Alpaca Peruvian Charcoal Chicken

703a 9th St, Durham
(919) 908-1597

Recent Reviews

Patrick Muller

My first experience with eating Peruvian chicken. Very tasty. I will definitely come back.

Lydia Akino

Lovely food and nice service. Outside seats are better.

chris worrell

Best roasted chicken I have had. Come in hungry and leave with a happy belly.

Brie Dorsey

I love Alpaca. The chicken is roasted to perfection. The steak is juicy. Everything is great. I favorite is the Lomo Saltado. It?s steak with peppers onions rice and fries. It?s a perfect combination. I also always get a side of maduros. Such a great snack.

AllAround JayJay

Food is always good. Staff is nice. Resturant is always clean. Great to eat in or carry out. Parking isn't the greatest.

Jenay Sampson

Today was my first time at this location and it surpassed my expectations. Very spacious with lots of seating inside and outside (there's a a nice covered patio) with great views of 9th street. I ordered the lunch special for Friday which was the jerk chicken combo and it was delicious. Had a nice spicy kick to it. Definitely will be returning.

Cindy Rees Kosinski

The chicken is delicious and the sides are soooo good. The black beans and rice are my favorite!


I wanted something different for dinner with my family and we found Alpaca on 9th street! Great atmosphere, we sat outside. I ordered Thursdayâ??s special, A Stir-Fry with a side salad. Very flavorful!!

Terri Blake

Good fresh food and flavor was great. Chicken very tender. Great customer service.

Christine F.

Alpaca is a must for a quick meal at a good price! I love the pollo saltado, and it's a great size for dinner. The arroz chaufa is also bomb. You honestly can't go wrong with anything on the menu! The one thing I don't like is their chicha-- has too much canela in my opinion.

Lori Clodfelter

My son goes to a residential High school nearby. We found this place by the Charcoal smell outside. It did not disappoint. It's my son's favorite place to go in town. I even purchased a few gift cards for him so he can eat here during the school year.

Laura Cunningham

¡Delicioso! We had the best grilled Peruvian chicken. I also had black beans and Mike loved the chicken soup side. Lots of food at a great price.

Amy Adams

The gorgeous scent of wood grill entices you the moment you open the door. Daily specials will let you indulge without breaking the bank.

Elizabeth Lord

All of the locations I've been to in Raleigh and Durham have consistently tasty food and are quite often busy. I appreciate the variety of options and daily specials.

Lord Grey Ghost of XRP

Food is good. Servings are too small. In comparison to Peruvian restaurants in northern Virginia, Alpaca serving size is about 60%

Teshauna Brewer

I absolutely LOVE their food! I have several food allergies and this is one of the only places I can eat out. I always get fast and easy service.

Maram Tizon

One of the best chicken meals in town. I love the green beans and the salad sides. Their Arroz Chaufa is so good too.

Laura Cunningham

¡Delicioso! We had the best grilled Peruvian chicken. I also had black beans and Mike loved the chicken soup side. Great food at a reasonable price.

Laura C.

¡Delicioso! We had the best grilled Peruvian chicken. I also had black beans and Mike loved the chicken soup side. Great food at a reasonable price. One of the staff wore a funny T-shirt (see photos)

Mackenzie C.

This place is so good! First time coming in around noon and it was packed but service was still quick. Good menu size with a nice variety. Staff is super friendly. Food was delicious and we were all happy with what we ordered. The yucca fries are my favorite! Will come back next time I'm in town(:

Laurel B.

Local chain used to be called Mami Nora's (or possibly bought out Mami Nora's?). Peruvian style chicken--juicy with seasoned skin. I get the quarter white with black beans (very flavorful) and fries (thick cut). Inexpensive and delicious! Would definitely recommend and this 9th Street location is more convenient to Duke and downtown than the North Durham one.

Hannah I.

Who knew rice and beans could be so addicting?? I love this place, they have wonderful vegetarian options. The sauces are killer and I've never been disappointed. Definitely a go-to in my book!

June Jones

Just plain good! Highly recommend the sweet plantain & the beans & rice to go with!

Calypso G.

Great stop on a road trip. Quick, a little pricey, and healthy choice. Parking was really tight at the restaurant but the surrounding area has plenty. Pricey but a good vault.

Omnia R.

One of my favorite places to grab a quick healthy bite to eat. If I'm short on time and can't cook dinner, I'll typically stop by Alpaca and buy a whole chicken with two sides for the family. One big plus is that their chicken is halal (you can see proof of this on a form they have posted near the cash registers). They offer healthy sides such as rice, corn, beans, salad, soup, etc. Alpaca never disappoints!

Audrey E.

What a great place. Delicious, juicy chicken and generous, flavorful sides. My husband and I both ordered dark meat, which was perfect, and we sampled four sides between us -- each yummier than the last -- plus each of us had a beer and dessert, all for around $40. Definitely try the spicy green sauce; it adds a great kick to everything. Service was friendly and fast.

Ariel B.

Wow this place was really great. I've never had Peruvian food before and was completely blown away. There is lots of seating here, it was pretty clean, and everyone was very friendly. But now to the FOOD: the value here is excellent. I ordered 1/4 chicken and 2 specialty sides. The chicken was so flavorful and just the right amount of crisp and juicy. The sides were so good too! The rice and beans were perfect and both type of plantains were seasoned just right. The fries were also pretty good. We loved the sauces that it came with as well. Such an unexpected delicious experience. Will be back!!!

Smythe R.

Charcoal smoked chicken is an amazing flavor. The first time I tried it, I was hooked. Having a place like Alpaca right in the heart of Ninth Street is a gift from the food gods. They sell the chickenâ?? by the quarter or by the half. As much as I like dark meat, I may start ordering a half, because all that good rib meat is earmarked for the white half. But the sides are tastyâ?? and plentiful. The sauces, whether you get them to go or eat inside or on the outdoor dining area, are great additions to the flavor of the chickenâ?? that shines through from the cooking process. I'm a sucker for the maduros but the green beans and salad are also good sides.

Brenda I.

The food here is awesome. Love the rotisserie chicken and their sauces. Very friendly staff and clean place.

Justin Vavrick

Everything was very good. Chicken was tasty and coked perfectly. Green beans were excellent. Will definitely be back if ever near an Alpaca again. I will also definitely be looking to copy the chicken myself. Also do not forget to get some of the spicy green sauce for the chicken. I forgot but tasted it afterwards and it was very good.

Mike Marchetto

If there is a master list of the best takeout options in Durham, Alpaca would have to be in it. The food is just incredibly juicy and well seasoned. Prices are very reasonable. They do catering which I can also vouch for their professionalism and quality.

Wilkins A.

Very flavorful. My family and I eat here regularly. We have tried only the charcoal chicken and it is delicious. The yucca fries and rice and beans are awesome.

Rachel Moore

I was in town with my 2 year old and sister for the day and we just happened upon Alpaca. It was surprisingly great! I had the chicken tacos and my sister had the 1/4 pound meal with plaintains. It was excellent! My only complaint is that the parking lot is extremely tight! There was lots of backing up and waiting and letting people out. But that has zero to do with Alpaca, the food and the service. What a nice little surprise!

Carroll Bou

This place was a wonderful surprise. The chicken is grilled and you can really taste the Mojo they marinate it in. The fried sweet bananas are great, but the tostones are hard, bland and taste frozen. That is really the ONLY thing we didn't like about it. EVERYTHING ELSE WAS AMAZING!!! We will definitely being going back soon.

Jide Aminu

The green sauce is awesome. I can't wait to order again. You can get home delivery through Takeout Central.

Devin Givens

Will only give you a plate if you ask for a plate, otherwise you will eat off the metal tray they give you. The chicken is good and the sauces are pretty decent. Little high priced for chicken ($21.99) for a small rotisserie but good for a young couple who are comfortable with each other and don't mind looking sloppy in front of each other.

Evan Huang

Great food with great service. Definitely a good value with fairly large portions. Make sure to try the sauces at the condiment counter

Mark H.

Great spot for some roasted chicken! The first time I went here I was pretty "meh" after the experience, but it seems they have really found their groove and how to cater to customers. The chicken is really pretty incredible, and I'm usually so unimpressed by chicken anywhere. The last thing I ever want to order on a menu is chicken but alpaca is solid. Good sides as well with the plantain options and a few other options too. Also, good little patio for when the weather is nice.

Jimmy Goodwin

The food here is so fresh and good. I love the rotisserie chicken and how they season it. Every single person on the staff was kind and very attentive. Will definitely go again. And again.

Saul Porrata

I Highly recommended great Chicken one of the best I ever had... Friendly staff... Good prices... Would give it a 5 star but they forgot about some people not liking spicy sauces.

Alpaca Peruvian Charcoal Chicken

703a 9th St, Durham, NC 27705
(919) 908-1597