Hursey's Bar-B-Q Express

2166 N Church St, Burlington
(336) 270-4916

Recent Reviews

Carol Pasour

Food and service was excellentThank you ?We are from Dallas NC and passing thru


Food was good they forgot to put hush puppies in the bag

Robin TEAM

The service was commendable. The chicken strips were delicious as well as the fried chicken. I will be returning to try the Bar-B-Q and the ribs.

Jeff Wright

The chopped bar b q was delicious. They cheerfully modified my order to suit my diet. I will certainly eat at Hursey's again.

Angel Duke

Bbq was good, service was great, slaw had no flavor today. Usually, it's good.

John Jasko

Broasted chicken, broasted chicken, & broasted chicken. Make sure to try the broasted chicken!!!

Harold Swann

Nice clean store, very nice people that work there,good food too.

William Grimes

Great place staff was great and some of the friendliness people I have come across today

James Howard Jr.

Has some delicious eating here.

NC Wolf

Great food, great service, great prices.

Brad L.

Honestly don't know how this made it on the NC BBQ Trail. Food was good, but certainly not great.

Lisa Lowe

Good shrimp an ranch dressing is home made an so good.

Gene Ward

Smaller sandwich than what you get at S.Church st location. Under cook ? . Only good thing was my tea.

Thunder Storm

My fav order: chicken breast off the bone sandwich with cheese, chopped onions, tomato, and slaw...... with mustard....yummmmmm. they never chop the onions when i ask the other location it's better service

Ryan K.

Really? I wish I can give less than one star. Sadly being from Lexington I know what real bbq is but Jesus this is pathetic.

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