Sonic Drive-In

598 New Leicester Hwy, Asheville
(828) 225-6444

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Sonja Martin

Love the cherry limeade. Very slow service.

Camille Amico

Ordered ahead, but stalls were all closed so had to wait in the drive thru line behind 7 cars. By the time I got to the window, my food was cold. I realize there is a shortage of help, but at least one stall should be open for call ahead online orders


I loved it. At the time it was the only place open and sonic food is always good, the fries were great. When they didn't put cherrys and wip cream on it this great lady gave us a whole new icecream with 4 cherrys. 100% recommended.

K. F.

We pulled into the little booth ordering area and every time someone picked up to take out order “hi what can I get for you?” Then hang up immediately. That happened multiple times until we had to call a manager for something to happen. That was already like a 20 minute wait. The food was another 20 minute wait or so.Meanwhile, other people at the booths were having the same issue.


Almost sure I've never seen a place that actually scored a 100 before! I've read everyone's review about how horrible the service is and how the orders are wrong, but I have apparently gotten very lucky every time I've gone. We've never had an issue at this location with neither the food or service. Maybe we just seem to get the right staff on the right nights?

Angie Ledford

Went to Sonic drive-in again today (8/20/21) for a milkshake, and I knew I would have to wait a bit because of the employee shortage, and that's ok. BUT when the young man taking my order through the drive-thru addresses me in this manner...." dis' is SONIC, what you want?" makes me want to go elsewhere and STRONGLY question the training of the managers!! This young man is working, which is a huge plus for today's economy, and kudos to you young man, BUT, the managers and trainers of this SONIC'S, will reap horrible feed back, because they haven't done there job!! Unfortunately, it could cost this young man his job!! Do better SONIC, and teach the young people willing to work, what "proper greetings" should be!! This young man was not disrespectful at all, he just hasn't been trained the right "customer service" protocol.This young man gets 5⭐️'s but Sonic, only gets 3!! And they should thank him for those!!

Jeremy Portch

This place has consistently been getting orders wrong, slow service, stoned employees and the list goes on. Every single time I go with my wife they mess up our food or give us stale tots or fries. And they regularly mess up my child's ice cream. Save your money and go to cookout. I get better service and food from the dumpsters at McDonald's.

Teresa Willis

Extremely slow wait on Saturday night. Service needs to improve badly

Charles Photo

The worst service and food quality at the highest price. Manager is a joke. Go down the road 2 more minutes for better everything.

ian west

This is a great place. Never had a problem here. Food is always great, staff always ki nd.

Lea James

They always gets my order wrong and mess up my orders and one time they forgot to hand me one of my bags! Always check to make sure u get all ur food and see if your order is right

Bryan Stewart

This place gives Sonic a bad name. So sad

Marleen Howell

We just came through the drive thru and got 2 blasts and a vanilla dish. There was nothing in the blasts, just ice cream and little M&M and Oreo on the tops of each. Almost $5 each for a medium cup full of ice cream?! ?


I waited more than 30 minutes for a simple straight forward order. When I pressed the red button to ask about my order I was greeted as if I were a new customer. My order was brought out quickly after my inquiry. My mozzarella sticks were not hot any longer and quite rubbery as if they had simply been sitting there.

Darla Biddix

Love the coney chili cheese dogs w/slaw.

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