The Waterbird Asheville

197 Charlotte St, Asheville
(828) 552-3662

Recent Reviews

Courtney Smith

Whoa I love this place! Appreciate I was able to get an excellent honey latte with all the closings happening due to the outbreak ?. Both guys behind the bar were really friendly and helpful. I did the build your own breakfast sammie and it was delish ? I originally asked for egg whites only and when they asked the chef they said it couldn’t be done, but when I got home to my pleasant surprise they did it ?. I also got the grilled banana bread with walnut butter and omg ?? it is the most divine sweetness I’ve had in a long time ?. This space is GORGEOUS ? I love the plants all around, it makes the energy feel very different inside compared to the panic and stress going on outside. Very large space with a long bar and lots of tables, as well as couch/chair options. I didn’t see a lot of outlets for if I wanted to bring my laptop and do some work from here, but I could definitely see this being a spot I come to meet friends for coffee/tea/cocktails ☕️ ?.

Kaity Kelley

This place is really pretty, and the atmosphere is chill. The staff was very kind, and helpful. Their Salted Caramel latte is delicious! Plus they have great free WiFi! ??

Raymundo Gonzalez

Really tasty carpaccio. Incredible atmosphere and kind service. Plenty of seating. Fast WiFi. Overall great time.

Caroline M.

Cute and quiet atmosphere. Very unassuming place. The place is known for "coffee and cocktails," (by the way- they have a really great selection of these two things) but what sold me was the food. Shared the whipped feta dip with a friend as an appetizer. The bread it comes with is absolutely delicious. Then ordered the coconut rice bowl for dinner and added the chili lime shrimp. Great flavor! Overall wonderful experience in an uncrowded, quaint location.

Kelli R.

This place is SO good! I couldn't wait before I ate the other half of my MBLT, which was delicious and so was the tomato soup! The old fashion was perfect too! I hate to let the word out but this place is AMAZING!! Must try!

Suzanne Schneiderman

Small but very interesting menu, good choices for vegans as well, excellent service, beautiful presentations


Awesome coffee & cocktails... great place to go hang out. Staff is super friendly. Had dessert and coffee...

Shreeda Segan

Worth noting that this is one of the few places open late. They can accommodate WiFi and work arrangements, though that doesn't seem to be their primary focus. Nice teas and coffees.

Amber Johnston

Amazing craft cocktails, with wonderful service by all the staff. Overall, best place in Asheville!

Elaine Smith

Very appealing decor. Clean, bright and welcoming. Food was amazing! I had the Coconut Rice Bowl ... a scrumptious mix of flavors.

Tamara L.

I love this little hidden gem. It's great for both breakfast and dinner with plenty of gluten-free options. The cocktails are amazing and the staff is always super friendly and knowledgable. I also love the way it is laid out; couches, nice arrangements of seats. Just an all-around great place to hang.

Victoria O

Food is always so great and the staff is friendly. The only minor complaint I have is that it can take a while for refills, the check, etc but other than that, I love this place.

Praveen V.

Impressed by their coconut rice bowl, delicious! Loved the cocktail, Smoke on Water, had to get a second drink

Elisa Stanley

There food menu is limited but very tasty. Very creative and flavorful!

Bryce Bjornson

The owner nailed the concept of coffee shop meets bar. Love the decor in here. Check it out if you want to avoid downtown but stay close.

danielle carlos

This is such a hidden gem! Only 5 minutes from downtown- it is absolutely gorgeous inside, has amazing coffee and cocktails/beer/wine, has a breakfast/lunch/dinner menu that are all reasonably priced and creative (I had the MBLT for lunch and it was delicious). Not to mention a couch and comfy chairs in addition to tons of table/bar seating. The service was phenomenal- I wasn’t hungry enough for a side with my sandwich but wanted to add avocado so they didn’t charge me for the avocado, I also got a large portion of avocado which is rare. You are missing out if you don’t check this place out!! Bummed I didn’t find it sooner on my trip!

Michael Erb

The Caffe Medici is a delicious take on a cappuccino. Highly recommended if you like citrus forward coffee drinks!

Elizabeth Ashira

Very cool and chill ambience. Would revisit.

Kathleen Marshall

I love this place so much! I stop by after work pretty frequently and always have great service, drinks, and food. The burger is seriously one of the best I’ve had in Asheville.

Danielle L

Great coffee, tea and brunch! Very cozy and intimate atmosphere. Will absolutely be back ❤️

Sylvie Parbus

Great find! They serve coffee, cocktails, and wine. Relaxing atmosphere. The staff was courteous and attentive.

Michael Erb

The Waterbird Cubano is amazing. The house made brownie was delicious and the ultimate ice cream was a perfect compliment.

Marissa Myers

Really love this place! Delicious food! Friendly staff! Positive, chill atmosphere, fresh and stylish decor

Michael Erb

The Waterbird Cubano is amazing. The house made brownie was delicious and the ultimate ice cream was a perfect compliment.

Christina M.

The Waterbird is like that girl in high school you wanted to hate but couldn't help but love. You know the one: beautiful, well dressed, drove a cool car, popular, wicked smart, but also incredibly kind. That's basically how I feel about Waterbird - they're the whole package, and as much as I want to begrudge them for being totally put-together and priced to match - I can't. I'm a fan. Stepping inside the well-appointed dining room feels like walking into a tropical greenhouse. Soothing emerald tones, vases of fresh flowers, clean-lined furniture, and botanical wallpaper set a serene tone. See, I told you she was beautiful. The Waterbird is a place attuned to all the little details: a well-stocked bar with obscure amaros and exotic liqueurs, locally-roasted coffee, pretty dishes and glassware, raw sugar and fresh cream in the coffee station, and a pink-flamenco bathroom wallpaper as funky as any hip 1950s front law. They get so much right here. Superficial details aside, the Waterbird gets the two key elements of restaurant experience right: food and service. I've stopped in for coffee a half dozen times and the espresso drinks and drip coffee are both excellent. Your cow or oat milk is poured into latte art above a perfectly pulled espresso. The menu, much of which is locally-sourced from the likes of Chop Shop, City Bakery, Geraldine's, Asheville Pretzel, and American Pig - or made in house - is straight-up delicious. Recent favorites include the homemade strawberry-lemon muffin and a simple, perfectly-dressed arugula salad. Service is the icing on the cake. Waterbird looks and feels like a hip cafe, but without the side of hipster snarl. The servers and bartenders convey genuine warmth and caring. I had my wiggly toddler in my lap yesterday and was fumbling with the flip-top on the water bottle with my non-dominant hand, and the manager stopped, opened it for me, and poured us two glasses of water. How often does something like *that* happen in Asheville? I also overheard a customer talking with the barista about how he uses CounterCulture coffee in his own Charlotte cafes, and the Waterbird staff member was incredibly gracious and encouraging even though CC is kind of pooh-pooed in elite coffee circles. That's class. I've raved enough. Just go. Waterbird is awesome. Try not to love her.

Matt B.

We've been wanting to check out this place since it opened. It is a small, yet comfortable spot with some great, top shelf liquor and artfully handcrafted cocktails. The bartender was very generous in letting me sample a few of the whiskeys I hadn't tried before. We had already had dinner but the breakfast, lunch and dinner menus were quite eclectic. From what I witnessed the gentleman beside me eating, the burgers are thick, juicy and stacked high, if that matters to you. It is located on Charlotte Street away from the congestion of the aimlessly perambulating tourists downtown so, apparently even on a Saturday night the thirsty misanthrope can wander outside for a drink.

Monroe M.

I frequent Waterbird, and highly recommend it to friends. Mornings for coffee and breakfast for meetings or getting my plan for the day, lunch with a friend the food is outstanding, a cocktail with my boyfriend delsih.

Jason Foreman

Great place to stop and catch your breath. The Latte was perfect and the staff is very accommodating!

Al Chaudhri

Amazing place of good people, visual peace, gentle aromas and delicious food.

Sarah Albritton

Friendly service, beautifully crafted cocktails. Great vibe!

Amy Musser

This place is a real gem in North/downtown Asheville. Great food, coffee, and drinks. The staff are very nice, and are really knowledgeable about the wine list. Cute modern atmosphere. Happy to have this place in the neighborhood.


Remarkable food! What a surprise. Recommended by Asheville resident and it was great, We were there for lunch. Parking is definitely a problem.

Jason M.

My brother and I were looking for a place to go for coffee after dinner. Most of the places we looked up had already closed, except for The Waterbird. It was relatively close to where we were staying, so we figured it was meant to be and headed over. The Waterbird is a coffee and cocktail bar which also serves a small selection of food. Walking up to the place I was already digging it - as the name gave way, there's a huge painting of an aquatic bird out front. Inside, the decor was mostly blues, greens, and wood with a decent amount of aquatic plants. I was in aesthetics heaven, it was totally my vibe. We were only looking for coffee, which I was impressed to see they had a good selection of. I decided to go with the Aztec Mocha which paired coffee with ganache and (I think) cocoa powder. The beverage was quite good, it had noticeable chocolate flavor which complemented the coffee flavor. I also took a vanilla cold brew to go - this was good as well. The coffee had that crisp flavor I expect from cold brew but it was also smooth. We sat at the bar and both of the employees working it were really friendly. Overall, I was super impressed with Waterbird. This is definitely my kind of place and it was a really nice surprise stumbling upon it.

Kenneth L.

Staff are pretty busy talking to each other instead of taking care of their customers. Came in and was given a menu right away, and then spent 15 minutes trying to regain my servers' attention. There were only 2-3 other tables in the place and 4 staff members. They might have had another table, but the couple who came in after me sat down for 10 minutes while the staff was somewhere in the back and left before being attended. Surprised that for a cocktail and coffee bar, they didn't have a list of coffee-based cocktails. Earned two stars because when I was finally served, my male server was polite and professional. I won't be back.

Lindsey B.

This place was very cute and quant. Staff was friendly and their food was delicious! We got the salmon toast and the goat cheese fig toast. Oh my! Coffee was awesome and their orange juice even better! They also have oat milk! Love! We really liked this place. They do have a little outdoor seating. Just a few chairs and tables Incase you have a dog. Overall, I would come here again and get some different coffee selections. They also have a menu for lunch and dinner too.

Matthew V.

Man, I just really like this place. Really good, and reasonably priced food, solid service, and excellent drinks. My wife and I had been mourning the closing of Ambrozia in North Asheville, but it became very clear that they were merely reincarnated as Waterbird. And I mean that as a compliment... Had the fried chicken entree tonight, which was a beautiful fried chicken breast with a side of hoppin' john and tomato/cucumber salad. The fried chicken and hoppin' John was covered in a glorious onion gravy. All for $13.50. A wonderful meal in a very pleasant setting. Want a nice dinner away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Asheville? Check this place out. You won't be disappointed.

Ayana Dusenberry

Gorgeous, delicious drinks and food, always. All the small details from decor to food and drink presentation all add up for a wonderful experience every time. Had one of the best salads I’ve ever had and my friend said his martini was one of the best he’s had as well.

Stephanie Philips

My favorite neighborhood spot when I’m in Asheville for the summer. Great coffee, cocktails and food! And the space is so pretty!

Ha N.

LOVED. I mean, I would say this is one of the best discoveries I've made in Asheville, and it was completely by accident. I was actually looking for the ice cream place but felt a bit tired after work, so I decided to go in to The Waterbird first to have a drink and some snacks. I was going to get the coffee or a dirty chai, but the waiter really helped steer me towards the London Fog, and I'm so, so glad he did. I'm a huge fan of earl grey tea, and it's often pretty hard to find a fragrant, strong cup of earl grey at a restaurant/cafe. However, not only did the bergamot come through, it was also supported by the sweet citrus from the peel in the drink and the body from the milk. I mean, it was a perfect cup of tea and I cannot stress that enough. My partner really liked the Waterbird cuban coffee, which was also lovely with that similar hint of citrus in there. I mean, we both loved our drinks and that's rare for us to both agree on two different caffeinated beverages. THEN CAME THE CHEESE PLATE. I mean, just take a look at the many photos available. I'm told it changes as their local selection changes, and I'm also told that both the cheeses and meats are sourced locally. However, this isn't some pretty throw-your-charcuterie-on-a-cutting-board cheese plate. It was so apparent that there was so much thought put into this. The pickled beets and carrots and onions were perfect with the goat and the deli meat (sorry, I could not remember the name) it was paired with. The fruits chosen supported the blue cheese on the plate. I mean, honestly, it's a very thoughtful plate that moves from one side of the plate to the other. I'm a big fan. It is a bit cluttered and messy, but aren't all the best things in life messy?

Amanda Dean

Great food and an excellent beverage selection. They make amazing craft non-alcoholic drinks and shrubs, and the atmosphere is really cool. The decor is awesome and it was a fun place to chill for a couple of hours.