Mimi Zawa

440 King St, Fredericton
(506) 451-6473

Recent Reviews

Gabriel Kahan

A really friendly bubble tea stall! The milkshakes are fantastic, but you really can't go wrong with anything they offer.

Elli Croft

Mimi Zawa was the only place to get bubble tea in town for years. I've tried all the other spots now open as well as different spots across canada and none of them compare to the litchi bubble tea at Mimi Zawa.

Cory Hartigan

Great little kiosk that always has samosas in stock. The two workers there are so nice and friendly . They also have bubble tea.

Karina Vivas

We got 1 smoothie bubble tea and 1 cheese mango bubble tea. The cheese bubble tea had a lot of flavor and bits on mango jelly at the bottom. The smoothie bubble tea was creamy but maybe lacked a little more sweet.The octopus flavor salad was spicy, savory, and sweet. Completely recommended for snack time.The chicken samosas were crispy, spicy, and flavourful.The attention was excellent and relatively quickly, considering only one person was doing everything.

Mandy Pie

Menu changes are amazing and beautiful. Brought a bunch of my friends to eat here after the updated menu, major positive changes and new options. Everything tastes so fresh and on the healthy side. Polar opposite of a greedy money making big business'. Keep it up!

Stacey Dafoe

Should lower rent for this lovely small family business. They are wonderful and so is the service and food.


First boba tea kiask and the best I've encountered. I've tried many other new boba tea restuarants and they often give me stomache aches because their ingredients are not fresh and are cheap, ruining the name of traditional food. Mimizawa is never the case, they use high quality fresh ingredients, their sushi is made fresh every single day, the owner is very hardworking. Me and my friends all agree this is the ideal place to get boba tea, delicious.

Wendy Shah

Always get my Bubble Tea and Sushi here. Appreciate the hard work put into making delicious and rather healthy food. I suggest to change the photos of your kiask on google, as the first photo of samosa delight does not represent you guys well. Fresh sushi and bubble tea is your main focus and the highlight of your restaurant.


Not only a great sushi place, they also make bubble tea. Everything is fresh, sushi is made everyday. Bubble tea does not have as much of a flare in the looks, no random colors unlike a lot of big bubble tea companys but that is why they taste better. Could use more advertising though, the restaurant is little known.

Edgeward Eat

The most underrated thing on their menu, the quesadilla. They also used to make really good crepts, it was a great when that was still on the menu. Sushi tastes uncomparably good compared to big bussinesses like Sobeys sushi. Made fresh everyday, amazing hard work!I hope it pays off.

Mama Papa

Most underrated and tastiest sushi and boba place. I love small bussinesses, amazing how they survived covid.


Everything tastes so fresh and made with quality ingredients. Service is friendly and positive. Nothing to complain about.

Seth Boyer

Been going here for a few years. The owners are the nicest people and always greet me when I see them. They recently upgraded their shop and it looks great. Best bubble tea around for sure.

Alex Strong-Saad

Owners are super friendly, and they always remember me and my partners order !!

Jack Toner

Awesome place! Me and my friends have been coming here for years whenever we hang out downtown and it’s a must try if you’re in the downtown area, their bubble tea is divine along with the lunch items they carry. Not to mention the service is amazing.

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