Pagoda Chinese Food

425 N 5th St W, Missoula
(406) 549-7888

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Mason Morgan

Best pad Thai and great portion size, better food than zoo Thai

Daryl Lee

If you've been to Thailand you know the smell of real Thai food, Pagoda has that authenticity. The staff is amazing and very friendly. The Chinese food is okay, wish they would focus more on only Thai food. The prices are fair for the portions.I have now tried other Thai restaurants in Zoo town, this is the only one that has real Thai food. They are now carry out only, the food is still great, but expect an hour from ordering to carrying out.

Mikaela A

Called several times over the course of half an hour to place an order, they never picked up ?‍♀️

Michael Spence

Huge portions for low cost. Absolute best Chinese around here offersFood: 5/5

Brittany Schultz

WARNING: last night I found some kind of black GLASS shards in my curry or rice (idk where it started because I mixed it together.) Literally swallowed some on accident and cut my mouth. Good job guys!

Brittany S.

WARNING GLASS found in curry. Enough said. Gross and dangerous. Highly doubt they will refund me because they gave us half the wrong order too.

Valley Girl 406

I always get a craving for Chinese food when passing through Missoula.Highly recommend this spot right off Orange Street exit.Parking: Shared parking lot with lots of spaces open.Wheelchair accessibility: First floor access.


The prices are a bit high for the portions given, but the food was fresh and tasted great. If you order any tofu dishes, expect there to be more filler vegetables than tofu. Also, they were somehow out of crab ragoons two and a half hours into being open?? I have literally never been to a American-Chinese food joint that has run out of crab ragoons before.

Alyssa Russo

Tasty but its a take out only. We had the peanut curry and the chicken satay. Authentic flavors and even some flavorful Thai tea. Lucky day!

Judy D.

When on a long road trip and had days of fast western food, this place could give some satisfaction to cater your longing for soy sauce Chinese food. It's far from being authentic, all dishes basically use same ingredients and taste the same whether it's Hunan chicken or Sichuan chicken. As someone already mentioned, all dishes were a bit too soggy. The front desk lady was very kind though. I also ordered one Thai dish, the drunken noodle with chicken. It's relatively better, however too sweet to my taste even if their spiciest choice.

Anna B.

Delicious! I was looking for somewhere to get Tom Yum in town and happened upon this place. They have a huge menu, Chinese as well as Thai options. We tried the pineapple fried rice on a whim and we were hooked. Large portions, spicy, sweet, lots of fresh veggies. Friendly service, fair prices, and lots of vegetarian options to boot. We love this place!

Vladislav Frederick

Amazing food that always tastes fresh and bright. And really friendly folk running the place! Their Pad kee mao is out of this world.

Daniel West

By far, the best chinese/Thai food in Missoula. Hands down, no other restaurant even comes close to the quality and taste.

Miha Chahon

My favorite in town! All the curries are amazing.

Catherine Lea

Pagoda is a Missoula institution. Affordable; delicious; generous portions; friendly service. Order from the Thai menu!

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