Dame's Chicken & Waffles

147 E Franklin St, Chapel Hill
(919) 682-9235

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Kamillah Grant-Crawford

I just can't do it any more!I have tried and tried..with Dames from the 1st spot in dt Durham, Gboro, (i even like the small spot on duke campus they had)and now this Chapel hill location..was by far thee absolute just all bad inmo. If you want to charge upscale prices but mediocre service, (everything is plastic, even using "smuckers pancake.syrup ?) "....please please atleast serve me up something special...the best thing I can.say about this last experience is the customer service..she was kind and she refunded a.portion of what was spent. There is so much more I could say but it's not worth it! The pictures say alot. They did attempt to fry more.chicken that wasn't overcooked but the explanation I got for given the overcooked chicken was "they want to make.sure it was done...ummmm so ..you serve up burnt chicken bc clearly you have to overcook chicken to make sure its done..and on that.note I AM DONE! ?

Verne pow

Ordered to go. The chicken was burned way more than the waffle. I ordered on a Sunday morning around 10:30am. I probably will not eat here again.

Courtney Winter Martin

My fiancé was called “particular” for asking for the items from our pick up order that were not in the bag. We didn’t have one of our orders of collards, our extra syrups we paid $1.75 each for, a whole MEAL we ordered and they also left out our extra schmear and the chicken was prepared wrong. If you’re in customer service, catching an attitude with a customer who wants the items they paid for and then call them “particular” is completely unprofessional.. the staff is not friendly and is very rude when they’re caught slipping. Get new workers, people who care for the restaurant’s reputation. This is not the first time we had issues with the staff at this location.

Dylan Mascarella

Enjoyed Dame's in the past. Chapel Hill location definitely a step down from Durham, but sticky floors wouldn't matter if they would at least learn to take a to-go order.I tried to call one in, told the person on the phone that the app wasn't working, but they refused to take the order over the phone because they "can't accept payment over the phone." So I can't order and pay when I arrive like every other place on Franklin? What century is this? He said "shouldn't be a long wait, we're not busy." Wonder why, bud.Ordered waffles from the next place on the list and now they're being made while I travel as if by some sort of magic. Sorry Dame's; maybe give your people what they need to, I don't know, exchange currency for food?

Yoli Hollis

I had the best plant based chicken and waffle. I ate the entire thing. Left absolutely nothing but happy thoughts on my plate

Gisella Tellys

The food tastes okay, but almost $20 for waffle, chicken, small side dish and soda seems a bit too much. Great service though although a bit slow because it was crowded.

Felicia Klingensmith

Great food. Service was good.

Charlotte Wilson

Great atmosphere and the staff is very friendly. The food was wonderful too.

Howard Eason

Really Great Food. Great Atmosphere. Consistent with the other locations. It is worth your time and taste buds. Great place to take visiting friends for a Great Food experience.

Matthew Rocha

Waffles and Chicken perfectly cooked, sides are all really good especially the Mac (full size Penne & cheese). Staff is really friendly. Chicken has nice crisp batter while waffle is soft.

Laura Garra

100% for sanitation, great job Dame's Chicken and Waffles.Low key, good portion for the price, and friendly dining experience.I'll be back!

Adam Revels

The Cary location has never disappointed even a little. The place is incredible from the food to the atmosphere to the staff. They set the bar high enough that my first trip to the Durham location was a let down.

Sharon Alexander

We waited 30 mins w Yelp ck in to be seated then another hour and 20 mins for our food today for a party of 4! The to go orders were flying out the door. Yet tables that were seated after us got their food long before we did. The hostess was the mostest! Greeting folks and taking walk in seating while busing tables! Hats off to her.

James E Hatchett

It’s always a great experience and the food is off the hook!!! Love it!!!

Steven Mora

Absolutely the best. Wonderfully seasoned chicken with tremendous variety of tasty shmear and waffles. Great service. A must try

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