GRK YEERO at Chapel Hill

169 E Franklin St, Chapel Hill
(919) 240-7622

Recent Reviews

Irene Bantigue

I love this quiet spot, tucked into the ever-lively Franklin Street! I stopped by here for the first time in years, and the people and space are just as welcoming as I remember. The food is great, served quickly, and very affordable.When you dine at GRK YEERO, you'll be supporting a warm and friendly, family-owned business. Always happy to spend my dollars here, and would gladly recommend to others visiting Chapel Hill!

David Zheng

Very good food that's simple and delicious! It's a great hole in the option! I recommend trying their Kebabs in yeeros with their salads combo! Sometimes, you just have to look around and see why or how some restaurants are dull looking but it's a hidden treasure! This is one of them!Food: 5/5

Joyce Dong

I stumbled upon this place after a long long night of studying. It was crazy to see that they were still open at 2 am. I got the beef and lamb gyro which was the most perfect. It was a good light meal to eat after a long day. The taiziki sauce was the best I have ever had. The most perfect consistency and not too overpowering. The place is really clean with a sanitary rating of 100 which is impressive and the owner was super nice. Would definitely recommend this to others especially if you have a late night craving.

Eric Zheng

Coming twice to this Greek fast food restaurant for the first time and the food blew me away, some of the dishes I’ve never had it and wanted to try it and it was so good. The owner was very understanding and helpful and even hooked me up for extra tzatziki sauce, the food came out hot and fresh and it was so flavorful especially from the kofta kebab and have been twice now this week and probably would keep coming for this wonderful and amazing food, the food is so light making me wanting more and coming back, and wish to try other things on the menu.

Carlos Martinez

The food was quick and very good for the price. I got the Beef and Lamb “Yeero” and the Chicken “Yeero”. The fries were very well seasoned and the salad was the best Greek salad I’ve ever had.

Dhruv Patel

We ordered a falafel PLATTER, and only got 3 tiny falafel balls that were just the size of a small slice of cucumber!!!! It was fifteen bucks. We received a salad with one olive and one cucumber and the rest was lettuce.

Jane Doe

I give them 3.5 stars. The service was great and the food came out quickly and hot. However, the food (I got the chicken kebab) had no flavor whatsoever, not even a hint of salt. Also, the "Greek" salad was just preprepared salad mix and the pita was hard.

james bundy

First time eating at a Greek restaurant and I must say I was truly impressed! The owner was very helpful in making menu item selections and the service was awesome. My wife and I absolutely loved this quaint little gem right in the heart of Franklin Street. It's hard to believe that the food is good for you and just as tasty as a non vegetarian dish. I would highly recommend this location to anyone.

Nad D

Very authentic Mediterranean food:We went today to the planetarium and by chance we ended up in this restaurant and lucky us cause it was amazing! Food was great (specially the beef Kabab/ Kafta, salad and the hummus). The owner Shawki is so welcoming and friendly! We are so happy we found this place and we will come back for sure IA!Nadine

Laura Jacox

Excellent food and service! We eat here regularly and enjoy their vegetarian and falafel platters. Their fries are delicious!

Scott Stanley

Very good food. Reasonably priced located in the downtown area of Chapel Hill.

gaye weinberger

Excellent Greek pitas and gyros. Baklava so very good. Worth a visit just for that.

stan wall

Great place. Fresh Food. Would definitely recommend for others, especially for a nice place to eat with friends. Great comfortable vibes.

Stanley Wall Jr.

Great Place. Loved the food and the overall comfortability. God Bless all who reads this!

Fahad S.

Good tasting fresh food at a reasonable price. Love the gyros/sandwiches and have never had a bad experience. Serving sizes are plentiful, especially the platters. I greatly appreciate how late they stay open, especially nowadays.

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