Dame's Chicken & Waffles

147 E Franklin St, Chapel Hill
(919) 682-9235

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Jennie A.

the food was pretty good, their mac and cheese is lacking tho. The guy who took my order was very nice and quick. the place is small but cozy so i enjoyed being there overall.

Ryan ..

loved it i got chicken and waffles and it was so good both times. the cutlet or the legs.

KP (Kerpaderp)

I sympathize with the few staff who worked hard on Sunday brunch hour when I visited. The same guy was busing, taking dine-in orders, and sorting to-go's all by himself. Our orders took an hour to get to the table and the food was subpar: waffles were a bit soggy before adding syrup and smear, the chicken's only seasoned in the skin but the meat was quite flavourless.Overall experience was unfortunately kind of underwhelming. I hope to give it a chance another time whenever I'm in Chapel Hill again.

Shannon R.

I was highly disappointed. The pros were the register staff was very friendly and attentive. Unfortunately the the food was served in thin styrofoam container, the chicken was over fried but had good seasoning. The waffles were too soft and warm at best. The sauces are homemade that was a plus. The Mac n Cheese was cheese less with herbs. I told the staff and they did correct the issue. The pink lemonade was the highlight of the meal; it was delicious. My issue is that for $50 that should have been the best meal I have ever eaten. I could have went to Waffle House for $15 lol. This location better get it together soon or they will be on restaurant impossible soon lol.

Kyle Layzer

Super friendly employees and good food for $11. Made me feel better after we lost to dook

Sam S.

One of the most underrated places on Franklin. I'm a little disheartened that this place doesn't get more business, every time I pass them they're practically empty. Chicken is herbaceously breaded and delectably fried. Waffles are subtly sweet with a delicious crunch. Go on Tuesdays for a free side of mac and cheese! I ordered the classic chicken and waffles which came out to 11$ (very worth the price) Wait time was about 10 minutes but everything was incredibly hot and fresh. I would recommend getting a fruity/citrusy butter spread or the pickles as a side because the meals are so rich that adding some zest or acid would greatly cut down the somewhat heavy feeling you get with each bite. Highly recommend!

Stephon Dixon

Dames Chicken and Waffles were so good!!! The food was great and hot! The Mac and Cheese was amazing! Me and my friends enjoyed it. It was my second time and it was great again! I would go back again! Love to support small black businesses!!

Joyce K.

While walking from Shrunken Head, my family stopped by Dame's for a quick lunch. At the front of the restaurant were a couple paper menus for us to reference before we placed our order at the counter. I got the build your own chicken and waffles (2 piece dark meat, sweet potato waffle, peach shmear, and cheesy Mac as a side), my brother and mom got the AM hangover sandwich and my dad got the hot cack a lack. We ended up having to wait 30 minutes for our food despite the place not being busy at all. They use disposable utensils and the food is served in styrofoam containers, which is easy for takeout purposes, but since the container is weak, the server accidentally dropped part of my dad's burger on him. He kindly offered to give my dad a replacement, but in the interest of time, my dad said it was fine. In the future, this could probably be prevented if the food was served on actual plates. However, we were provided with wet wipes, which was appreciated for ease of handling of our meal.The burgers themselves were very large and the chicken was surprisingly not dry, especially for white meat. However, my family was sad to find that the avocado didn't seem to be real (probably from prepackaged guac). The sauce was too watery and the meal overall was salty, but sufficiently spicy. My waffles were soggy and I appreciated that the sauce was packaged separately, but I wish that the sauce was homemade instead of clearly from Smucker's.

Amelia Richer

Amazing!! Absolutely delicious and worth the money. The owner is also so nice and the music ties the experience all together. 10/10 recommend

Annika Shi

Fresh fried chicken, a bit too salty for me (but I think it’s suitable for most ppl) , don’t like the waffle cuz it’s not crispy.The strawberry crème’s rly good, saved the waffle, hope I can get more next time lol

Tina Washington

The crust, and flavor of the chicken that came with my waffles was delicious. Staff wasn't that friendly, but no one was rude. Pricey, for the amount, but I'd visit again to see if I'd have a better experience.


They seemed to be severely understaffed and it took about 40 minutes to get our simple order made. The fried chicken was decent but the breading was a bit too salty. I was also disappointed that they did not offer real maple syrup.

Kim J.

Amazing chicken and waffles experience. Having just moved here from Illinois I have never had chicken and waffles. It was so amazing and I had plenty left over for a second meal. So glad there's one close to work and one close to home because we will be back for sure. Something for everyone.

Jessica A.

Come for waffles and stay for the shmear! I came to Dame's about 7 years ago. It has undergone a complete change since then. New location. New building. More space. After an afternoon hiking at Eno's River, I built up a great appetite. Dame's seemed like the perfect choice. I ordered an Almond Palmer, Classy Hen with Peach Apricot Shmear and a side Mac & Cheese. Almond Palmer - Probably one of the best I've had. I could tell their lemonade and iced tea are both independently good. Classy Hen- It's the Shmear that makes the waffle iconic. I like the fried chicken, but it's not my favorite. It's the perfect portion for one hungry person! Shmear - I tasted the Peach Apricot and Maple Pecan shmear. Peach Apricot was my favorite. Mac & Cheese - It's pretty tasted. I was so caught up in the heavenly shmear that I didn't eat the Mac & Cheese. Dame's, so sorry it took me so long to return. Now that I've found you again, I'll never let you go! E

Jonze Williams

This place is great! I had the strawberry shmear with an original waffle, amazing! Also I’m unsure of her name but the general manager is so sweet and tries her best even though they’re short staffed. Great attitude and atmosphere.THEY’RE HIRING!!!!! Paper application available

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