Rougarou (Imbibe)

108 Henderson St, Chapel Hill
(919) 636-6469

Recent Reviews

James Plummer

Best PO Boy I've had in a very long time! The desserts are amazing too. ?

monk aka Billy Mason

Authentic New Orleans fresh food...Dine in or take out. .Awesomeness prevails.."WHUT CHU WANT?"

Asher Flynt

I had high hopes but this spot had some of the worst fried food I have had. Everything tasted a bit burnt in old oil. Cannot recommend. Also the atmosphere was not that inviting it was kinda confusing.

Alan Larson

Really enjoyed our first time. Cool atmosphere and really good food.

Joan Rose

Took friends from NYC to Rougarou on Wednesday; all of us raved on the cajun food, fun atmosphere and live jazz. This place is a gem, I will definitely go back.


Downstairs is Rougarou and upstairs is zogs. Good staff. New Orleans Cajun themes.

Kelly Alexander

This is one of my favorite restaurants. I LOVE the shrimp and grits. I’ve eaten many other things too…I like the mussels when they are on the menu because they are AMAZING. You are going to come here and have an atmosphere that is 100% not Panera or some sort of fast food restaurant. The food will be outrageously delicious and not expensive by any sort of Chapel Hill standard. There will be good music and nice people. There will be interesting books and board games to look at and good drinks. Overall amazing vibe and absurdly delicious food. I like to come for lunch and buy my shrimp and grits and Diet Coke and take bottles of wine to go. I also like to come in for a drink in the evening like a normal adult but usually I don’t because I have children and I’m running around at their activities. Oh, and if you also have kids and your kids like food and know how to conduct themselves in a restaurant they will like this restaurant too. My kids love this place and Mandey.

Alex Michalik

As someone originally from Louisiana I have been searching for somewhere in the triangle area that serves authentic Louisiana food. This place is it. I always get their poboys and they actually have the correct poboy bread (no hoagie rolls here). Their sides and apps are super delicious as well. I’ve only ever done takeout here but the workers are always so nice. They also have delicious desserts by “humble cakes by Cindy” which are amazing! Don’t sleep on this place.. some of the best food in the triangle!

Sophia Alexandria

I love the vibes of this place. It is cool. It definitely has a Louisiana ? look and vibe to it. They have live music during the week. I definitely will be back for that. It seems like it may be quite the experience. I ordered takeout from this place. I will come back and have an in-dining experience and update my review. I tried the fried oysters. They were fried nicely but if you are talking about a Louisiana restaurant, you have to come with the flavor and the seasoning. They were lacking the Louisiana seasoning. I ordered the Mufalleta sandwich ?, the one with the meats (ham, salami, etc.). This sandwich ? was also lacking flavor. The olive salad was too tangy. The meat-to-bread ratio was off: not enough meat compared to how thick the bread is. The fries weren't bad. They could use a better selection of fries, but not bad. The falafel was bland in my opinion. However, what saved the day was the Fried Pork Rinds! They were Crispy and crunchy. I ordered the Cajun style. Definitely, some great Pork rinds here. I'll try something else when I go back. Let me know what you all think about it!Parking: Stree parking and garage parking nearby.

Jeffrey Hoagland

Good food and good new Orleans atmosphere. There is no table service but you can order at the bar and they will bring your food to you. The town has currently destroyed all the parking around it, so the only hard thing is getting a parking place to eat in with, but that's the towns fault, and one of the main reasons that almost half the stores on downtown East Franklin Street are closed

Edgar P.

Shrimp and grits: I liked the grits; they were creamy and cheesy. Cheese curds: Excellent. Fries: Interesting, though a bit softer than expected.

Lauren Hampson

Franklin street doesn’t have a lot of vegan options so I’m really thankful they offer plant-based protein switches for soooo many of their meals! And not just dry cubed tofu thrown into a dish as an afterthought. They have clearly made the effort to offer vegan chicken, tempeh and even vegan cheese for those who are dairy free and incorporate it into traditional dishes like a muffuletta which is really cool. The tofu dip special was so creamy and delicious. We came on a Thursday night with a couple of guys playing jazz. The beer and cocktail selection was awesome. Who doesn’t want a boozy shaved ice with dinner? Cards on every table and a neat touch was also putting paper on the table with markers to draw and create. I’m from Louisiana and this place feels like visiting home for me. Grateful it exists. Thank you ?

Donald Brumfield - Djsmoothjazz

A great place to chill and eat good food, listen to great Jazz, and the most fun and best staff in Chapel Hill...

Hannah G.

First, the restaurant has changed names so perhaps new ownership. Feels like they don't quite have it together yet. Menu appears great but all items (apps and meals) were cold. When we asked for the dinner (shrimp and grits) to be warmed the cook brought it to our table and literally threw it at my husband, causing it to slide across the table. All of the hush puppies were so burnt they weren't edible. My son ate his cold catfish but wasn't impressed by the flavors. Gumbo appeared to have the right flavors but it was so cold I can't be sure. 2 tables in the middle of the restaurant had food products on them (like a delivery came but they chose not to put it away?). Just not quite there yet. I would surely suggest finding somewhere else to eat for now.

Lyle Currier

Picked up a king cake for our Super Bowl/Mardi Gras party and it was the star of the show. Seriously delicious. Have tried ordering king cakes directly from Nola in the past but this was far better

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