The Scarlet Bee

853 Merrimon Ave, Asheville
(828) 552-3838

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Billy W.

So we just moved very close to this restaurant, and ordered takeout tonight since it's probably the closest establishment to us. Called in and ordered literally every vegan item on the menu and I honestly have no words. I have to lead with how delicious the food was- I've never been big into Mediterranean cuisine, but this just knocked my socks off. The flavors were just so lively and well-balanced, it's really impossible to dislike. If I had to claim a favorite, it'd have to be the cauliflower shawarma, but also make sure you get the fries. Good in their own right and you can put them in the shawarma (sorry if this isn't proper but it was delicious and I was hungry so idc). The second big thing here is the value- for the price, I was expecting like one mini pita for the Shawarma, maybe a small container of fries, small salad, but this is just not the case. I think it was around $50 for the shawarmas, sliders, salad, fries, pitas and toum, and dessert....and the two of us were hungry, now are stuffed, and have leftovers. The last thing I'll say is that while this is a MUST TRY for anyone, it is especially so for vegans given the amazing vegan options. When COVID is in the past, this will be one of the first stops to eat at for sure!!

Olman C.

WARNING - this restaurant is not open for seat-in during COVID (take out only). The chef said he has tried to get YELP to switch without success.I am surprised that after having made a reservation a week in advance, no one took the time to reach out to me to let me know they are only doing take out. This was supposed to be the first stop in a Labor Day' culinary trip in Asheville NC only to arrive and be told this. Went somewhere else since we had planned dining out. That being said, the aroma coming out of someone else's take out at the front counter left us dreaming. We didn't come back since we had prepared reservations for the 3 days we were there but we will definitely expect to try if they are still open for business the next time we visit. Not sure how to rate the this... bad experience, but possible great fod: I am giving them 4 stars until I get to try the food. Good luck! and plan for take out, no dine-in during Covid

Ashley S.

Not only is the name of the restaurant perfectly fitting for such an amazing restaurant but the food is perfectly fitting to warrant me saying this is the best Mediterranean food I have ever had and the cuisine, without a doubt became the "key" to my heart! I had the pleasure of enjoying the grape leaves, which were dipped in a succulent garlic sauce (I'm sure there were other ingredients in the sauce but all I can remember is the way it made my palate feel. The ratio of lamb, mint, rice, dill etc are proportioned so well, that with every bite you get the ideal amount of perfectly balanced flavors; leaving you wanting more.Next I moved on to the chicken shawarma. Again best shawarma I have ever had ever! The perfect amount of hummus, the perfect amount of tang... and I hate to keep saying perfect.... but come on.... I kept thinking ... how can this be so amazingly good. Even the chicken was cooked to perfection and the pita had just the right amount of crunch but was soft and moist.So to top off this wonderful experience... the baklava was honestly the best baklava I have ever had. I am definitely NOT a dessert person but I love baklava and I am supper critical of baklava. They hit the freaking nail on the head. The layers were flakey but soft and it melted in my mouth with the perfect amount of honey and pistachios... I am not trying to give away any secrets here but I would say that the secret ingredient of this amazingly perfectly made baklava is a hint of lavender. Maybe it wasn't lavender, they would not tell me... but there's something in that baklava that will make your toes curl. Yummmmm thank you so much Scarlet Bee for killing me softly with delight. Everyone please make it a stop on your list. I don't have any pics because I devoured my meal. They are also very good (to say the least) at taking care of customers during covid and keeping a clean and tidy atmosphere!

Cat H.

As a vegan, Mediterranean food is one of my go-to cuisines, especially when traveling. When I looked at the menu, I was so impressed with the great variety of creative vegan plates; it was actually really difficult to decide what to choose! I ended up ordering their chickpea sliders and their cauliflower shawarma; they were good, but I must confess, they were wayyy too overly seasoned (to the point that i scraped a lot of the garlicky contents off the bun/pita before forcing myself to finish every bite, because I hate wasting food!). I look forward to visiting again and trying their other vegan dishes, but i do hope that the other items on the menu allow for the natural flavors of the amazing veggies and breads to stand undefeated by garlic. However, FIVE STARS FOR THEIR BAKLAVA!

Miriam V.

This was phenomenal Mediterranean food! We ordered takeout because the dining room is closed. The food traveled well and the flavors were incredible. Highly recommend. And if you are a vegetarian try the cauliflower souvlaki!

Allison B.

The food was fantastic! Even as take out we were impressed by the Cauliflower Shwarma and Fatoush salad but the chickpea sliders were the best! Actually, the baklava was the best! It was all incredible!

Debbie G.

Delicious food! Our take out was ready when we arrived, super easy pickup. The chicken shawarma, chickpea sliders, med fries were all amazing!

Holly Young

I just had Shwarma for the first time, and holy wow, was it delicious. The chocolate tart from here was very, very yummy too. I highly recommend it and will buy it again. Good job!

Dutch O'Connor

Take out tonight. Have tried several of our favorite restaurants and Scarlet Bee is by far the best. Hot, delicious, garlic filled dishes. Walk, Run, Bike or take your car, but if you want something you have not cooked that is superb call The Scarlet Bee now. Over the top delicious and the wine is half price. Try the Turkish wine. Dry and super smooth.

Brenda Cooke

Small plates are more generous than those in many other places, and shareable. Everything was delicious!

John Fritchie

Excellent restaurant. Perfect portion sizes and exquisite flavors.

Althea S.

Holy moly! The cauliflower Shawana and chickpea sliders were TO DIE FOR. I can't wait to be back in Asheville to eat here again....hopefully in the dining room next time!!!

Matthew Clark

Had a really good experience with using their take out during this social distancing period. They made it easy to order and had it ready right when specified. Would gladly go back

Emily D.

Amazing. Best chicken shawarma! I love that they source so many local ingredients. Excited to try their cocktails next.

T B.

Been meaning to try this restaurant for some time now because we love Mediterranean food. We were so happy to see that they are open for curbside service right now so we placed an order via email. *If you order before 4pm, they'll give you 15% off.* We tried several different dishes and were delighted with each one. We look forward to ordering again and hope others will, too. The owners, Matt and Kristin, are very responsive and are working hard - we wish them the best during this difficult time!

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