Sonic Drive-In

598 New Leicester Hwy, Asheville
(828) 225-6444

Recent Reviews

Johnathan McClure

Good food but but the girl at the drive thru had trouble hearing then got a bit of an attitude when i had to raise my voice to be heard.

Douglas Chapman

Food was great... HOWEVER... Inconsistent standards & rudeness from management assures that I will take my business and my money elsewhere next time. It's the little things...I have taken my daughter to Sonic 3 or 4 times over the past couple of weeks because we both like the breakfast burrito and the sweet tea. At the end of the meal we always ask for a refill on our tea to take with us and each time our cups were refilled gladly... Until this trip... When asked the (apparently new) waitress replied "I don't think we do that, there may be a small charge, let me ask my manager" and off she went only to return a moment later to tell me that the manager can't discount anything and there is nothing that he can do about it!Well... I can do something about it... I can take my money elsewhere.The little things...

Either Villafranca

Was waiting 15 minutes didn’t get waited on seeing everybody I was going through drive-through it was getting waiting on a vehicle pulled up beside me they got waited on immediately I said something about it and to one of they works got absolutely rude with me and that I was lying after I told him what happened right back to my car as I was driving away I told the person that was talking on the speaker what was going on and told me it wasn’t their problem .they have very bad service there. I would not recommend this place at all the way I see it they need a clean house and hire new employees .

Sheila Duong

The food is great the service is friendly and fast but the prices are just so unaffordable anyone can't pay for to $5 for a milkshake but I love the service and the food it's great for a special occasion

David Hultberg

Their business design is perfect for social distancing during a pandemic. The help do a good job of customer care and protection.


Went through the drive thru ordered my food had cashier repeat order back to me said thank you I pulled up to the window and a different cashier handed me my order however it was incorrect I told her it was wrong and that I ordered a sonic size cheese tot but in my bag was a medium size she then with a very sarcastic attitude says "a sonic size duh that's a medium" which I replied with the long rectanglur box she replies rolling her eyes and sighing "a large size" I just simply said never mind and drove off smh some people are not meant to be in customer service and it shows greatly

charles huggins

Good food and fast service.

Slick B

Sat outside trying to order for 20min, had to go to door to get anyone to help. Employees not wearing masks properly (why even try). Manager seemed to not care and found my complaints amusing.

Bobbie Johnson

Excellent food and service. Best burger in town!

Josh K

5 stars regardless of service, the car hop was cute af.

Katie Fox

I love the food but the customer service is either hit or miss. Sometimes they are AMAZING or don’t speak at all ❤️


Good food, but be sure to have about 25 mins of free time. It takes that long to order and get your food in the drive thru.

James L.

Sat in the drive thru for twenty minutes with no service, drove around to the window to find an employee on their phone. Pathetic!!!

Amanda Thomas

We really like this place but the prices are higher than others. That's why we don't go there very often

Adam McNamee

The people who work here will ask, ASK if you want sauces with your order. Your order comes out, you go home, and there is no sauce. EVER. Not a big issue if your wanting ketchup for your fries, but when there's no marinara sauce to go with the mozzarella sticks? Just give people their sauces man, and if you don't have it stop offering it.

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