WFM Coffee Bar

102B New Waverly Pl, Cary
(919) 816-8830

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Justin M.

They're letting way too many people into the store during the pandemic. It's quite honestly the most crowded store I've been to in the last few weeks. They also don't have enough cashiers, so the lines are long, with people too close together. I was not comfortable shopping here, and left without buying anything.


We don't know what we would do without OUR Whole Foods! Their foods and products help us to live a healthy lifestyle and the staff is always friendly, familiar and helpful. Great job Dan!!!


While not all food there suits our taste, they never failed us on quality. However, we love pizza there, sold by pieces and sometime we order it take home. Recommended for quick snack and everyday lunch. They also sell wine and bear by glass, and you can shop while sipping your beverage, Love it

Raanan I.

Great baked foods, great variety of cheeses, but I purchased their variety of raviolis from the pasta bar along with two sauces made in house to serve these with, and for a separate meal their Turkish lamb kofta kebabs in the meat department and both were HORRIBLE! The only edible raviolis were those filled with Ricotta, the sauces were very bland, the rest of the ravioli made us gag they were that bad tasting. Now, granted my family makes kebabs almost weekly I was a bit venturous buying kebabs prepared in a US chain super market. We make kofta all the time, some times Turkish, some times Lebanese, some times Azeri/Armenian but these were absolutely disgusting that we threw everything out. They literally have red pepper, spices, salt, pepper... but tasted like a bad combo of pepper and gamy meat that it had too strong of a bad taste we had to rinse our mouths out with vinegar and water.... I suggest the staff reduce portions of the minced pepper, and when you prepare the meat include other spices and knead these in first, then knead in a reasonable amount of red bell pepper, and try baking or grilling one and sampling - they should taste great off the skewer without having to dress up with tahini, pickles, turnips, parsley ... the current ones are far too bad tasting to eat off the skewer. I have a family of 4, and everyone had a horrid look on their face when they bit down .. there was a race to the sinks, and even after most rinse their mouths out, even hours later they had to rinse again with vinegar. These are not how Turkish kebabs ever taste, not in a single Provence any where in Turkey. This is what happens when they are made in Cary NC. Another time we bought a whole fish but had to return to the store because after we cut the fish open it was full of live parasitic worms... When I am near a Whole Foods I will buy a select variety of beverages, baked foods, but I am staying away from their prepared foods, pastas, meat, and seafood departments. Also, you can many times the quantity and quality of spices for far cheaper in other area markets.

Angela H.

A herbalist dream starts here... I love that there's a store that caters to those of us that want to use natural products in our families, though it may cost a little more, it is worth it to me to have a healthier option, even their produce taste amazing. I love that I can try new things that I may not see in a traditional grocery store. In my efforts for my family to be the healthiest they can be, this store helps me reach that goal.

Carole P.

Great produce variety, fresh flowers, love the Le Farm breads availability and so much more. BUT what has happened to Whole Foods salad/hot bars?? Haven't seen fish in longer than I can remember. Formerly wonderful curried and Sonoma chicken salads are now heavy, greasy, unaffordable.

Jill M.

Thanks for being part of the Kay Yow Wine Walk! Welcoming staff ready to answer any questions you may have about their wine. You name it they are ready to help you make dinner tonight. There are bars full of olives, pasta, salad to build your own meals. Even a huge display of mix and match cookies to choose from. The whole store is clean and open, yet packed full a wide variety of foods from bakery items, deli, canned, frozen and fresh produce. Not your typical grocery store!

Chris R.

This Whole Foods hot bar sucks ass there's like 20 options to choose from!!... I am visiting from Miami and our Whole Foods variety of food in the hot bar is amazing great variety...

Christina M.

Overall a good Whole Foods. It is quite small when you actually are in there. It seems as though once Amazon over the amount of organic options has gone down. They always have kept their meat department Very well-stocked and also many options. There deli and prepared food section is always changing which is good and bad at the same time. One issue that I've had consistently is when using Prime Now the items seem to come either expired or very close to expiration (The next day). But Amazon has always corrected that issue. Also since Amazon is taking over the prices seem to be decreasing which is always great but that does appeal to the masses and when you do you go in the store it is more crowded than ever. You also have a crap ton of Amazon shoppers shopping while you shop. This one compared to the new one has more options and better prepared foods. Also the meat counter in the other Cary location is limited due to the area.

Alan M.

Since Amazon purchased Whole Foods, Handicap parking has become a challenge as they moved handicap parking away from front door to accommodate the Amazon customers and 15 minute parking, which is right at the front door, what a disgrace, what makes this even more real to me is I am disabled, when I was having to use a cane to walk, I was never offered help to my car. I would suggest Whole Foods needs compassion training for people with disabilities. Go to Publix and they have NO shortage of handicap parking and they will offer to take your groceries to your car and their customer service blows Whole Foods away! I Went to Trader Joe's today, always great customer service I had 3 items an employee opened a register so that I did not have to wait. Go to Whole Foods they are out of bone in chicken breasts I am directed to case, what $6.99 a pound, prices are too high, next I go to check out, only 3 registers open and they were busy, I left without getting my items, and I am not returning to amazon foods, the worst customer service and high prices. No one seems to care about customers here


Seemed like your typical Whole Foods...pricey, nice produce etc but pretty rude customer service. Since it was my first time here I had a few questions. Some seemed annoyed with me and some didn’t seem to understand English. I do like their fresh pasta bar and It doesn’t hurt though that they have a La Farm attached ?

Hannah C.

I love the actual store but please change the way you stack pizzas in the box. I spent 10 mins waiting there for someone standing directly in front of me behind the counter to NOT acknowledge me and have someone from a different department come and assist me. I'm on my lunch break and now I'm spending my entire break peeling the toppings of my ruined, too expensive pizza off the paper. Just annoying I love this pizza and I rarely go over there except to treat myself. and I'm upset now that I can't go over and get a slice without waiting forever with blatant disregard to me just to have my pizza ruined in the box ugh fix it cause I want more pizza

Travis G.

Since expansion a couple years back this is a pretty nice store. Used to be a disaster as it was always packed and the store had super narrow aisles. Much better now. Prices seem to have gone down on most stuff except specialty and meats since Amazon bought them. Upscale and nice as you expect from this chain.

Chantal Noreika

Whole Foods coffee shop. They do a great job making bulletproof coffee and have a great selection of fresh roasted drip. Best coffee shop in a supermarket.

Micheal W. Palmer

This is not a coffee shop. It's a Whole Foods Market.

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