163 E Franklin St, Chapel Hill
(919) 968-2098

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Dhruv Patel

Pirate captain is a quirky Asian and seafood restaurant. The decor is pirate-themed as the name suggests and they serve ramen. This place has the best ramen in the Chapel Hill area in my opinion, but options are limited in that geography. The ramen itself is a solid bowl and good go-to, but nothing extravagant to write home about. Better Asian food lies in Cary.I will say, surprisingly, their Cajun fries are one of the best I’ve ever had. I highly recommend trying those.

David Jiang

The best ramen restaurant in RDU! Although the restaurant does not look fancy, the ramen noodles are so good! Broth is super umami and I have never had any ramen noodles coming with SEVEN WHOLE PIECES OF THICK-CUT CHASHU! Plus, after drinking the soup, you can feel that your lips are super sticky, meaning that they use real pork bone and chicken feet to make the broth, NOT making from concentrate! They really make Dashi and M Kokko in Durham look overpriced as hell.

Rachel M.

I got tonkotsu Ramen and had great flavor! Broth wasn't too salty. They have good size portion and came out pretty fast! Would definitely recommend!!

Jenny D.

Every delivery I've gotten (3 so far), have been really good and followed instructions. Their delivery/take out is amazing because they keep the broth separate from the food itself so it doesn't get soggy. It's wonderful!! Would recommend!

Adam M.

Appendix to original review of Pirate Captain. Within two days visited the place again with my friend. We have treated ourselves to bowls of ramen - tonkotsu and shrimp tempura. We have tried many Japanese ramen places but so far this one is the best. Meats cooked to perfection, and broth oh broth out of this world! Flavorful, spicy and not at all salty what we find elsewhere. Give it a try today!!!

rongjie wang

The restaurant is fine but the price for 3 tempura shrimp(definitely not made by themselves, probably bought it from Costco) is not reasonable.

HHOME NC (Huahua)

Found this restaurant with big surprise! Love each piece of all our dishes! Very friendly staff and professional service. Fast on food and will be coming back again with family! ?

Tyler B.

I ordered the Beef Shoyu Ramen and wasn't disappointed! My to-go order came out quickly and tasted great.

HHome NC

Found this restaurant with big surprise! Love each piece of all our dishes! Very friendly staff and professional service. Fast on food and will be coming back again with family! ?

Jeffery K.

This place is a really charming restaurant that serves delicious ramen in a store that is decorated like a pirate ship. Besides their very fun decor, they serve a really solid tonkotsu ramen! All of the toppings were spot on and the noodles were well-cooked (more of the slightly softer American style) and you are provided with an interesting Habanero yuzu kosho sauce on the side. Overall, very tasty ramen and one of the best authentic Japanese ramen places in the triangle :)

Vivian Yi

One of my favorite restaurants on Franklin Street! It’s one of my go-to places for lunch and dinner during a school day as well. The Tontsu Ramen is so delicious as well as other ramens I’ve tried there. The price is good for the portion and the poke bowl is pretty good too! I prefer the eel sauce for the poke bowl.

Collin T.

The portions are pretty big and the ramen is good. The shoyu egg in the ramen was a real highlight.

SeungHyean Lee

By reading the reviews of this restaurant, I definitely want to try to eat here as a big fan of noodle things.When I walked in, decoration of the restaurant was depressing. I almost walked back to leave. I decided to eat here at least once.I got sea food noodle which was good! Beautiful presentation, well balanced broth. Even though they used noodle from store, the cook knew what to do. But with that much price I paid for my dish, it should be homemade.Plus, I wanted to mention for some improvement. Whole shrimp wasn’t fun to eat and corns look colorful but over powering taste. Putting corns was kinda disappointing.Anyway, it was a good experience, I can come back to try to get the other things.

J J.

A lovingly curated restaurant with offering special to Chapel Hill. The Poké bowl was delicious, fresh tuna and salmon, fresh fruits and vegetables. The organic mixed greens were tasty. Added sesame seeds, shredded nori, crispy onion, and masago. Generous portions compared to national chains. Ramen was also tasty and soul warming. I slurped the noodles multiple times without difficulty. Fast service. Their Poke bowl is now on the list of my regular favorites in the area.

Katie Chai

Cute little ramen/poke shop on Franklin Street. I got the tonkotsu ramen and a mango slushie. Both were kinda expensive, but really good! The mango slushie was honestly comparable to any other store on Franklin. The ramen was really heavy and rich! Probably better for a colder day. Still a great experience. The inside is pirate/island themed which is cute! My waiter was super sweet!

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