Beech Mountain Brewing Company

1007 Beech Mountain Pkwy, Beech Mountain
(800) 438-2093

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Elysia C.

I arrived as soon as they opened and grabbed a beer at the bar then walked around a bit. It was pretty empty so I was excited to find a table and settle in with a book. Unfortunately when I needed another beer I had to go back down to the bar and get it. This meant enduring my first of many lines to get a drink or food at this place. By the time I got my beer all of the tables were taken so I found a seat on the fireplace hearth and hoped to read my book more. Unfortunately it was very crowded and no room to sit down my beer. So I just people watched. By this time my husband and son were ready for lunch. They stalked the tables while I waited in line. They were able to find a table to share and sat down there. I waited in line or 45 minutes to place our order. The line wrapped through the restaurant, past both fireplaces and the bar to the front door. I ordered the soup of the day, fries and chicken tenders and fries for my husband. I gave him the ticket and headed outside to the pizza truck to get my son's lunch. After a quick 10 min wait with ordering I quickly received his pizza...much better experience there. Our food was ready by the time I got back service to get food after order is super fast. Just the ordering process is so long. On their site there was an option to order ahead but it was not working that day. So the line was our only option. Bummer and the cause of the long wait. The beers were all delicious and I had a white russian which was really good. Soup was very good but the rest of the food was not. If there had been a server or option to order from the table so I didn't lose it and also less wait time in line for ordering I would have given this 4 stars but honestly it was about a 2.5 star for me overall.

Christy C.

This place is so perfect to grab a pint and people watch. It's also a perfect place to grab a drink after skiing. There is plenty of seating inside and outside. There is a foosball table and a tub of water that you can fix for yourself for free. The previous reviews talk about food, but they don't serve food (maybe they use to). They do offer a variety of chips/snacks for purchase. The bartender was fabulous and told us about a fun sledding hill that we could take our kids to. I got an IPA and it was so good. I was able to sample it before buying it. We would definitely go back!

Beffy Blocker

A nice relaxing place during a ski break! Food was great quick and seemed like standard bar type food. Nice open seating and located at the bottom of the main ski lift. The chicken quesadilla was good!

Destiny Decker

We didn't get to eat there because they're closed M-W but don't make that clear enough online. Google is showing they are open and have a good menu. But you go there and the "brew house" is what most other people call a taproom (just drinks). The "tap room" is actually their restaurant. But the website doesn't clarify this. Very disappointed to not try out the Brewery for lunch.

Angelica Toledo

I attended a concert here over the weekend, and while the musical performance was fantastic, the staff's service beforehand left much to be desired.

Jenna Vanas

Grilled cheese sandwich was awesome. Band swim with the wild was setting up and tuning and they had a great vibe. A guy at the table next to me. I asked why they were setting up so early especially 2.5 hours early. I always thought they set up like possibly an hour. Dude gave me a look like I was a dumb blonde. Like I didn’t know they set up so early. Opps. Another couple sat next to me and her bf had been drinking and she on the other hand had a drink packet in her water. He kept leaning in forward to kiss her and showing love like it was fake cause it was in front of me. I could feel the hurt and how she knew it was pretend. That he was only behaving like that in front of me. I sincerely felt bad for her.

Steven John

Rude staff and manager! Won’t come here again for sure!

Carly G.

Delicious beverages and great atmosphere. I loved sitting outside and getting great views of the slopes and the mountain view.

Niki Jennings

Really overpriced drinks. Two shots of tequila was $20. In plastic shot glasses. A lady yelled at my husband about parking/driving in the front of the bar. River rock everywhere does not a sidewalk make. Drag Bingo was fun though!

Travis Percival

Our server, Hannah, was very friendly and knowledgeable. She helped pick out beers for a flight and definitely steered us in the right direction. Delicious drinks and great service!

Shannon Hardy

Perfect 3pm beer! Blonde Sour and Downhill great. Covered porch at the taproom. Adirondacks outside- nearby. Even nice in the rain.

Emily Roberts

VERY rude servers and bartenders. $22 for a burger and fries served on a paper plate that tasted just as good as a McDonald’s burger. Very limited selection of light beers, IPA’s and all beers in general. WAY too overpriced for the selection of food and drinks along with the terrible service.

Carrie Plume

We drove 20 minutes to this brewery from our resort because when we checked online it said they were open until 9pm. After parking and walking up what seemed like 100 stairs, we walked inside and straight up to the bar when the bartender stopped us and said he had already closed down for the day. We awkwardly left and found somewhere else to drink and spend our money. We were extremely disappointed. If you want to visit this brewery, make sure you call before you go. Apparently closing super early is acceptable, even though it says you're open until 9pm. I gave them 4 stars only because we came back the next day and had some delicious beer and good service.

Yvonda Goan

I am willing to give any place a chance but this place pathetic. First my husband went to the bar to get drinks. He was passed over seven times to young girls. I then went to another line to order food. They do not come to your table if there is a concert. So I order $10 chicken wings and soup/grill cheese and two fries. The cashier said $68 dollars. I am like no way. Found out she charged us for 10 grilled cheese and had no clue. After waiting for are food for 20 minutes I was told they lost the ticket and I had to reorder. No apologies. No anything. Will never be back

Mike Fulton

DeShawn is a 5 star bartender, super friendly and very accommodating while still being responsible. Anyone please ask for him!

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