Ferrucci's Old Tyme Italian Market

20910 Torrence Chapel Rd, Cornelius
(704) 896-3190

Recent Reviews

Wes P

Love this place. As soon as I walked in it smelled like home. Ive lived in NC for 7 years and as a NJ native I was so excited to feel like I teleported back home. We picked out a bunch of things and everything was incredible. Dry aged steaks, pinwheel sausage, bread… I wish I lived closer I would be in daily. I highly recommend you stop in and throw your money at these good people. Amazing selection and staff. Thank you for all you guys do!!


Amazing food and amazing customer service!!

Eric Morris

An Italian Market in Cornelius that makes you feel like you’re in New York. My favorite spot to grab a sandwich or provisions, can’t recommend enough!

Jeanette Giacalone

The customer service at this place is terrible. I have never experienced such nasty people. I called there to ask if they put something aside for me and some nasty man replied “did you talk to someone” I replied yes and he hung up on me. I will never go to this place to shop.

Chris Dell'Angelo

Ferrucci's is the real deal. Great service, great products, great experience. Highly recommend.

Margaret Mcmanus

Good product bad customer service I walked in went to the register to pickup an item they were holding for me asked if I could get one other thing the cashier asked if I saw it in the case I said I did he told me to get in the line I'm a senior citizen who has leg issues I said forget it I put my card in hit the green button which I thought was oking the amount of my purchase of $45.00 plus tax got home and ended up paying $55.46 . So I called they said the the button was for a tip why would you ask for a tip I ate nothing there . I paid $15.00 for 12 ravioli's which is expensive to begin with I got 3 bags and was told I could get a refund for the tip if I drive 35 minutes each way so much for great customer service for seniors

Benjamin Rudnick

Absolutely the best butcher shop in all of North Carolina. The sandwiches are perfection and all of their meats and dishes are worthy of a kings table. Also the guys behind the counter are incredible and make ya feel right at home.

Joe Milano

I’m embarrassed to say that yesterday was my first time going to Ferrucci’s. Oh my god… the food is amazing. I got two amazing sandwiches, and I miss them so much. I also got some roast beef, and Doug the butcher did a phenomenal job with removing the bones and seasoning the meat. He wrote on the packaging how to cook it, and it was absolutely amazing. Thank you Doug and Ferrucci’s. Top notch!!!

Erik Giles

On a long drive from Toronto to Naples FL. Stopped and had the most AMAZING sandwich and a glass of wine on the porch in the sun. Forget those huge interstate hwy signs for garbage fast food Canadians...you need to stop here!!!

Paul Jacoby

I prefer a hoagie roll but their bread is pretty spectacular and they put together a very solid sandwich. I have not tried anything else but their italian is very good

Teresa Donalson

Everyone was so helpful! We got a couple of items to put on the grill and really looking forward to it. Thanks so much y'all!

Fallon Holland

Delicious food! Try the rainbow cookies, they are to die for! ?


Incredibly friendly staff, amazing food.

Mike Deeves

This place is exactly what I remember, about visiting a salumeria in NY/NJ.Mortedella, if you know you know, if you don’t, it’s what bologna hopes to be one day.Ciabatta bread that cannot be beat!!!Chevalatta (spiral sausage) so good I’m. It sure I want to tell anyone! I want to keep it to myself.But these folks, Giant fans or not, are wonderful!! Friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, and just plain nice!!!Get there soon!!!We will certainly be back!!!

Colin Knight

Great little spot. The staff make you feel like family and the selection is great. Their prepared foods and meat cuts are great. As far as sandwiches, the caprese and Milano are my favorite.

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