Bocci Trattoria & Pizzeria

2425 Kildaire Farm Rd, Cary
(919) 803-5358

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Kevin Childs

My family has been dining here for almost 20 years, and the food and service have never disappointed. This visit was a pick-up order for my grandmother, my fiance, and myself, so I won't comment on the atmosphere or service, but the food was ready when I arrived, hot when I got home, and delicious as usual when we ate. I had the penne rustico and the dish was prepared practically perfectly, if perhaps not quite enough sear on the chicken for my personal taste. When it comes to grilling meats, brown food tastes good!

Denise Dunn

First of all, THE WORST HOSTESSES IVE EVER ENCOUNTERED. The blonde one and the the guy with the glasses had THE ugliest attitude I’ve ever seen, especially walking into a place that is “suppose” to be upscale. My boyfriend and I waited 15 mins until a server could finally come to our table. Everyone saw us and didn’t even try to check up on us. Not even water was brought to our table until my mother and the rest of my family showed up. I recommend this place to my mom based off reviews for her birthday and I was completely wrong. I will NEVER eat there again. Don’t eat their Penne a la vodka unles you’re trying to have stomach poisoning the next morning. I’m disgusted and disappointed. If I could give this place -3 stars I would!!

Robert B.

We've only gone thee for lunch, but it's by far one of our favorites. The food and service are exceptional.


Delicious food and great service! We will definitely return. We ordered the burrata that came with crunchy kale, the Monte Mare pasta, and the nonna’s bolognese. Topped off by a bottle of wine


We’ve had dinner here a couple of times and the food is just not good. What is great is the pizza! We continue to get pizza from here and it’s consistently great. I think people come here mostly to sit at the bar and for the pizza since the dining room is empty almost all of the time and for good reason.

Heather Burr

Horrible !.. Poor customer service and food was horrible. Received order w no utensils,.. no napkins, no bread .. thrown in a bag .. it was also too salty .. and cold .. when I called to inquire .. person on phone was unsympathetic and said I had to ask for those things lol.. then he hung up . I had dined there a few nights before and the bartender spilled wine all over me .. He was rude and will be contacting Manager . Will never eat there again


Was looking for a Italian restaurant that was a little different than others . What I found was this place. They have 3 kinds of pizza you can get . NY style, Chicago Deep dish and Nona style. I got the Chicago style and kids got a NY . Both Pizzas were amazing. Great flavor and sauce was great. I regret not finding this place before and this is my new go to spot for pizza. Did not get a chance to try other dishes they had but will be coming back and trying other options . Overall highly recommend this place . Price was reasonable and service and food were great.


Maybe 3 1/2 more accurate but I only did take out. It was okay, ordered penne alla vodka w/chicken and the sauce was okay and noodles slightly overcooked with barely any chicken. Portion was smaller than expected but the price reflected the portion do not bad there.Would try again for another dish.

Becks S.

For what they charge I expected better. While the marsala wasn't bad, it wasn't great either. I can't believe they charge $17.50 and barely give you any noodles.

Ashley M.

We gave them a second try recently and the food was horrible. The chicken was so dry, it looked and felt like it was cooked with a microwave and the pizza was also lacking flavor.The meatball topping looked old and dried out too. It's Unacceptable to serve food like this to anyone. They weren't busy at all when I picked up our food either so really no excuse to serve food dried out and overcooked.

Mesha W.

Ordered takeout today. Calamari, monte pasta & cheesecake slice. Calamari was tough/overcooked so that was pretty disappointing. The pasta was OK with a decent flavor, definitely good for those who don't like heavy sauces. The cheesecake had a small hair that looked like it came from someone's nostril so that was a bummer, no cherry or strawberry glaze offered with it either. I really wanted to like this place. They weren't busy at all when i grabbed my food either. Maybe I'll try again when i have no other Italian options nearby available.

Mandy D

Ordered via DoorDash. Dasher never showed up yet Bocci already prepared it. DoorDash refused to give me a full refund. DD canceled my order. Bocci left me 2 brash voicemails asking me to call them back as the driver hasn’t picked it up. How is this on me? We decided to pick up the order ourselves as they were willing to wait as they are closed now. Yet.. Bocci WOULD NOT let us get our food WITHOUT REPAYING FOR THE FOOD WE ALREADY PAID FOR on the app. We paid twice for the same meal that my boyfriend literally had to go pick up himself. Unbelievable. Look- I get DoorDash is a third party, but making us repay for food we already paid for doesn’t make sense. Hoping your pasta was worth this headache.

Heather Kim

This was the most disgusting, watery, and flavorless food we've ever ordered. We ordered almost $100 of pasta tonight and NONE of us ate our food. Gross. Don't order food from here. ?

Mile S.

Wow, just finished off a pizza I got from Bocci: unbelievable flavor and texture.......a crust like it was hand-delivered from Manhattan. Sitting at the bar, I could see the Wizard of Oz-like mad professor of pizzas twirling his crust like Neil Peart on drums. It was fitting that he wore a heavy metal t-shirt: he was playing major chords in the form of delicious pies. I think someone said his name was Larry or Terry. Either way, Mr. Bocci better show Larry-Terry the money!!

David S.

We trie Bocci for the first time tonight, the food was very good and our server Tim was very knowledgeable and very attentive.

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