Krispy Kreme

960 Patton Ave, Asheville
(828) 254-6007

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Jordan Pfluger

I'm fat man, and I fully admit that even a bad doughnut is still good, but the staff here consistently underfills their kreme doughnuts and is always a disappointment.

Sister Discordia

wow middle of the day and out of doughnuts. the scores for this place are a lie everytime I go there they are out of everything I guess I need to be there at 8am. Off to Dunkin who keep stocked and are not rude.

Rose Berdeski

This was the longest drive thru experience I've have for a simple order. There was two cars ahead of us then came our turn. We ordered 2 medium drinks and 6 donuts. When we got to the window they took our card. We waited. They took awhile, finally they pass us a box of donuts then he says let me get those drinks ready..... Like what why aren't they done already? He passes us one after a while. We wait... Then we get our second drink. They were both smalls when we ordered medium. And mine was more milk then coffee (-_-). But everything took so damb long I didn't care to tell them... Except to ask for our debt card back witch he had forgotten about. Idk what is up but krispy kreme needs to get it together.

cedric maney

Don't hate it, love Krispy Kreme donuts! Just wish they would add more filling. Still great, tho!

Kevin Worth

These guys and gals spread a lot of happiness. Should get medals or something

Kelsea Holmes-Ross

Not sure who the MOD was this morning, but whoever it was needs to have a meeting with their team. Working in retail/customer service has given me a different outlook on how businesses operate when busy, and usually I don’t leave a terrible review because of this, but my experience at this location was terrible. Asked for a certain number of doughnuts and was given another, and after trying to ask for what exact doughnuts I wanted, I was argued down by one of the cashiers. If this wasn’t the only Krispy Kreme that was close to me, I’d never come back. Y’all need to get it together down there.

Druci Diaz

Delicious. No powdered doughnuts but the hot glazed were amazing. Nice friendly staff. Drive through only no inside services.

Dylan Maiani

Drive thru was quick and easy. Good late night snack at the hotel!

Aunt Jess

Donuts are good, ill put that out there first. But, the service is by far the slowest and most painful thing ever. Pandemic has been 3 months people. How long does it take to come up with a system?

Ryan McClimans

Due to the drive through layout, once you enter, you cannot leave. It took 25 minutes for 5 cars to move. Eventually had to work our way out of the line and abandon our pursuit of doughnuts. If there is a line in the drive through, do not enter.

Tyler J.

The staff here is so nice. It's just fast food but they put a smile on my face today. Thank you!

Megan Barnes

Bought my little cousin some mini donuts

Ryan H.

This place just does not get the love. Maybe because a franchise in a town that really loves its locals. Maybe they got bad service. I can only review based on my exact experience and we got there and went to the drive thru and got our donuts fast. We ordered 2 dozen, 1 was glazed and those are can't miss. We got another dozen mixed with some chocolate glazed, some raspberry filled, and some cake donuts. We got through the drive thru in record time. They were quick getting us checked out and the donuts. OOOOH the Donuts! They were perfection. The cake donuts are their secret weapon. Glazed are awesome but their cake just put me in my happy place. We had about 10 of us outside eating donuts and everyone was just full of joy and everyone ate more than we should have but it made for a perfect gathering with kids and adults equally happy with our choice of donuts for the day. The place I wanted to get donuts that day was closed due to Covid and sorry that I did not experience this other place but Krispy Kreme did the trick and no disappointment for our group.

Anthony Moody

Oh my lord.... went through drive through Sunday night. 6 cars in front of me. It took literally 55 minutes to get my food. What is wrong here????

Donnie Payne

I'm sitting in this drive thru as I write this. I've sat here for 30 mins and still have 10 cars in front of me!! Open up your Dining area already!! This is ridiculous!!

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