Time Square Pizza Downtown

242 S Fayetteville St, Asheboro
(336) 629-4579

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Mary Vrabel

The best customer service ever. All smiles behind c the counter and the gentleman waiting on us couldn't do more to help b us an give a very friendly welcome.My friend and I are from NY / NJ she Loved the white pie! I loved the eggplant parm. Fresh not frozen. Would recommend .Food: 5/5

Adam Gibson

We ate here around 1:30 ish. The pizza slices were typical NY style large thin crust. The employees were friendly and helpful. My kids got cheese slices and I got the pepperoni, we all enjoyed the pizza and would go back!Kid-friendliness: The decor and atmosphere was kid neutral.

Jennifer Raymond

Really wonderful pizza joint. Not only do they have a nice selection of gluten-free pizzas, but their other dishes are very well done.Extra bonus points because they were very friendly to my two children. And when one of them went up to talk to one of the staff and be friendly, they gave her a ball of garlic knot dough to practice and play with since she was watching them make garlic knots.Definitely coming back here whenever we are visiting family.

Scott Lynch

I ve eaten here for years and normally the food is good but the last couple of times, the pizza has fallen apart and last night, I got sick from the Stromboli. Honestly, some of the cooks look less than hygienic. I don't think I will be coming back.

Dr. Mopar's High Performance

Great food and staff, can't wait to eat there again. Was in town visiting with a family member and we were looking for a new pizza place to try, well worth the trip.

Cecil Perry

Absolutely great food and serviceIf you are ever in the area get the 25-in pizza!!Biggest pizza I ever had!!!Food: 5/5


We ordered a large extra cheese and half pepperoni pizza, a cheesesteak stromboli, and some fries. The pizza didn't have extra cheese and was not good, and we didn't even get the stromboli. It was really not worth the price and we won't be ordering from here again

Diana Barker

I am celiac and have safely eaten here several times, which is a sign that the kitchen is clean and staff pay attention to detail. I get the gluten free pizza, but my gluten-eating family has tried many things on their menu and liked them all. They go light on the sauce, but it's super tasty so order extra. Staff are very friendly and knowledgeable.Dietary restrictions: I am celiac and gluten free, and have eaten here several times without issue. Staff are knowledgeable and careful.


We went here while visiting Asheboro for the zoo. The staff were all very friendly & the food was excellent!! Our toddler was a little loud & they didn’t seem to mind. Excellent family friendly, low key, place with amazing food! We will be back!

erin farrenkopf

Great service and pizza. Sauce is tasty too, only thing was the meatballs didn't taste amazing. Kinda generic. But overall would eat here again.

Bill Palmer

Great food. Cheesesteak bun seemed just baked, tomatoes were ripe and steak tender. A little mixup on pizza order that they went out of their way to make right.

Roy C

When we learned our original destination was closed because of the Labor Day weekend, we went here because we had passed it, it was nearby and we were unfamiliar with Asheboro. My impression was, regardless the high sanitation score from state inspectors, that the floor was dirty and a few tables needed clearing and cleaning. You get in line, grab a menu and order and pay before getting your meal. They give you a large number to put on your table so they can find you. You draw your own soda from the machine and find a suitable table. My wife ordered two slices of pepperoni pizza. My daughter ordered two of cheese pizza. My son-in-law ordered shells and I ordered lasagna with a side of meatballs. The pizza slices arrived 10 minutes before the shells and lasagna. I had to ask for the side of meat balls three times, which arrived 10 minutes after I had finally received my lasagna. My daughter's pizza was swimming in olive oil which she found unappealing. My wife said her pizza was fine. My son-in-law said the shells were okay but a little salty. My lasagna was struggling to stay afloat in a sea of sauce and was way too salty for my taste. When they finally arrived, the meat balls were fine. There were three big ones, so my son-in-law took one. I would not go back because of the way they spaced out serving of the different dishes, the uncleared tables, the dirty floor, a TV blaring as well as music from other speakers, and waiters who had to be asked, almost begged, for silverware for all four of us.

Jason Schwarz

Found a piece of wood on the first bite of my pizza, 1inch piece easily, then when confronted the "owner" lies and claims he's out of town and suddenly, he admits its him. Guy thinks he's big and bad to boot, don't worry bud, we'll see who has the last laugh.Edit: forgot to mention that it was "the works" pizza, it was soggy as can be and absolutely bland and disgusting for the single bite i took, the only flavor was from the wood that shouldn't have been there in the first place. Offered a free pizza in return but when told "why would i want your nasty pizza again" he got nasty and rude instead of being reasonable, i'm from NY as well and this place is an absolute disgrace to claim it's NY style or anything close. go to Medo's, they atleast make decent pizza and italian food.

Seth Trogdon

It was wonderful, went in for lunch and got the two slice special, meat lovers Chicago style, and BBQ chicken (first time trying). Both were amazing, and great value for the price.

Carol S

This is one of the WORST places in town. Ordered pizza and my son's first bite had a piece of wood in it!!! "Famous" garlic knots were like eating a brick they were so hard. Called them to complain and the owner lied about who he was and then proceeded to curse me out because of his disgusting food!!!

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