Simple Cafe & Juice Bar

643 Haywood Rd, Asheville
(828) 774-5410

Recent Reviews

Casey O'Neill

Really nice place, clean and cozy with a lot of great vegan options. Very relaxing and great service

Erica Elliott

The atmosphere is nice and relaxed and the staff is always welcoming. Most of the food has been great- the pastries and banh mi are awesome. Everyone seems to love the crunchwrap but I didn’t find it impressive by any means. Their commitment to local organic ingredients at a competitive price point makes this place great.

Abby Roan

Love this place. Excellent vegan options, straightforward and pleasant cafe feel. Sweet spot to get a late breakfast or lunch with a hungry toddler. Really great juices and smoothies. Crunchwrap if you’re real hungry.

Emily Wright

I love this place. They remember me and have good smoothies, juices, salads and sandwiches so I go here frequently! Also - they have toys and a kids menu.

Misty Lee Risk

I love this place so much! I am always warmly greeted the moment I walk in the door. The food is healthy, playful, and delicious. It’s my favorite lunch spot on the west side for sure.

Cindi Cervone

I cannot praise this place enough! Every single dish I have ordered from them has been UNBELIEVABLY DELICIOUS. The ingredients are fresh, the cafe is sunny and the team that works behind the counter and the kitchen are so incredibly kind. This place epitomizes Asheville and I love that they are here!

Daron B

Amazingly fresh and local ingredients. Tons of vegan and gluten free options that are delicious.

Jasmine G.

Best açaí bowl I've ever had! Very filling and fresh and the orange juice was amazing! We were also pleasantly surprised to see they had the cowboy burrito which had bacon, fries and eggs--my husband is not into vegan/vegetarian food in the slightest and was happy to find out there was something he'd be happy eating.

Vincent L

Super friendly service and delicious food! As a non-vegan, I ordered the vegan crunch wrap supreme and it was so full of flavor I didn't miss cheese or meat one bit.

Connor Freeman

Great food with awesome vegan options for a good price. Very friendly and helpful staff!

Bob V.

I tried this place for the first time this morning with the fam and it was crazy good! The Cocoa for Coconut smoothie, in addition to the obvious components, also contained almond butter, blueberry, and flaxseed meal, and was absolutely delish - I wanted to take home a gallon more. The Super Duper Açaí Bowl lived up to its name, exploding with fresh, rich fruity bliss and a satisfying granola crunch. The breakfast bowl featured a fantastic sweet potato hash served over a bed of verdant spinach leaves. I had them replace the vegan cheese with cotija cheese because, when you can get cotija, you must get cotija, capiche? But the super friendly, fun and helpful counter worker, Amy Rae, said I should try a bit of the house-made vegan cheese on the side and to my surprise, I didn't hate it at all, and could actually see myself ordering and enjoying it at some point. :) This is one of those magical places where you can eat healthfully, and yet still feel like you're getting that indulgent, scrumptious food fix that marks a truly great restaurant experience. And really, it doesn't get much better than that.

Julie Wine

Not only to they have wonderful fresh juices and smoothies; they have fabulous meals too! I went with a group and everyone said we'd come back and wanted to try the whole menu!

Adriana Generallo

I only wish we could have eaten here more on our latest visit to Asheville. We had a juice, the avocado toast, a breakfast special vegan burrito and special breakfast sandwich - all incredible!!! I also love that they compost and were incredibly friendly - we look forward to visiting again on our next trip

Joe Wignall

I cannot recommend this place highly enough. We were in Asheville for four days and ate at Simple three times. All of the vegan options that we tried were simply amazing. Portions are generous and the prices are totally reasonable. Food this good and no vegan tax gets 5 stars. We went for lunch 2 days in a row and then grabbed the most amazing breakfast burrito on the morning of our long drive back to S. Florida. We can't wait to visit Asheville again soon; first stop, Simple Cafe.

Alexandra S.

I don't venture into west Asheville much these days but when a health conscious friend in town wanted to grab lunch I thought it was a great excuse to visit Simple. Yum! My boyfriends vegetarian and he could order a majority of the items on the menu, always a plus. I loved the clean, modern, quiet ambiance. You can tell others there were regulars because everyone was being treated like family. I got the big mock, a vegetarian version of a Big Mac, I love the impossible burger but you can't get it many places so I had to order it while we were here. They also have a vegan crunch wrap supreme on the menu, droll. Although I didn't get to try the crunch wrap, that, and many other options on the menu have me dying to go back. We also ordered two smoothies, a giant peanut butter cup, and the vegan banh mi. The banh mi was a huge sandwich, the seitan was sliced really thinned topped with pickled veggies and fresh herbs. I feel kinda foolish that it took me so long to check this place out but now I know. The only sad thing is I can only go on weekends since they close before I get off work during the week but I'll be back for sure!

Heather Anderson

I love this place for healthy, creative, and affordable food! Prices are definitely fair for the food (the juices and smoothies are a little pricey, but I still buy them from time to time because they truly are a delicious and healthy drink option!)

Cate S.

SO FREAKIN GOOD! A friend has raved about this place for a while and I finally popped in this morning to give it a try. I ordered the vegan lox and bagel with salmon added (I really wanted to try the cashew cream cheese) and it was spectacular! The everything bagel was nice and toasty on the outside and perfectly chewy on the inside, and the smoked carrots have so much delicious flavor that just WORKS. Its going to be tough to branch out and try other menu items because this one is just so good.

Rachel A.

The food and service is consistently wonderful. A lot of vegan options in asheville are hit or miss but this place always has something healthy and delicious. I highly recommend the vegan bahn mi and the vegan crunch wrap. The atmosphere is cozy and welcoming too. 5 stars

Elisa Stanley

Solid meals. Great choices for veg, vegan and the rest! Locally sourced ingredients is always a big plus! Delicious for breakfast and lunch.

Sarah McClain

So good and great atmosphere. Careful thought goes into the food and juices. Thai nector juice is delicious.

CertaPro Painters of WNC

I go to Simple for lunch at least once a week. The food and juices are always fresh and tasty!

danielle carlos

I can not recommend this place enough!! The staff and service was truly exceptional. The menu has everything you could ever want for lunch/breakfast (vegetarian and vegan options included). The coffee was great. The inside space is beautiful. I will most likely eat here the rest of the days of my trip!

Bobby C.

Great place açaí bowls are excellent. Try it you'll like it. Good parking area and staff were excellent. Also try the strawberry muffin!!

Kristin Arsenault

Eat here! Seriously. It’s like eating homemade food without the dishes. Everything is fantastic; the smoothies, the salads, the specials, the breakfast. Great and friendly staff that are attentive and polite even when busy. Seriously quickly becoming my favorite place in asheville (I have eaten here 3 days in a row).

Patrick Baker

They got the most bomb hot sauce ever and they make it in house. Slather it all over the breakfast sammich like we do... *chef kiss*

Becca Price

Honestly my favorite place for breakfast in Asheville. So DAMN good!

Brandy Dover Laney

Very tasty and healthy selections. So glad I found this place. We will be back

J. E.

Great simple healthy food. Good friendly service. Nice casual ambience. The parking situation isn't great, but pretty typical for the area.

Hannah M. Macklin

Pretty good place for a smoothie or juiced drink, I'd reccomend anything with the coconut milk ice cubes in it.

Justin W.

Solid! Simple! Friendly service. Nice Vibe. Power ball Smoothie carrot cake Dr. Feel Good Juice Wellness shot Average coffee

Halea C.

Definitely nutritious and delicious! I got the Vegan Banh Mi Sandwich today because they no longer were running the Vegan Philly Cheesesteak special (which I am ALLLLL in favor of them bringing back and putting on the menu for good, because HOLY MOLY I need more of it in my life asap!!!!). I have yet to try their juices or smoothies, believe it or not, but their food is just too good to pass up and I'm a creature of habit so it's hard for me to branch out but if they are anything like they're food, you're definitely in for a treat and in good hands! Not to mention the atmosphere is very aesthetically pleasing and a cute place to chill--I took myself on a date and went solo and didn't mind one bit! There are chairs, tables and a bar area to sit at. Also the tomato soup is obviously amazing because I ate it far too fast before remembering to get a pic. All in all, AMAZING! but if you go, be sure to mention them putting the vegan philly on the menu for good ;)

Andrea P.

Such a beautiful and friendly neighborhood juice bar. We were stuffed from all our delicious heavy Southern eating that we were looking for something healthy and detoxifying to make us feel better about ourselves. We stumbled into this beautiful and bright juice bar with such friendly and welcoming service! We ordered two Thai Nectars and a Liver Love. If you love beets, get the Liver Love. The Thai Nectar was unique and was so easy to drink. They were served in large tall glasses and tasted super fresh and delicious. Lots of seating available and beautiful plants all around. Highly recommend if you're looking for a healthy snack or meal in West Asheville.

Amanda Catlett

Truly an awesome juice bar! This is one of the few places in town that JUICES TO ORDER (no bottles in sight).

Elizabeth Perkins

This place is quickly becoming my favorite lunch spot in Asheville. Always great service and food. Great vegan options

Charlene Sepulveda

I love this food! Staff is so professional, warm, and kind.

Ashley Claire

Good food and service but took a little longer than anticipated and a bit pricy - but that’s how it is with fresh food

Faramarz H.

This eclectic little cafe knocks its out of the park each and every time we eat here. The biggest issue I have is deciding what to try next. I have studied nutrition, & there is nothing better to put in your tummy than the beautiful & delicious healthful fare here. I've been here four times, & the food consistently surpasses my expectations. I am convinced that if we ate like this every meal, hospitals, insurance companies, & pharma would be out of business in a few years. And a word about the service... they look you in the eye, and when they smile they mean it. The food comes fast and plentiful. I get the impression these folks like working here.

Hannah S

Simple Cafe has an excellent staff, incredible food, and an inviting environment. The ingredients are fresh and unique. I look forward to the friendly faces of the staff in the mornings. The interior is cozy, well lit, and lush with beautiful plants. Please support this local business!

Jenna C.

This place is bomb! I've eaten there three times and everything was perfect. It tastes fresh and isn't crazy expensive. Plus it's so cute inside.

Gavin P.

The name says it all. Simple but refreshing. Staff were courteous and recommended a dish as I was in-between two. The location is great and patrons are expected for West Asheville. Portions are a little small but worth the price of admission! It has a great window to soak up the rays of summer or people watch as you sip from the many juices they offer. Simple decorations made for a great lunch.