51 Marshbank Street, Buies Creek
(910) 893-1159

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Alisha Woolls

Service was terrible. It was very apparent that the workers hate their jobs. And this is what came out of the drink machine nozzle. You need to clean these every now and then. ??

Brenda Rhiner

Clean! Quick service. Subs were ? tasty.

Leah Buchanan

No subways in Costs N.C. so you need to buy cold subs here if you live in Coats because by the time you get home it's you will have a cold sub. Friendly people and a clean place.

Loui Tatted Arm

The lady that opens the store in the mornings will sit there pretending to do stuff while looking at you wait outside while the door is locked (mind you this is an hours and thirty minutes after the time it’s supposed to be opened) so I finally took my phone out and started recording her and that what made her hurry up and opened the door. This is the subway that location on the Campbell campus.

Brandon Tart

The weekday staff are really nice and do a good job (Nigel)… However, the weekend staff basically throws your sandwich together as fast as possible (to the point it feels like they are rushing your out of the store) so they can go back to sitting down and playing on their phones.

Lisa Jorgensen

It sucked

Christina Duke

Quick and accurate service with employees that are polite

cristie m

I was in the subway today I had the pleasure of Mr. Nigel waiting on me he is the most respectable professional young man at the subway. Thank you sir

Elizabeth Hall

Picked up my son a sub got home there was a minor problem with it called them and they made it right. No problem with returning it for a new one. Staff was very friendly no questions asked or rude comments that I get from some places concerning my service dog. Will definitely be back

Amy Ismail

Absolutely love the staff they were great in the sandwich was awesome Star Wars very clean

Lex Call

Whatever her name is that works there I believe in the evenings she is one far the best employee they got. She made sure I got everything that I needed and even asked if I was okay and didn't even know I had a terrible day due to the fact my family dog just died! Also the place was clean everyone had their masks on and the sanitation was up to par.

Ashley manchester

Horrible staff! Do not eat here! They refused to serve my husband who is a truck driver and has a health condition. He works hard to help other people and just wanted some lunch! They told him no, they cant serve him and he needs to leave! Fix your staff subway! Rude, arrogant jerks!

Jeremy Turner

Great job, all around great experience. Good food, speed, and politeness.

Bobby J.

Rediculously terrible subway. They didn't even have many of the toppings that a person would like, and when they did it was like it was slapped on there by a 2 year old child. I mean seriously, how hard is it to make a sandwich for someone? My only two visits were absolutely horrendous and I'm never going back.

Meg Frank

The toaster oven was broken

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