Chupacabra Latin Café

50 N Merrimon Ave Suite, Asheville
(828) 333-9230

Recent Reviews

Lucas M.

Wow! Just moved to town and I'm so thankful for this amazing, beautiful food. Had the chicken enchiladas and they are truly magnificent.

Libby Foreman

Fries, omg, tasty and crunchy!! Cuban sammie was huge!!! Steak fajitas are the best in town!!!

Marie Cleveland

They’re always amazing the food is great but the team is what makes them the best. They’re only takeout right now due to covid-19 and have limited hours which we missed by 7 minutes because we read the wrong thing. They still got us food and were friendly and awesome about it. They didn’t have to serve us but it was incredibly kind of them to choose to. If you want fantastic Latin cuisine go here and thank me later.

Bryn Mulligan

We used to love dining in here, however we ordered curbside pickup the other day and had a terrible experience. We had three separate orders among our neighbors and sent one person to pick them up, and all of the orders were mixed up by the restaurant with each of us receiving other people’s food. By the time we got it sorted everything was cold, and we still have food we aren’t sure who it belongs to

Bryn M.

We used to love eating in at this place, however, we ordered for pickup today and had an awful experience. Several of our neighbors ordered as well so we sent one person to pick up the three separate orders and they were all sorts of jumbled. Everyone got parts of each others orders, and by the time we got it all sorted the food was cold. Still not even sure who ordered some of the food we received! Unfortunately, we will not be ordering again.

Andrew Hoffman

Best Cuban. Best bread pudding. I love this place!

Amber Arthur

Amazing food and the friendliest staff!

Norma Arrington

Fast service food taste great! Try their Quesadilla called the chloe. It's a vegetarian dish but delicious!?

Colton King

I hit this place up almost weekly! Dude Patrick knows how to throw down in the kitchen! You will not regret it. Bahn Mi Tacos, The Chup, Steak, it’s all good!

Hannah B.

In a city where small, I know they can be fantastic, but small portions and high prices are the way of life, this little gem is everything my heart desires...along with every other person I recommend and speak to about this place. It has an Asian fusion element, which means explosive and intricate flavors incorporated into Latin favorites. The owners are the greatest people you can ever meet and they truly do their best to get the best. Locally owned is always a priority and it's easy when the food is as delicious as it is here. The portions are also huge and are a challenge to finish. They also have a wide range of items, from tacos, to burritos, to more elegant dinner entrees. I recommend for date nights or just for a casual family dinner. My daughter loves the toys, and we love the beer, food, and $5 margaritas on Tuesdays. Will always be my favorite place to eat!

Amanda Cassidy-Baras

The Cuban sandwhiches are AMAZING!!! Big portions and really friendly staff. Thank you Jose!!!

Beth W.

Have been there twice now in last two months. I have mixed feelings about Chupacabra because I love the food but don't like some of the things about the restaurant. A month or so ago I went for lunch and their cash register wasn't working when we arrived. They told us to sit and we'd be able to order in about 10 minutes. They brought us some chips and salsa after more than 20 minutes went by but still couldn't order. After sitting for a half hour while they were still trying to get up and running , we ran our of chips. I went to counter to ask for more but the woman said we couldn't have seconds because they were are normally not free. Apparently, they had just given them to us because we had to wait so long to order. Well, it was my first visit there and didn't know....seems the better customer service would have been to just give us a chip refill under the circumstances. Another other strange thing is the restaurant had no lights on. We asked if they were having power issues (since the register wasn't working either), but were told no, they just like it dark. When finally able to order, had chicken enchiladas which were very good! Went a second time tonight for dinner. I ordered the least expensive red wine which was $8. It came in a juice glass with an extremely small pour. My friend saw it and said I should send it back so I said something to server and she insisted it was 5 ounces. I did drink it and it was literally 5 sips for $8. Moral of story...don't get the wine. Asked our server tonight for recommendations and she was less than helpful, saying she doesn't eat meat. Seems she'd still know what's popular... Ordered steak fajitas and they were wonderful! Very tasty with generous portion. sum up, I really like the food but feel they really need to work on customer service. Some of staff could be more engaging, helpful, and warm. Also, don't come across so rubs people the wrong way. Give someone a chip refill when they've been waiting a half hour to order, help people with menu, pour a decent glass of wine, and turn the lights on!

Pauline Tahan

Excellent place to eat dine in or Carry out. We've tried almost everything on the menu including the burger to die for, amazing bowl full of flavor, awesome fajitas and a very special Cuban sandwich southern style. The stuff is always helpful and nice.

Sabrina Cunningham

Delicious food with wonderful service!! Will definitely be back!!!

Taylor J

I’m a retired chef, when I go out, I want value and taste. This place has both in abundance. The Chick. Enchiladas, mussels, bah-mi tacos, steak fajitas, I can’t quit going there. Everything pops with the flavor of chef’s working hard.

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