Pie Hole

525 N Higgins Ave, Missoula
(406) 926-2233

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The pizza is great if you like the NY thin style pizzas! The sauce has good flavor and the ratios are spot on! I also love that they are open late and offer pizza by the slice. In fact, I think it's one of the only places to get a quick bite thats open late. Most fast food closes by 8pm. My only complaint is the price. A pizza with only one topping is $22.50 so if you want more than one topping the price really climbs.


Place is dirty and they like to screw you out of the happy hour discount if you are even a minute to early. Hope that couple of extra bucks you gouged me for was worth losing a $5 tip and all my future business.

Daryl Willard

Delicious pizza, late hours, local sodas (not just Pepsi/Coke products) and friendly staff. All of those make this one of my favorite pizza restaurants. Thanks for the great meal after a long workday!

Susan A Mathews

Delicious pizza in flavors I love. Huge slices with amazing flavor and crust that is just perfectly crisp and not too much bread. The wait is sometimes a bit, but def worth it!

Chris Carter

Do you like sliced potatoes on your pizza? This is the spot for that. Some of the best pizza I’ve had in a long time. Would totally drive out of my way to get this deliciousness.

Richard Lewan

Oh so good pizza by the slice for late night. I wish the slices were bigger (see Bridge or Biga for that). But really can’t beat the late hours and nighttime vibe; this place has got it.

Catherine R.

I love their pizza. Thin crust the sauce is so good, the last one I had was the ham and pineapple with jalapeños and there was so much cheese on it. I had it delivered to my house. The box is really cool. This pizza is my favorite and Missoula for sure.

Brandon C.

This is some of the best New York style pizza I have had in a long time. Staff was pretty awesome too, a few college kids I'm guessing. Overall damn good pizza and friendly staff

Fiorella Calderoni

Loved the pizza, the topping combinations were creative and delicious. The thin crust was yummy. Prices are very reasonable. My only but is the music being too loud to talk to the person you're in line with but the youth didn't seem to mind so I could just be getting old ?

M M.

Pizza is fair to good. Not great. It is absolutely huge. I guess I'll be eating leftovers for several days. My favorite part is probably the cute box.

Kenzie Degen

I loved the pizza. I got the potato bacon pizza with Alfredo sauce. Very delicious. If you get the ones with more meat they are bit greasier. But very friendly. The music is a bit loud too and you can’t really hear anything but the pizza makes up for it.

Jason Franzke

Stopped by Pie Hole to try out a slice or two. Love the community-style bench seating in the interior and the staff is super friendly as well. I tried the "Skullflower" specialty slice which was delicious! I wasn't sure about the hot wing sauce, but it wasn't overpowering and added just the right amount of kick. I also tried a slice of potato bacon and loved that as well. Pizza is very reasonably priced. Highly recommend this place!

Cassandra M.

Got a slice of one of the daily specials and one of the margherita. Both tasted good. I asked for my second slice to be warmed up longer because the first slice I got wasn't hot and they did leave it in longer but it still wasn't really hot when I took a bite. I think I didn't like this because it makes the pizza tastes doughy and I like a crispier pizza. Going to see if it's possible for my slice to be left in for even longer next time if it isn't too busy. It's cheap enough and has great late hours. The atmosphere is tight and I would go back again.

Miss Z.

We ordered a whole pie from Pie Hole yesterday. The crust was burnt to the point of being inedible. The weird part was, the top of the pizza was fine. Their oven temps are all out of whack. Plus the fact they were willing to serve me a whole pie this burnt, shows lack of quality control. Unacceptable.


Why waste your time with other pizza places in Missoula? Great customer service especially considering how long the lines can get. Fun atmosphere and let’s not forget amazing pizzas. Seriously, if you’re not eating Missoula Pie Hole pizza you need to make better life choices.

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