Taco Bell

11657 US-70 BUS, Clayton
(919) 553-2934

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Leesa Ferrer

Closed early again!!!! By far the worst Taco Bell from a service level to quality of food

Beanie Baby

This specific Taco bell / KFC is the worst I've ever been to. On multiple occasions the staff are very vary rude for no reason, the food burnt, old, or smashed up. Last time I gave this place a chance a couple days ago & I tried to order some biscuits for my 5 year old. I was greeted with they don't have any & don't feel like making any 2 hours before they closed.

Angela Pierce

Have ordered through Grubhub for this particular Taco Bell two times now. First time four larger drinks were not given to the Grubhub driver. We attempted to contact this Taco Bell three times that night and no one answered. Second attempt with Grubhub with Taco Bell tonight they yet again did not give the driver our large drinks and one of my meals I ordered. Attempted to contact them again and here we are again, no one answering the phone. I will not ever use this Taco Bell again.

Lee Gearheart

I don't need to leave a comment. Lookat all the other comments. Obviously the owners do not care because I live in Clayton in its been like this for over 2 years and with all this reviews you would think they've done something.I have tried to get in contact with some one about My very bad experience on several many attemps to give this Taco Bell a chance.. please contact me at [email protected] If anyone gives a care.

Grits N Gristle

The food is always smashed up when you get it and things aren't labeled. Add someone with multiple food allergies that's pretty much necessary. The employees look miserable. I gave 2 stars because it's convenient and open.

Nicole B.

This store always has their, "closed" message on at the drive thru even though it's 8:30 pm on a Saturday. They also take so long, only one man was wearing his mask over his mouth (everyone else either didn't have one or it was at their chin...what's the point in wearing a mask if it's not over your mouth!? It's not like it's a sexy outfit accessory), they were cursing/calling people "hoes", talking poorly of the people ordering, I heard someone hacking up a lung in the back (probably had no mask on too), and sent me home without my full order. They need to refresh their staff and start from square one. Never going back.

Marinus L.

While going through the drive thru we noticed that not a single team member is wearing any mask to be protected. Taco Bell doesn't take safety very serious it seems.

Toni Finney

The food is always fresh at this location. Fast and friendly service.

R. E.

Drive thru is very slow. There was a long line when I went. Could probably use someone to manage the line.

Leah Moore

After waiting in line for (i kid you not) nearly 20 minutes, I finally ordered. I 100% should've checked my order before I left because when I got home I realized it was a mess. First of all, I recieved a sorry excuse for a bean burrito - it was nearly as small as the soft tacos. Secondly, one of the drinks was completely wrong. Also, the two Mexican pizzas were mostly tortilla. They were barely filled, with little sauce on top, and I could count the pieces of cheese that were there (I did - there were 22). How could I do this, you ask? Because the cheese wasn't even completely melted. And don't even get me started on the KFC items I ordered (as this is a joint KFC/Taco Bell). Seriously, don't. Because I didn't get them.

Sam S.

Literally the worst of both KFC and taco bell I've ever had. The facility was dirty as all hell and looks very old. With 1 other person in the restaurant it takes 20 to 30 minutes for a 2 meal order which kind of negates the reason for even going to a place like this. Even so when you get the food its stale and old tasting. Nothing even seems to be cooked all the way through and has been soggy like its sitting in water practically. Bottom line its gross.

Victoria Rosen

line worker runs out the back door, gloves still on. climbs into his car and grabs backpack. climbs out of car and walks back into the back door...gloves still on. who serves me my food? same guy. then i ordered the 2 chalupa meal with a free taco since hey...its tuesday right. i get handed my card without food and told thank you have a good day. then the other worker realized i hadnt got my food yet. i am back at work and i got 2 tacos and a crunchwrap...i am so confused. during this time shouldnt we be mindful of EVERYTHING WE DO. from being clean and sanitized to taking the time to make sure a damn order is right before handing out the window. it isnt rocket science. slow down and pay attention...

Alysia H.

Ordered through grub hub, everything was soggy and my tacos were cracked. My pink lemonade was watered down as well. Never again.

Brittany A.

I wish I could give this Taco Bell zero stars. They were rude over the speaker to begin with and then we pull up to the window and had the wrong order. They ALL had AirPods in so they couldn't hear anything we were saying. They said we ordered 5 drinks when we only ordered one, and then when we corrected them they got an attitude and said "no they definitely said 5." Every time we come here it's wrong and they are rude. I wish it would just go out of business already!

Elena Howell

Waited for an hour for my food because they kept on messing up my order and not giving me all my food. Had to come back later to get food right again. Had to walk up to the window to get my drink right because their drink was running out. After I turned away from the window the white guy mocked me and the black female employee laughed. Very disrespectful and unprofessional. Black female manager was also the same way. Horrible service. Horrible people.

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