Black Bear Pizza

3094 Sweeten Creek Rd, Asheville
(828) 274-1111

Recent Reviews

Devon Vuillier

I am absolutely in love with this restaurant! First time I went, I couldn't stop going. The food is amazing, and the staff is incredibly sweet and friendly. This makes it such a wonderful place to go. I recommend getting onto their rewards program online. That's another amazing plus. I will continue to be a loyal customer!!!

Anitra Hensley

Absolute best pizza! We are now spoiled and can't eat any other take out pizza without comparing it to Black Bear ❤️? Owners are wonderful! Don't get it as much as we would like but this family of Black Bears think y'all are awesome ?

Cody Chapman

Good pizza & affordable price. They also have really good sandwiches and desserts! Friendly staff to top it off.

Joe K

Black Bears where I live prefer Black Bear pizza. This is a fact. The perfect take out or delivery if you chose correctly to your tastes. Much better quality ingredients than most places around Asheville. Dinning in is boring unless you are dropping by for a fast lunch bite. It's usually vacant as far as seating goes. The gas station it's attached to is so so. It's very convenient and easy for those on Sweeten creek Rd. Or local to the place.

April Stoker

The best pizza! Fresh ingredients and their salads are just as fabulous. Also the cheese sticks!!This is my 4th time eating there and they haven't let me down!

G Whit

First time getting pizza hear crust is good we tried the supreme we just didn't feel like they put alot of toppings and didn't cut the pizza had to use a spoon cause it was for us at work so that was a bit of a pain! So the taste of the pizza really good just felt was they could of put more toppings and cut it better just a middle of the road first exp. Now this was a xl supreme really big pizza it was 20 and some change so we felt the price for the size was good. We hope for more toppings next time ill get a pizza cutter for work that's not a deal breaker! The staff was very nice did order on line it was ready when we arrived

Chris Decker

We moved to the area about 6 months ago and have been trying to find great pizza with no luck. We pass here almost every day and the thought was "It can't be that good because it's attached to a gas station". We decided to give it a try Friday and it was really good! The crust is what always makes the pizza and there crust was cooked just right and tasty. They were also very generous with the toppings. We will definitely be going back AND it's the closest to our house.

shelley lytle

Great customer service. The price is reasonable. The food (pizza slices) is fantastically delicious.


My wife and I were in a “pizza mood” this afternoon, so we went to where the locals eat! We shared an order of wings, a medium Black Bear Deluxe Pizza and Chef’s Salad. It was SO GOOD! Keep up the good work ~ we’ll be back soon and will keep spreading the word on where to find yummy Italian food in South AVL!

Werner Kayser

I love this place! The owners here are phenomenal. Very personable and nice people. Aside from having great service The quality of the food is top notch! The quality of ingredients, perfect cook time, outstanding garlic knots, everything comes together to make it a great experience. I was never a "favorite pizza joint" type of guy but this place has made my list. Keep doing a great job!!

Ron Newkirk

Being new to the area we have been looking for good pizza that is as convenient as possible, since we live in an area where we can't get delivery, and Black Bear Pizza DEFINITELY fits into our needs. Great customer service and everything we've had so far has been fresh and delicious! We will continue to order from them.

Jana Kellam

We order from here at least once a week — everything is great! The pizza, salads, burgers, and the chocolate cake are our go to faves but really you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. And the staff are all super friendly and helpful! We love Black Bear!

Danny Boy

This place is Awesome I was enjoying the food so much I forgot to take pictures. Plus messing with the waitress and having fun it was easy to forget that. Great place

Sean Ross

Close to our office. Driven by 1000 times and never stopped. Service was Great. Pizza was done perfectly. Pizza by the slice is always a plus.My new go-to.

Chels Oh

I ordered from this place because of reviews for wings. But the the wings were bad, I finally got them to cook after 400 degrees& sitting in over for a hr. My salad was okay even tho if the waitress would have been patient I would gotten the support I really needed.

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