Lumina Wine & Beer

152 Sunset Ave, Asheboro
(336) 610-1060

Recent Reviews

Daniel Shue

The bartenders and owners are always on their game. Super friendly, knowledgeable, and always changing up their availability of beverages. Great atmosphere and comfy setting.

Jonathan Robbins

My family and I love everyone who works here! They’re super kind and always welcoming!

Michael Poletti

Great choice of beer nice atmosphere and friendly staff. Would have given it 5 stars but they were out of Merlot . You just can't run out of Merlot. All in all nice place.

Kelly Turpin

Great place to relax on a nice day outside on the patio. Inside can get a little loud but everything was so friendly. The bartender knows his stuff and is an awesome person to talk to. His art is fantastic.

Human Person

My favorite place in town to chill out and have a drink. Friendly bartenders and patrons, and a nice rotation of art from local artists on the walls to look at.

J Mo

Great sushi night! ? a wonderful experience every time!

Sherry Bucknell Johnson

Absolutely love the atmosphere and the staff at Lumina. They make sure their patrons are safe and stay healthy, while providing a lovely place to wind down with friends after a long week.

Katherine Tinker-Czop

Best place to hang out in town! Great craft beers, creative artwork and welcoming environment!!!

Lee Delk

You have to have a certain "lifestyle" and "fit in" with the people who come here. Apparently you can't just walk in with street clothes and expect fine service. You WILL be judged not only by the people who come here but the workers as well. If you want "fine wine and fine beer" just go to lowes foods. Same drinks without the feeling of being judged by what you wear

Rafael Flores

Found this place by chance while looking for a liquor store to buy a bottle for friends I was going to visit. I was surprised by the selection of wines and beers available. The attendant (sorry, didn't catch ger name) was very cordial and helpful. She helped me select a wine bottle and then packaged it to make it look like a gift. Awesome service.

Doug Bright

About 6 beers on tap, including a cheapie, one from down the road, and a beer from Chicago. Liked the patio, but it needs more lighting. Liked being able to bring food in, too. Service was really friendly. Unironically enjoyed the grungy feeling of the bathroom in juxtaposition with an otherwise classy place.

Karen Evans

Love this place! Cute and welcoming atmosphere and a great selection of wines and unique beers. Cheers!

Chuck Evans

Awesome place and under new management.

Mary Lytle

Relaxing experience. And great selection of beer, wine & cider!

David McKinnon

Nice patio

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