575 New Leicester Hwy, Asheville
(828) 225-2756

Recent Reviews

Renee Vasil

My gift card wasn’t functioning properly and the staff all came together to fix it. They were kind, knowledgeable and more than generous. Will always be a favorite for me.

Josh Folse

This is a good Starbucks. I like the people working here.

Mack Lowery

Great place to spend a Sunday afternoon. Albany is a beautiful city. Enjoyed my 4 days there.

Franklin Payne

Staff was very nice and helpful

George Waterman

Starbucks is consistently excellent wherever you go.

Andrea G

Good. It's Starbucks! I've just always wondered why they never thought to put the "in-grocery store Starbucks" against an outside bearing wall so they could drive thrus! They would triple their income.

Melissa Jellema

Amazing people and amazing coffee!

Nancy Hester

Had caramel frappacino. Real good. Girl that waited on me very nice and sweet. She was training a new girl and was patient and informative with her.

Jennifer Langton

Super nice barrista's. Thanks so much to put for all the tea and sympathy. You guys are the very best. See you all in October!

Ruisu Rengai

Conveniently placed locale, and like most Starbuck's it serves quickly. Given it's placement in Ingles, you can rest assured that they'll alway be able to prepare your favorites.

Angela Williams

My daughter enjoyed her drink, and we especially enjoyed the HAPPY HOUR PRICES! 😉

Sam Doe

No one at counter when I was there so I went to drunken donuts instead. And it was alsome!

Luci Smith

Did not go to starbucks

Virginia Erbland

Try the medicine ball when your allergies flare up and you lose your voice. It tastes good and helps

Andrew and Matthew

Great always a winner

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