Bonfire BBQ & Catering

1056 Patton Ave, Asheville
(828) 255-0020

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Jessica Moser

I don’t suggest the ribs, so tough you can’t even peel the meat off the bones. Mac casserole was ok...recommend getting no bread crumbs. Sweet tea is on point, but for a $23 meal

Kim Salyer Broadwater

Driving through from ATL craving BBQ. Loved the atmosphere, staff, and service. Food is amazinggggg!!!! Try all of the sides!! Trust me! Solid place!

Rachel Arbacher

Delicious meat with a variety of sauces you can try, and very yummy sides. The pulled pork and hush puppies are some of the best I've ever had. The staff was wonderful and friendly. We had a great conversation with Gio, who made us feel right at home. Best BBQ joint ever!

Powski H8N



Had a full great lunch at Bonfire. Great smoky wings and ribs. Mexican street corn, Macaroni casserole, great brussels, okra fries, and great homemade sauces!! Best greens make sure to try them. And excellent service and pricing.

Scenic Route

I've been waiting to visit ashville to try bonfire. It was great. Went for lunch got a pork plate with street corn. Mary was the bartender and she was very nice and helpful.

Dillon Lanpher

The food is great! The best bbq in the area hands down. This place really shines with the staff though. They are all friendly and accommodating. I have honestly never seen teamwork in a restaurant on the level that these employees operate.

Joshua Harrington

The barbecue here was great for me, and I'm in Georgia native. Friendly staff chatted with me for a minute after ringing me up and my food didn't take long to arrive. Definitely will be back.

Santiago Z.

The food was really good but we ordered for pickup and were told a pickup time. We got there 5 minutes before the pickup time and still had to wait about 45 minutes before we received our food... That means the order was ready 40 MINUTES after they said it would be... This was really disappointing, it would have been easy to just tell us a later pickup time or even send us a message saying that the order will be late so we didn't drive out there and wait in the car for 45 minutes...That said, the food was delicious.

Melodee Edington-Leyshon

LOVE the staff & food here. Super friendly ambience. PLEASE SUPPORT THIS GREAT PLACE. The Staff works hard TO DO THE RIGHT THINGS (serving customers with smiles, face masks, helpful suggestions..)I sooo love *Mary*, Ryan, MaryJo.

Kristen J.

Drove 45 minutes to try this place, says on Yelp and google that it's open until 10. We got there at 9, "closed". Fix your online hours.


The beans tasted very odd - I was expecting smokey, richness but there was something very off. The hushpuppies were dreadful. Pork was tasty but the pirtion was small.

Michael B.

Just another example of a liberal run sh#thole. Better watch out for the thieves that work there. Service always sucked and food is terrible beer is hot..

N C.

We picked up during a slow time after ordering online. I felt very safe with the experience. The staff was very generous with the sauces which were quiet delicious. The sauce selection made for fun pairings with the meat sampler. We enjoyed the ribs, chicken, and pulled pork. Thanks Bonfire for good service and good food.

Jeremy TravelRN

Usually I post a picture with my review. Unfortunately I was too hungry and started eating before I could. We got ribs and ghost pepper chicken wings. For sides street corn, mac n cheese, and hushpuppies. The ribs super meaty and tender and were the best ribs I've ever had in my life. The ghost pepper chicken wings were perfectly spicy. The street corn was delicious as well. You get so much food here for the money! I will definitely be coming back!

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