Twin Leaf Brewery

144 Coxe Ave, Asheville
(828) 774-5000

Recent Reviews

Brad Watson

This business isn't designed to handle more than 4 patrons at once. Absolutely no ability to handle a modest sized crowd. I've had communion glasses larger than their beer glasses.

Erik Bathe

Good music and great atmosphere. Worth checking out.

Cozy Rae

The BEST staff & the best tasting sours I?ve had thus far in Asheville. There?s absolutely nothing like this brewery. It?s a spot to remember!!! You HAVE to visit!

Justin Evans

My first experience here was fantastic. Got to try (and LOVE) their new Rosemary IPA. It's phenomenal by the way - the Sorachi Ace blends perfectly as a dry hop alongside the...rosemaricity? Excellent service. They had live music while my wife and I were there - a sort of reggae/soul/chill genre that we both loved. This place is definitely penciled in as a stop the next time we're in town.

Yulia Kuznetsov

I keep trying to be optimistic and give it a shot. Over the years, I just keep getting disappointed. My beer drinking friends aren?t impressed and I being a non-beer drinker keep hoping for some choices. The ciders are but one and the wine is laughable at $11 a glass. Sorry- this local is out.


This was the last stop on a walking tour and the beer and company was superb! Our group enjoyed it immensely!

Kelly W.

I visited Asheville for two main reasons, hiking and breweries. I made my way to 13 breweries over the course of three days and Twin Leaf was at the top of my favorites list. This quaint brewery had some of my favorite beer and some of the more personable beertenders I encountered during my trip. To be honest, it wasn't on my list to visit because I hadn't heard much about it but I had time and it was close so I decided to go in and I'm very happy I did. I should've known better, it's usually the places you least suspect that will surprise you. Anyway, next time you are in Asheville and have a ton of breweries to choose from, stop in Twin Leaf, they have a fun vibe and great beer!

Katherine P.

Twin Leaf is one of the several breweries we visited while in Asheville. I really liked this place! It's the brewery that reminded me the most of one of the breweries in my area - a nice, casual atmosphere, the kind of place you can bring kids and dogs into, a lot of wood, everywhere, and just a comfy vibe in general. The beers are great, also! I was drinking mostly sours this day, and they had a really nice, different pink peppercorn sour that I really enjoyed. Altogether, this was a super cool place, and I'd definitely stop here again!

Matt R.

Neat place. They had good flights and friendly staff. The bar area was pretty cool with games for everyone. I would definetly go back


Nice spot. The hazy iPa was fantastic. Nice neighborhood. Include this one in your beer crawl not over air conditioned Big bar. Authentic brewery feel


Very nice brewery, glad we stopped in. Good beer selection. Bartender was friendly, service was good. Very comfortable.

Clinton Lewis

Nice spot, across from the more busy Funkatorium. Beers were not bad here, staff pretty friendly. Indoor and outdoor seating.

Dumont Walker

Really chill space. Great spot to hang out relax and enjoy a good selection of beers.

Maggie B.

Came in here for a flight and had a nice time enjoying them at the picnic tables outside. The ambiance was pretty relaxed and the beers were enjoyable. The inside area was large with a lot of tables and games and looked like a good spot to hang with friends.

Jordan S.

Yelp wants me to talk about the beer with some minimum words, so I started with this. Only reviewing this place to note the best tender of bars in all of Asheville. His name is Matt and he doesn't suck. Ask for him and be entertained. Tip accordingly or I'll find you... and encourage you to be a better person in the future.


they had a good ESB, a good wit and a decent porter. The bartender was knowledgeable and very friendly

Shelley R.

Great ambience and good service!! We got a flight and liked it all-we look forward to coming here again next time we are in Asheville. They also have a nice outdoor space that is dog-friendly. Clean-tasting beers.

Justin J.

Loved this place! It was karaoke night and filled with a bunch of awesome locals when we went. Very broad selection of beers to meet nearly everyone's taste. Definitely a laid back place otherwise. Will definitely go back.

Sara Gardner

Best. Brewery. Ever. Staff are amazing, beer is amazing, dog friendly, perfect atmosphere, love it.


We went in July and there wasn't any AC going. It was pretty hot in there and the beer wasn't that great. I liked the atmosphere but with it being hot and the beer being average I'm not sure I'd go back.

Mark Griffith

very friendly, good beer,fun atmosphere. I highly recommend it. The karaoke on Thursdays is a blast!

David Cole

I love this place. I used to visit often before I moved and was always treated like royalty. The Juicy Fruit IPA is one of the best in Asheville, and their atmosphere is really sweet. To be honest, the staff hasn't been nearly as friendly in my last few visits (about 6 months ago) which has made me less likely to stop in when I'm in the area, but I didn't want to ding them a star for that. Would love to see that change! Also try their Mexican chocolaty beer and the mass extinction. I'm excited that they seem to be getting more into distribution like many of our other local breweries!

Jim S.

Great selection of delicious beers in a comfortable, open environment. Our bartender was very friendly. Twin Leaf stood out as one of the better breweries in Asheville.

Mark B.

Another great choice in the land of beer. Huge interior space, additional picnic tables outdoors.

CJ Barringer

Love the sours! Fantastic brewery and love that it's dog friendly!

Virginia Stockwell

I don't know. They don't do anything to stand out from a town full of breweries. No food. Average atmosphere. How can I recommend it when it doesn't have a personality?

Jason Macek

Beer wasnâ??t bad and the atmosphere could have been good. However dogs were allowed which I love. Unfortunately a dog mom let her dog bark non stop for over 30 minutes before we finally left (as well as everyone else in the place). I probably would have stayed and spent more money but when the bar tender made a joke about the dog barking it became apparent they were not concerned that their bar was louder than the local pound. I love dogs at bars but you have to take responsibility for your pet and if you wonâ??t the bar tenders need to make sure one dog isnâ??t making it miserable for everyone else in the establishment.

Jason A.

I have to qualify this by saying these beers are up my alley: Luminosity, Wind Turbine, Uproot.... The spot has a great vibe in a town full of great vibes. The spot is a short walk out of town. The spot Is.

Cassie K.

Underestimated, cute eclectic brewery with friendly service, great beers and fun games to play like mega-Jenga, Connect Four and other board/card games. The main difference between Catawba and Twin Leaf is that Catawba clearly has more money. Try both, but definitely don't leave out Twin Leaf!

Nathan Ramirez

I really enjoyed my time at Twin Leaf, its nestled right in the south slope, large spacious taproom with a comfortable, small feel. Large amount of beer options to satisfy anyone's taste, large amount of taps too. I enjoyed the ping pong table, large janga, and relaxed feel in the main taproom.

Rebecca Steiner

went on a Sunday afternoon - I was able to get seats for me and my dad at the bar immediately.

Palma Minnich

Beer is OK. Good selection. Open mic night was full of awsome musicians!

Stephen R.

This brewery isn't as busy as the funkatorium across the street, which leaves itself to a more chilled out experience. They have a bunch of board games you can play while you drink their tasty beers. They have an exceptionally good basil sour that sounds unappetizing and tastes like a dream.

Lorin S.

Quick pit stop while on a long weekend of brewery tours in Asheville. Nothing too crazy or impressive here. Decent atmosphere, a few good beers, and ok service for a Saturday night.

Christy C.

Loved this brewery. Beer was great and I loved all the game options. Fooseball, uno, guess who, giant jenga, giant connect 4, and many many more.


We love outdoor spaces, but we also found the indoor space to be very inviting. Reminds us of bars we visited while in Munich, Germany. Highly recommend this to anyone doing the brewery scene in Asheville, NC.

Brian Mowers

New favorite brewery in Asheville. This is the place for real beer fans. Uncrowded, friendly, and the beers are top notch! I'll be back!


Hadn't tried this brewery, but figured I would stop by after visiting the Funkatorium right next door. The place is really tiny. They do have a small outdoor space, but that is cramped as well. Only 6-7 beers (beer was ok, not awful but certainly not great either) to choose from when we were there and had a band playing in an already small environment so couldn't talk to anyone. With so many brewery options, I was disappointed I chose this one.


Fun place and certainly worth a visit when in Asheville. With all of the brew pub choices in town, be sure to add this one to your list.

Rachel L

Loved the Vienna lager. Thursday is karaoke