16 New Clyde Hwy, Canton
(828) 648-4052

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Jackie Dills

I love to go to Hardee's in Canton the people who work there are so awesome they Treat me so good they know what I want to eat before I ask. This one girl works there I don't know her name when I order my Gravy she breaks my Biscuit up then puts Gravy on it. ,,, So I say thank you to all the day people for being so nice to me...

Donny Mull

Very horrible burger.... it definitely wasn't fresh and the flipping bun was burnt.... probably won't return....

Ashley Henson

Very disappointed in our breakfast this morning. The bacon was so thin it was completely see through and what they call eggs should be ashamed to be called that! We could have went to Cracker Barrel and ate for what Hardee's is now charging for food and drinks!

Lisa Lee

Fast food prices are really getting ridiculous. They dont really have GREAT anything. Its all middle of the road and for what it cost its not worth it.


This Hardee's sucked!!! I received the worst customer service I ever have at this Hardee's and the worst food, I have ever gotten from Hardee's these people acted as if they were dead. No smile, Nohello, No thank you ... ??????

Larry Shelton

Very unprofessional. Don't put gravy in togo containers and don't let you know this, end result, gravy coated soggy food,not to mention everywhere else including vehicle seat.

Hearthstone Construction

On Thanksgiving day, while cooking the turkey, (seen below), the kids got hungry. We went all over town and only Hardee's had enough staff to be open, all others were closed. Got hot ham and cheese sandwiches, hot dogs and fries. The entire meal was delicious and now I'm wondering why we don't go there more often. Would recommend to anyone considering getting something quick.

Angel Cook

Their chicken tenders are great if they were completely cooked it was still pink and we wasted over 30 dollars and only 1 out of 4 people ate what turned into a 30 dollar burger meal

Zeke Yount

I stopped by mid-afternoon for a hot dog and fries. I seemed to be the only customer present. Food was good and fresh. Neither of two employees at the drive-thru window were friendly in the least.

Jennifer Rathbone

Good Food. Love their big big hot ham sandwiches.

Michael Lowery

Great Burger! Very friendly service!

Jessica Warren

Set 20 minutes in the drive thru to get the wrong food and a burnt hard biscuit.

Melissa Sargent

Very polite workers. Good food

Kimberly M. Kuhn

Staff was very friendly. The chicken sandwich was fresh and delicious.

Carol Giancaspro

Tasted like leftovers and not even hot, ugh. Ended up in trash, will not return.

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