Sutton's Drug Store

159 E Franklin St, Chapel Hill
(919) 942-5161

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Susan Mitchell

The best place to eat & socialize in Chapel Hill for breakfast/brunch/lunch. The food (our regulars:hotdogs, burgers, fries, grits, French Toast & filled breakfast sandwiches & if you are hungry, do not miss the Mandarin Salad!) is always good and the kitchen gets food out in a timely manner. Holly & the rest of the wait staff are great. If there is a line of folks waiting to get in, Joe keeps it moving and is always accommodating no matter the number in your party and if there is a wheelchair in your party, it is an easy roll in/eat/roll out. The new guy at the register is catching on quickly and is now comfortable enough to let his personality through which is good. Don runs a great hometown/college town place and everyone is made to feel at home. They now close at 2:30 due to staffing shortages (that affect most eateries). We haven't been to the other two locations, but hope to sometime.

Catherine Callemyn

Used to be good. Not anymore. Ordered a 2 egg cheese omelet with bacon on the side with grits and a biscuit to go. Received what looked like an over done egg tortilla with a sprinkling of cheese on one side, broken up sausage pieces, and cold grits. Decided to try to eat it anyways and there were egg shells in the "omelet". Paid around $9.00 for something I had to throw in the trash. Will never go back. :-(

Angela Pan

Crispy home fries! They were fast! And my biscuit sandwich was delicious!Very happy with our breakfast! And also the staff was really nice! I also love the retro colorful seats!

Erin S.

I really hate to write a bad review but after eating at this place I got soooo sick vomiting all day. I ordered crispy bacon and some of it was nearly raw. Tried not to eat that part but can’t help but wonder if this is what made me so sick. Nice staff and cool atmosphere but I can’t come back after this experience ?Edit- ate here March 19th around 11am. Ordered two pancakes and bacon. Had nothing else to eat prior and was feeling 100% working on my farm prior to coming. I started to feel nauseous pretty quickly after eating and by 12:30p started vomiting every hour for 12 hours. Couldn’t keep anything down all day.

Harith Muthanna AlHoory

Always a great experience, whether we go for a breakfast or lunch. Super friendly staff, and never disappointed no matter what we order, it comes delicious and served with a smile

Yancy Scot Strickland

Fantastic as always! Food was amazing but the people are the best part!

Chris S

Tried out this Sutton's Drug Store restaurant. It was packed with people. Looks like a very local and traditional restaurant.The Cheese burger was juicy, but the fries or onion ring were below par. Kind of like a food court quality to us. Do not offer hot drinks, only cold drinks, so we got soft drinks that we do not prefer.This place is pet-friendly. Overall, I will rate it 3 stars. Thanks!

Lil Obama 44 The Great

I order here 3 times a week and it’s been good but the last month it seems they don’t care anymore. They never prepare the food like you ask anymore. Got a burger today asked for extra Mayo and of course no extra Mayo, asked for my burger to be cut in half and they only cut the tip bun. And of course my burger is cold by now. I’m sitting at the counter waiting for my food and they just walk right around me knowing dang well they took my order to the counter. So after speaking with them they have nothing to say but everyone has bad days. I work very hard for my money and I expect to be treated just like everyone else but I guess my money is no good. It’s a great guy at the register and the one lady who helped me figure out where my food is awesome too. Wish they treated all customers the same

Mae Lu

Good food and service on a college budget. Would come back.

Krystal Lee

My Favorite quick food spot at Franklin st! And they do really have a pharmacy behind the dining space with so many old memories. Highly recommend Turkey on focaccia! Don’t miss it!

Wrestling Mark

I love the ?... Excellent food and service at a fair price ?....

Kate Whitt

best atmosphere before a ballgame heck anytime!!!!!

James U

As always Sutton's is the best place to grab a quick bite to eat when your on Franklin st. Staff is fast, friendly and the prices are great. Please stop by this historic place on Franklin St and show your love.

Sarita Whitehead

Excellent! Food & service - Great! Candy... delicious! Prices good.

Christ Holden

Same old retro diner feel food good...I remember seeing Jordan and uncle basketball team there...not bad...still good

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