Biscuit Head

417 Biltmore Ave #4F, Asheville
(828) 505-3449

Recent Reviews

Nicole B.

I decided to give Biscuit Head a try during a trip to Asheville and was actually amazed at how good it was.. even to go. Because of COVID, Biscuit Head is only doing take out orders, and you can order online and specify what time you want to pick it up. From what I noticed, each location had a couple of different options each. I placed my order, and when I came to pick it up, everything was ready to go, and to my surprise, the food was still warm when we ate it. I read about the jelly bar and was disappointed I wouldn't get to try it, BUT they actually offered two different jams per meal. I ended up being able to try 6 different ones and was pretty impressed with the uniqueness of the flavors and variety. We tried the cajun benedict, brisket benedict, and the gravy flight. The brisket benedict was definitely my favorite and a must try. The meat is so soft and juicy, sauce was perfect, poached eggs cooked perfectly, and the biscuit was huge and fluffy. I enjoyed the cajun as well, and it is definitely a unique twist, but I did think the taste got a bit overwhelming after a few bits. Too salty as well. I enjoyed the different types of gravy for the gravy flight, but I did think it should've come with more biscuit considering how much gravy was given. One biscuit was hardly enough for even just one of the gravy cups. But overall, I was amazed by the food. I hope to come back and actually dine in one day and get the actual experience of the food cooked fresh and served properly.

Joanne T.

I haven't had Biscuit Head in years, since avoiding dairy. To my pleasant surprise, they have an allergy menu and listed food items that are dairy free or can be made dairy free. I had the Mimosa fried chicken with the vegan/gluten free biscuit. The fried chicken was amazing. The biscuit had a floury taste and a bit dense, but overall not! I ordered delivery, so it wasn't warm and fresh, but still delicious!

Bridgit M.

Oh man! The mimosa fried chicken biscuit is wonderful. It has the perfect crunch of the fried and a bit of heat from the sriracha coleslaw. I also recently tried the pork gravy, and truthfully, you could eat this gravy all by itself and be perfectly happy! My take out mimosa kit also included a roll of toilet paper, a real commodity in these COVID 19 times and also very telling of the owners' fabulous sense of humor!

Hannah Kay Herdlinger

Best food and service even during social distancing!! We love all of the food, especially the giant fluffy biscuits. We drove up from Charlotte but failed to confirm hours of operation. That said, we arrived after closing. Michael and Amy Wester were still at the restaurant when we arrived and provided over the top service by sending us home with delicious food!! Times are tough everywhere for restaurants and to see them go above and beyond is proof they are the absolute best!!

Jordyn H.

So I discovered Biscuit Head 2 years ago on a girls trip. If you haven't been, drop your breakfast plans and go! You may notice a line outside of most locations, but it is worth it! Once you order the rest of the process is quick.. you'll get a table number & your food will be out in 5-10 mins! I'm not big on lines or waiting, but this place is heavenly & a staple of all my Asheville trips so it is hands down worth it! I love the Asheville Benedict & have had it more times than I can count! I also love the catfish biscuit for something different! I love doing the gravy flights and they're always changing it up! Their coffee is amazing & I love the mocha made with their hot chocolate! They have a bar that is just filled with different jellies to try! Oh and if you're in the Asheville spirit definitely order a pitcher of mimosa (or 2)! Or try a Bloody Mary! Once you order and make it inside you'll definitely notice the quirky decor that makes it a fun and lively environment. I would say this is one of my all time favorite breakfast spots! Enjoy my pictures from times past!

J B.

Biscuit head did not disappoint! Very fast and friendly helpful service. I selected the Gravy flight as did several of my friends. Everything was a hit, except the expresso. The Gouda special is a must if it's available. Fire green tomato biscuit was amazing. Huge portions. Can't wait to go back!!!

Glyn S.

First trip to Asheville in quite some time! Stopped in here as I saw the reviews on Yelp were quite high. Saw the extremely long line but decided to stay. Very well worth the wait! Quick service and the food was extremely good. Since it was my first time I went with a regular full breakfast of scrambled eggs bacon their biscuits and Cajun tots (roasted potatoes with goat cheese and scallions). Add to this that a small freshly squeezed orange juice and coffee and this meal was superb! Lastly they have a jam counter and their strawberry and bananas fosters spread was outstanding! A definite must if in Asheville.

Roxy C.

I. Loved. This. Place. I am already fantasizing what I want to order next time I visit Asheville. My friends and I casually showed up on sunday afternoon, thinking we can just get in and out, and head back to Altanta as soon as we can. Boy oh boy, were we wrong! We waited in line for about 30 minutes. So many things on the menu, but I ended up getting the large/big breakfast where I can get 2 eggs any style, a biscuit, and two sides. And its ANY two sides!!!!! Meaning you can pick two veggies or two meats or one of each! I got the fried catfish and fried chicken, all for $9, what a steal! Also added a side of one of their gravies for $2. Got the mushroom medley and it DID not disappoint. The gravy legit made everything better. Tried a few of their hot sauces, my favorite was the banana buffalo. All the flavor of buffalo with just a little heat. The biscuit was amazing. The catfish was great, big and juicy, surprisingly. Chicken was a slight let down. Fried chicken is not their strong suit. I regret not trying their sausage pattie, because it looked delish. My friend had the quinoa scramble with egg white she said was good and my other friend said the bacon was really good. I will definitely be back! The cat decor really topped it off!

Jil G.

Line out the door but it moved fast. Order at the counter and then they tell you where to sit with a number. That was probably my least favorite part because it was super packed and we sat at a table with six strangers. The food cake out quick and it was fresh and hot! The biscuits were buttery, hot and flaky. I wish that the eggs were accutaully scrambled and not laid of the griddle and flipped. It looked like fake egg (egg beaters) The sausage gravy was to die for. The jelly jam and butter bar was fun and I loved all the options. I ordered the pulled pork biscuit with a side of sausage gravy and the wife had a biscuit with scrambled egg and cheese and a side of the sausage potatoes. We saw the fried chicken and fried fish come out and they both look amazing. I would definitely go back

Elizabeth B.

If you don't order a biscuit here you're living your life wrong. This spot is AH-MAZING! I ordered the full breakfast, which comes with 2 eggs, a biscuit, and 2 sides. I chose bacon and home fries as my sides with a side of mushroom gravy. My mom and I split this because we are both small and knew we wouldn't finish a whole meal by ourselves. These biscuits are THICC with 2 C's y'all. The gravy is hands down the best I've ever had. I need to find out how to make it myself because I don't think I can live without ever eating it again. I'll have dreams about it. *drools* I also got an iced caramel latte and my mom got the fresh squeezed orange juice. I highly recommend the juice! The latte was a bit too sweet for me, but that's just because I'm picky with my coffee. They also had a selection of jam, but I was just so into the gravy I didn't want to waste any of the biscuit on anything else, haha! This place is quick service style. You order at the counter and sit down to wait for your food. They have a very efficient system here, which makes sense considering how popular this place is. Even though it's quick service, they'll direct you to a certain table based on how big your party is. This way they maximize the space they have to get people in and out at a good speed. We got our food in less than 10 minutes. Love it!

Bob V.

I've been wanting to try the relatively new menu item at Biscuithead, the deep-fried French toast, and finally got a chance. Thick pieces of fluffy bread, challah or brioche I'm guessing, are fried to perfection with a billowy center and a crunch-tastic crust, dusted with powdered sugar and dolloped liberally with blueberries, and then finished off with real maple syrup. I'm in love. Don't judge me, I didn't eat the whole thing. Quite.

Amanda B.

I ordered the fried chicken eggs and bacon platter with Biscuits it's of course. The fired chicken left something to be desired with its flavor but everything else was great. We actually brought home some of the jam! Just ask they have all the flavors in stock. The jams were the best part of it all!

Marina L.

Comfort food at its best! We came to Asheville for a get away from Miami and we were wandering around aimlessly with our two small dogs on a rainy day, looking for somewhere to eat. Biscuit Head was a great find, and they are pet friendly too! There are cat pictures and references everywhere. The decor is cute and simple. You order at the front and find your own seat. They bring the food to your table. There are a few tables outside as well. The menu is heavily based on biscuits (yayyy) and very affordable. I got the Cajun Benedict, which was a little spicy but good. I saw some people getting a fried chicken or fried fish one that looked even better. The coffee is refillable and pretty good. I was full from the Benedict, but then I saw that they had an extensive jam bar so I got an extra biscuit to eat the jams with. Some of the flavours include Siracha, apple pie, cookie butter Just to name a few. Don't come here if you are on a diet though.

Kendall Brown

Great unique breakfast ideas. The food was delicious.

Michelle D'Andrea Maloney

Reviews indicated the lines can be a bit insane even at opening so we were happy to arrive shortly after the 8AM opening to no line outside. We also chose to go to the store front outside of the downtown so I think that added to our success. Our food was ready quick too! The menu is full of biscuit options, especially as sandwiches, but do not underestimate the simple biscuit as there is a full bar of homemade butters and jams. Must do!

Joe Peterson

Very fast and super delicious food! Everything tasted fresh and came out within minutes of ordering. The staff is friendly and seated us ahead of a large party so we didn't have to wait in the cold! 10/10 would recommend. The only thing that would be better is a heater outside for those waiting in line.

Dawson Devitt

One of the best biscuits and overall breakfasts you'll ever eat!!! Biscuit Head gets its name from biscuits the size of a cats head, and it does not disappoint. I could just stop at the mention of a gravy heard correctly: a choice of 3 gravies from a selection of 6-8. Wife and I went with Pork Sausage, Sweet Potato/ Coconut (tastes a little like a curry), and the best of all Chicken Gravy. Gravies have actual chunks of chicken and pork right in them. Also got the Cajun Biscuit with eggs benedict and andouille. This was too amazing, just the ground mustard did take over a little too much. Coffee is good (wife had a maple bacon latte with a bacon on side) and service is excellent. The place is small and quaint, so get ready to wait a bit, but it is well worth it. To top all off, they have a jam bar: we went with the apple pie, sour cherry, and strawberry. An absolute must visit!!!!

Shan W.

The questions isn't weather you should eat at Biscuit Head, it's which location should you head to? Haywood, Biltmore and Hendersonville Rd are your options. Weather you're searching for a fill you up til dinner type of meal... Fried Green Tomato Biscuit is the best along with their smoked salmon, though I don't see it on the menu ATM. Or you are a mom (hi!) who just can't make another PBJ sandwich, needs to get out, but yet can't blow your budget... 2 chicken biscuits; $5 each, and a biscuit with a slice of cheese; $3, and waters all around fed myself and my 6, 4 and 1.5 year old. Total was $16, including tip! Way cheaper than the Lord's chicken haha. So which location? The original on Haywood is fun to head to. If you get there after 9/9:30 the line is wrapping around the building. I suggest heading there if you are an early bird. I see lines like that and I'm a resounding NOPE, no matter how popular/amazing the food is. Yesterday I was needing to get out and not make another sandwich so I had in my mind to try their $5 chicken biscuit. I first headed to Biltmore. We pulled up at noon, lunch rush in full effect. I realized it was within walking distance of the hospital and all the medical offices so of course the line was out the door. No way was I going to stand in an outside line, mid February, with 3 hangry boys. I suggest getting there during off peak times, not sure when that is at this location. Down 15 minutes to Hendersonville Road and the BH we took my brother to. Arrived at 12:20, plenty of parking and there was ONE person in line ahead of us. Pure joy! The most open (or maybe less crowded?) it doesn't stress me out. Multiple clean Ikea high chairs, plenty of room between tables, a patio area that was enclosed (hello winter). We finished our meal and oldest asked to explore. Telling him to be aware of servers carrying food I had no issue letting him check out the area. So it's up to you. If you want the nostalgia of visiting the first location and don't mind the line, head to Haywood. If you just want to try their amazing food and crowds give you anxiety, Hendersonville Road is it.

Ryan Z.

I hate feeling like I'm jumping on the Biscuit Head bandwagon but...this worth the high five!! I'll bust out the negative first then go into the 5 pack that I gave it. The flow of the restaurant isn't good. You basically stand outside if you're not one of the lucky 5 people that can be standing in line on the inside. This location is very small. The seating area isnt much bigger. They have definitely outgrown this location. Now for the good. Or shall I say great. The staff here was super friendly. They definitely care about their customers and it shows. The atmosphere is very inviting. They have a jam bar. It's like a salsa bar at a Mexican restaurant but with all different kinds of jams. They keep this place very clean. That goes a long way. The food was the real star. I had the deep fried biscuit french toast with thick cut bacon and raspberry jam on top. The bacon was thick! Like a little bacon steak. It was perfectly cooked! The deep fried biscuit French toast I was worried would be soggy. To my surprise, no sog was found. But a crispy bite that makes you feel right. Breaking the outer seal or the biscuit and exposing the warm fluffy biscuit inside the core of the deep fried beauty. The jam added a sweet and tang that set off the flavors like fireworks in your mouth. Not the basic fireworks that you get at the roadside stand. No! This is like the fireworks they use in Washington D.C. for the 4th of July. My mom ordered the biscuits and pork sausage gravy. The cat head biscuits soaked up the gravy and the flavor from the pork sausage like a sponge. The sausage was either A: the best frozen sausage on the market. B: homemade with love and affection that you can taste in every single bite. The gravy was as thick as my bacon. The coffee was fresh and hot. Wow! What an amazing meal. This place deserves each one of my 5 stars. I would highly and most definitely recommend this place. Go here!!

Matthew Reich

Just WOW. No wonder this place is so highly rated, it's amazing. I had the champagne chicken biscuit with Apple jam, their fruit was so fresh, my son ordered pulled pork, allergy safe for my little one, and it's amazing. The quality, the freshness, I wish I could give 10*. You can't say enough good about this place! The jam bar, get an extra biscuit for the jams bar, you will NOT regret it. When they write my obituary please include I ate at biscuit head in Asheville - it's close to the Pinnacle of life. Having children, getting married, opening successful business, those all come pretty close to eating at biscuit head. Go there NOW, and thank me later - you probably will. Just WOW. Amazing.

Nicole Wellinsky

The Biscuit Head was a great place to stop for breakfast in Asheville. We came here before we toured the Biltmore. The menu has a large selection, and something for everyone. The biscuits were great. Biscuit has a jam bar with a variety of jams to try out. The restaurant is small, there was a line out the door when we arrived. I suggest showing up early to beat the crowd.


Well worth the wait is an understatement. The menu was full of choices and the kids loved the preserves and jam bar. Food came fast and everyone left full. Great experience.

Michael B.

Go early on the weekends or you'll probably have a long wait. We arrived about 8:30am on Saturday and ended up waiting around 15-20min before placing our order. We expected it to be worse, so we didn't mind the wait. The biscuit itself is average, but it's the jam selection and unique biscuit options that make it worth a try. I had the Pulled Pork Biscuit and the Pork was fantastic. I tried my wife's plain biscuit with the different varieties of jam and all of it was great. I give it a four out of five simply because the biscuit itself could be better. As a biscuit place I would expect the plain biscuit to be one of the best I've ever had, but while good, it was not the best.


My husband and I stopped for a late breakfast in a Sunday. This is their smallest location so seating is limited. Be prepared to wait outside! Food was very good, gravy in our gravy flight could have been warmer. The maple bacon latte was amazing!

Katherine Pryor

Food is delicious and plentiful- space is a bit cramped. We got the gravy flight with mushroom gravy, sawmill gravy, chicken gravy and fried green tomato biscuit with a side of honey sriracha bacon along with coffee and fresh squeezed orange juice - all was quite tasty and came out quickly. We also tried three jams from the jam bar - peach rosemary, berry blast, and a chili one - the peach rosemary was perfection! The only reason not 5 stars was the seating situation - too cramped with small eating surfaces. Hard to fully enjoy the experience in the cramped environment.

Colin DuRant

Great food but line can get crazy during rush hours. Jam bar is neat.

Mary H

My daughter introduced me to this restaurant . I enjoyed everything about our visit. The food was great, huge portions , fast service. The decor was so interesting. I will be going back!

Alexa L.

Delicious! Make sure you come to Biscuit Head starving because everything on the menu sounds awesome and you'll want to order it all and actually FINISH it all (which I couldn't). The biscuits were awesome, the jam bar at the back was incredible. Seriously, all those jams/jellies/marmalades were each so yummy! I couldn't believe it was all free!! We sat in the back patio since we had our dog with us and the service was great..they were so sweet to pups here! The mimosa fried chicken biscuit was HUGE and awesome. Hub's fried catfish biscuit was good too (but not as good as the fried chicken one). The only thing that was mediocre was the biscuit doughnuts..those were underwhelming so I'd skip those.

Colin DuRant

Great food but line can get crazy during rush hours. Jam bar is neat.

Chaker F.

Biscuit Head is craft breakfast restaurant located in Asheville, NC. There are several locations. FOOD (5/5): This place is great. Everything on their menu is tasty & comes in a large portion. My favorites are listed below: - Cajun Benedict - brisket Biscuit The jelly bar is also very good. SERVICE (5/5): Everyone here is very friendly and as fast as possible. Expect serious lines and wait times depending on when you go but the staff handles it well. AMBIANCE (4/5): Crowded, fun, and normally packed.

Danni M

If you don’t go here when you visit you’re missing out. Highly recommend. Definitely show up early on the weekends because they fill up fast. The jams were to die for. I totally should’ve bought some. Oh well guess I have to go back.

Cheryl Hutcheson

I give this cafe a 4 out of 5 stars only because of the waiting in line outside the restaurant. I loved the decor and the staff were super friendly. Coffee was good. Jam bar was amazing. Food was good and a lot of it. We almost went back the 2nd morning we liked it that much.

Valerie Choe

Small location with good food and great staff! I was with a larger party and we came in after 2PM on a Sunday. We weren’t sure if they’d seat us, but we got lucky and there was no wait. The staff were friendly and served us well even amidst closing duties. The food came out fast and everyone thoroughly enjoyed their different biscuit entrees. We loved the fried green tomatoes and the gravy flight is a great way to sample the menu. Of course, the biscuits were fluffy and delicious. Thanks for making our first stop in Asheville a great one!


Whoa Momma!!! This is the best breakfast in all of North Carolina. We ate so well here and we even got to see Baby Yoda!!! There’s rumor that Lizzo visits from time to time, so be on the lookout for some celebs.

Tabatha S.

Oh man. This place is a must! Was in town for work and this place came highly recommended. It was so good that I went two days in a row! You will more than likely have to wait in line but it's not bad. Trust me, you will want everything on the menu so this helps narrow it down! The biscuits are big and flurry, the potatoes are crispy and well seasoned, and the gravy is meaty and delicious! And the jam/jelly bar...I've never seen anything like it. All the flavors you can imagine are there. Truthfully I could just go in there, order a plate of biscuits, and pull a seat up to the jam bar!

Haleigh D.

Deff worth the wait!! We waited about 15-20 minutes to get in and be seated. They move people in and out pretty quickly so don't be scared off by the line. But O.M.G at their food. Thee biscuit itself is amazing and you have the jelly/jam bar with sooo many selections. I think I got some kind of blackberry that was out of this world. Do yourself a favor and check out all the jams and order a gravy flight! The biscuit was the perfect fluffy biscuit and pretty kid she. I got the brisket biscuit and my boyfriend got the full breakfast. His was good buttttt was definitely jealous of mine so I would say don't be afraid to order one of their specialty biscuits. The buffalo hollandaise was so yummy.

Renee Shissler

A must-go when we're in Asheville! The biscuits are huge and fluffy-thoroughly enjoyed the gravy flight and many jams/honey. The Gouda home fries are the best. Loved the fact that you can order a mimosa or Bellini. Be prepared to wait in line, but it's totally worth it.

Markkus P.

It was ok, not a fan of waiting outside, I understand that tourists come here and that accounts for a lot of it, but beyond that I found the food ok. Nothing overly special- it's the south, everyone does biscuits 'best'. I think this place is more for tourists than locals but that doesn't mean it was bad.


Visited while we were in town over the holiday. Completely broke our diet and resolutions but it was so worth it.

Lauren S.

A must visit in Asheville! Been to two of the locations multiple times and they are both great. You will have to wait in line on a weekend morning, but it always moves pretty fast. Pretty small inside but once you order the food comes out super quick. Great biscuits no matter which one you get and love the jam bar.