula. Hands down, no other restaurant even comes close to the quality and taste.

Miha Chahon

My favorite in town! All the curries are amazing.

Catherine Lea

Pagoda is a Missoula institution. Affordable; delicious; generous portions; friendly service. Order from the Thai menu!

Koby S.

The staff is amazing and the food is fantastic! I love getting the sweet and sour chicken and green curry! The owner talks with my parents when they see each other around town. Once they forgot to give us the chicken to the sweet and sour and we called and they replaced it on our next order, we love coming here!

Heather S.

We read the reviews and with a score of 4.6 thought this would be a delicious worthwhile option for dinner this evening. It definitely was NOT. With them only doing take out only it took 60 minutes and when we showed up it still wasn't ready. Everything was luke warm, and needed heated when we brought it home only 5 minutes away. Schezuan beef was sweet, not spicy at all and had so much watered down liquid it soaked the bag and leaked all over our table. Mu shu pork was bland as was the human beef, no flavor... you couldn't tell the difference flavor wise from any of them. Sadly the worst part was the hair we pulled out of two of the entrees. Crab rangoon were the delightful part of the meal. This is hard for me to write but have never been this disappointed with Chinese food ever.

Org A.

Delicious Chicken curry a few weeks back. Piping hot in the takeout box. Nice variety of items on the menu, will try more of their choices.

Josh Barba

Great Thai and Chinese food, very large portions, and very reasonably priced. The staff is always friendly, and their meals are definitely worth waiting for if they are busy. (Which they almost always are) highly recommended!

Sompalli Rettachet

The best Thai food you can get in town. The staff are always very friendly and kind. 10/10 recommend

Debi Carlson

Love the egg drop soup and dumplings. Don't bother calling to place an order, they are super busy. It's not that long of a wait in your car outside. They will bring your food out to you.

Jacob Hans

It was sure worth the wait! I was so happy to hear that this place opened back up and I can’t say I was disappointed at all

Tim Sousa II

Absolutely horrible customer service. They refuse to answer the phone and are never open when their posted hours say.

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