GRK YEERO at Chapel Hill

169 E Franklin St, Chapel Hill
(919) 240-7622

Recent Reviews

Lawrence Weindorf

Great food. Fast service. Pleasant staff.


One of the best places to go on Franklin. 10/10

John Overall

Amazing food and even more amazing customer service. Even at 2 AM the guy behind the counter will work his a** off to make you a fresh order from scratch. The kofta kebabs are so delicious. 10/10 give this place your money.

S Rayburn

Food was awful. The gyro meat was frozen and very thinly sliced. You hardly get any meat and it was flavorless. The Greek dressing also had no flavor. Very disappointing.

Máximo Beras-Goico

Amazing service and amazing food! Cannot recommend this place enough. Definitely a must try in Chapel Hill.

Rachel Allen

Delicious!!!! We had the steak/fries platter, hummus, dolmathes, gyro, and cheesecake everything excellent!!The ONLY negative is the dolmathes needed more of that yummy tangy yummy sauce that comes with it. I asked for extra but they don’t keep them in the sauce. But still great

Ted Gautsch

Good but not great, although the food is fresh and well prepared, it seems to be quite overpriced.They do make a very good falafel! It was cooked and flavored very well, the added side salad and pita bread made this a great entree for lunch. Unfortunately, the limited amount of falafel they serve was not worth the price.Cheers!

Heeba Shaikh

It was sad to see the restaurant was completely empty upon arrival, however, we were greeted kindly by staff. They explained the menu to us (emphasizing what was and was not halal, which was really appreciated!). The soda station was completely watered down though; you could see it was maybe about 10% soda, rest of it water. Food was not bad.

Toshia Brown

Wonderful food we eat here everyday. Glad we found this place. Forget to take pictures because I am so hungry lol

Andrew Miller

Fresh pita bread for yeeros served hot.

Amar Qasem

This is not a shawarma, I buy a shawarma for $15 And meat is not suitable for food, how do you sell this thing? People come to this restaurant and eat delicious food. What is this shawarma?

Samantha Tyson

Great food!! We will be back to try other items off the menu.

Catherine Trask

Tastes fine, portion sizes for delivery are ludicrous. I spent $50 for enough sides to feed two toddlers. I ordered tabouleh, hummus, and tzatziki and there is not enough to share.

Shahriar Shamiluulu

Nice mediterian food and friendly staff ...


Great food. Fresh and tasty. All stuff is vaccinated. Clean restroom. I will definitely will go back again!

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