Cat Tales Cat Cafe

431 W Franklin St, Chapel Hill
(843) 345-5289

Recent Reviews

Janelle Janiec

Amazing, 6/5 stars. All cats were fantastic (duh, they are cats). Staff is very friendly and love to chat about the cats, you can tell they have passion and all the merch is adorable, got some really cute pins.

Katie Chai

cutest cat cafe with really kind staff. it’s pretty expensive ($10 per person on weekdays and $12 per person on weekends) and hard to book (i had to book 2 weeks in advance), but super relaxing. there are drinks available for purchase inside as well as ice cream. you cannot eat food inside the cat area. lots of toys and cats! i think you can even adopt certain cats!

Eric Xu

Cute cats, very clean. Reservation and going in was painless. Learned a lot about adoption as well. Ilene was great to work with and was knowledgeable about all of the cats and if they would be compatible with my lifestyle.

Emma Choplin

This business is impressive!!! They have around 12 cats at max but sometimes less because they are all up for adoption. When I went, there were ten, and that was plenty! The cats are healthy and very energetic, and playful! All with different personalities. They live in a pristine and clean two-story cat mansion paradise with all a cat could ever need and more. I found myself wishing I could play with them all simultaneously because they all wanted attention! Order the gourmet pecan ice cream cookie sandwich to make your already elevated oxytocin levels shoot through the roof! The staff was such sweet and excellent caretakers. If you’re ever sad or need an uplifting hour go here!A few things to know:1. You need a paid reservation because most of the time, they are booked.2. You cannot eat or drink inside the cat area.3. Snacks and drinks, so don’t expect a meal here.4. There is unique good merch, cat toys, treats, stickers, headbands, etc., for cat owners and lovers.5. You can’t pick up the cats, but they will snuggle you and let you pet them plenty!

Annie Polashock

A great place to play with cats and relax!

Lainey Fiesel

Cat Tales was the first cat cafe I’ve ever been to and it set the bar so high! Katy the owner is extraordinarily warm and kind, and the building is absolutely adorable and well taken care of. And can’t forget the kitties— absolute gems!!

Megan Cavitt

It was really nice to be able to interact with all the cats in an open environment

Betsey Greenspan

Unique concept: a place to visit with cats, lounge with friends in their upstairs living room, enjoy cafe snacks, adore cats. Pristine, so comfy for cats. Plush chairs and every item a cat could ever want. And ADOPT a cat. Young cats, well socialized because they hang out together. Tables and chairs for people to sit and doodle. So special and so much fun.

Emily Bradshaw

Very well maintain and clean environment, plus a safe haven for cute cats. My parents reserved a time slot for me and three other friends to go as aChristmas present. It was the best gift!!! The only downside it that you only get one hour instead of two. The hour goes by really fast. It’s really a cat lovers dream.

Samantha Bryant

Had a lovely afternoon with my kid and their friends. Lots of friendly cats looking for love, delicious treats, and cozy places to sit and just visit for a while.

Lauren McInnis

We purchased all 6 slots to have some fun for my 10 year old’s birthday. The staff members were incredibly kind and helpful and the atmosphere was great. There were so many great cats with varying temperaments, so while my kid was playing with a rambunctious cat using one of the many toys available, we were getting cozy snuggles from more laid back cats on a soft couch. The gift shop is also a real gem with a wonderful variety of prints, pins, and patches made by local artists. This was a truly fantastic experience and my daughter has not stopped talking about it! Highly recommended!

Lori Olivet

Took my 13 yr old and her 3 friends for her birthday and we had so much fun! The space is so inviting and the kitties were adorable. What a fun way to spend an hour. We will definitely be back!

Tori Colvin

Really fun, unique experience! You have so much fun playing with the cats that you easily lose track of time. Great layout & lots of effort put in to make sure the cats and guests are comfortable. Staff is also extremely polite and welcoming! Will definitely come back.

Gabriel Goldstein

So much fun! It was quite relaxing to lay down and pet the cats. The facility is remarkably clean considering there are like 20 cats there.

James Philbrick Griffith

This was a great stress reliever for the COVID times. That does not mean they ignore the situation. Masks are required and they have everyone sanitize hands before entering.

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