Ay Caramba Mexican Grill & Bar

328 New Leicester Hwy, Asheville
(828) 575-2835

Recent Reviews


Excellent! Large portions. Delicious food. Huge menu. I ate the chimichanga per other reviewers. It was great. Highly recommend.

Gail Lucas Quick

The staff was super friendly and the food was delicious. I even got a tee shirt for $10. We will be returning.

Teri Duncan

Was visiting family, they took us, Service was Good, Food was Hot an Delicious !

Patricis Strickland

Love them!! Good place,music , bright, good decor, good food, good drinks and very friendly employees

Jasmine McCoy

Great Mexican food. The restaurant is very nice to dine in as well. They get your food ready fast.

G.W. Weber

Pretty sad experience tonight, and not our first time having a bad experience here, either. There's not many options in Leicester so we gave them another shot. We actually tried going to El Que Pasa first, but it was cold and raining with a line. We wish we had stood in line in the rain now, as we likely would have had a better experience. Live and learn.We were told a 20 min wait for a table. Over an hour passed before we were seated. Once we were seated, we saw a group that went on the list 30 minutes AFTER us get seated. They had their drinks before we were even visited. They had their entrees by the time our drinks came. Pitiful. When our food finally came, the hard taco was now a soft taco after sitting in its own grease for who knows how long in the window. The Chile rellano was cold on the inside (like freezer cold). We were starved and chose to eat. We seriously debated just walking out but we had a little one who needed food.The last time we came the order was messed up in multiple ways (meat on a vegetarian plate, etc), another wrong plate served, etc. We told them and just got a sheepish "sorry," the second plate came 25 minutes later, and no effort to make it right in any way.Sometimes they have a mariachi, which would be cool except its an echo chamber and you can't even talk at your table when they play.Been coming to this location since it was Stone Road. Then it was Twisted Laurel. Now, we won't come back while it's Aye Carumba. Too bad, because their food was better at the old location... But something really isn't working at the new location.We'll drive a little further for a better experience from now on.

Jason Philosopherr

Great place great food fast friendly service!

Jane Brabson

We have been eating from this restaurant for a long time. Suddenly our to go orders have been wrong the last two orders. It is so disappointing to believe you were going to be getting a shrimp taco salad and instead you get a steak taco salad or perhaps a shredded chicken taco salad we will probably return to this restaurant but it will not be right away. Also upon returning the steak taco salads it did not seem to concern them at all that we had received the wrong order again very disappointing.

Honest Opinions

update now the Chicken quesadilla doesn’t have that much oil but now is uncooked i wish i took a picture the chicken meat was cold i would not give 5 stars until they will make food the right way if you pay money you have to get what you paid.

Christopher Simonds

Took my dad out to dinner for his 66th birthday today. Ay Carumba is always really good but I usually just get the same thing. Today I got the Pollo Cancun. If was off the charts. Definitely my new favorite. Also huge shout out to the wait staff. They do a great job at making sure you have everything you need.

Half Moon

We get takeout here regularly and love this restaurant. Friendly staff, excellent packing for takeout and the best Mexican food. Chilequiles, ranchero enchiladas, chori pollo and more were all delicious. Salsas always make fresh, my fave is the pepitas sauce. Yum!

Moe Devlin Kirby

so just now as a customer after I just said I was happy to be here they want to charge me for my chips when I ask for some to go. how rude! I was just a customer and wanted chips to take with me and it was an argument for a simple bag of chips. I spent money sat here and had leftovers really??? how incredibly ride that was tonight I will think TWICE to come back .....I was ALWAYS a regular at the other location and am a business person myself shame on you! poor customer service! ......I will tell everyone who always comes here as well you will know me just look me up...Moe kirby

Cassandra McElreavy

We had the WORST experience. Do not go to this restaurant!! The food was not the best. We had to serve our own salsa, even when asking for it! Our orders were forgotten causing the food for our kids to be late. We got charged 3 different times for our order!!!! The manager didn't seem to care to make it right!! We cannot believe all the different problems we experienced!! I would give this no stars but it wouldn't let me!!


The food is alright nothing extravagant, but the horchata however...they ran out of horchata and they said they can make more because nobody in the kitchen didn’t want to make any and we didn’t even get a refill from a group of 4, I am really disappointed because they didn’t provide to the customers need and didn’t offer to make more even though they didn’t run out of supplies

Lilith Caldwell

Good food but bad prep abd mediocre service. I had to reask for items for what my plate came with.

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