Alpaca Peruvian Charcoal Chicken

703A 9th St, Durham
(919) 908-1597

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Taylor S.

Alpaca is SO GOOD, y'all. It's a great place for a family dinner, a night with your beau or just something for you. The chicken is so juicy and delicious. I'm a white meat gal. You know chicken breasts are hard to keep from getting dry. Not this chicken! So much flavor. If you're looking I recommend getting the green beans and the maduros as your side. There are also daily specials. Check the website to see what's on tap. You can also order online!

Ash E.

Food always tastes great. Their chicken is never dry and their yellow sauce on rice is the best way to eat rice. I love that they have horchata as well.

Chrissy A.

Cannot wait to visit again! The Lomo Saltado was my favorite of the three dishes we tried. The green sauce is a must try! This is the juiciest, most tender chicken I've ever had the pleasure of eating!

Michelld Thompson

I absolutely adore this place. You get the best meal that is full of flavor and you don't have to feel guilty about eating here. You can see when you enter the establishment the chickens roasting. You know you are getting fresh product. Whenever I take my son to have chemotherapy I stop and order a meal for the night. If you enjoy jerk ?. Go on friday, its the special of the day and it is absolutely AMAZING. Its not your Caribbean jerk with all the heat, it does pack a little punch, but the flavors are amazing. Cant wait till the one on White Oak in Garner, NC opens!!

Joseph Banham

Super delicious chicken! Their specials are a great deal and everything I've tried is amazing.

Rebecca P.

I love this place! They have the best chicken and please get the tostones if you go. They are excellent and will leave you craving them at least once a week

Kong L.

I finally had a chance to stop by this location. I've basically had every location there is in the triangle. The food is as good as the other locations. Great customer service and staff! It gets busy here during lunch so I would advise you to come early or later. To be honest, the parking lot here is a mess. I don't advise you parking here. The restaurant recently opened the dining area (outdoors and indoors), although it's spaced out 6-feet apart. I've been here twice and food is consistent.

Steven Jacobson

Great food with the Friday Jerk Chicken special of rice, black beans, plantain and a drink. MOSTLY open now with social distancing maintained. Chicken is always cooked all the way through, but not overdone. VERY tender and tasty. With the green sauce, DELICIOUS!!!

Ja-Quisha Wa-Asia Frazier

It was our second time eating at Alpaca and my first time at this particular location. The food was good! Very tasty.

Lauren M.

VEGES BEWARE. I recently moved to Durham and fell in LOVE with this restaurant. It was an easy, affordable place to get my rice and beans fix! However, last time I visited, an employee informed me that their black beans, included as a veggie plate option, contain chicken broth. As a vegan, I am VERY offended that this info is not disclosed more prominently. I originally thought this was my mistake for not reading the menu closely, but, upon further investigation, it is stated NOWHERE on the Alpaca website, online menu/ordering system, or within the establishment. As heartbreaking as it is, I will not be back and a sincerely hope other vegetarians, vegans, and those that choose not to consume meat for myriad reasons learn what is being served to them, for their sake. The way the menu is advertised currently is irresponsible and unethical :(

Debbie High

My husband and I eat there all the time. I love the food and the service is fast and excellent! We love this place one of our favorites!

Nicole K.

Alpaca is probably one of the best value restaurants in Durham - it's a great deal for a huge amount of food. I had a half chicken with tostones and green beans for around $10, and the portions were absolutely huge. The food was very well seasoned, especially the sides. I recommend getting the meat with one vegetable wide and one starchy side for a good balance. I always go back and forth between the yucca fries and the tostones because both are so good!

Shoba K.

A local favourite! I have been here a few times and love the chicken! The flavours are amazing and portions are great and I always seem to have leftovers. I have personally never sat in the restaurant to eat but the dining area is fairly nice.

Omar Pineda

La atención al cliente!!! No saben del servicio al cliente!!!!! Estuve enfrente de ellos por 5 minutos esperando tomaran mi orden y cómo si nada!!!! No lo hicieron hasta qué pregunté y les dije si estaban sirviendo!!! No tienen superiores para observar cómo trabajan!!!

Green T.

The food is really good, especially the charcoal-grilled chicken. I also love the sides very much especially yuca fries, maduros and tostones. My one gripe about this place is that the workers tend to be stingy with the yucca fries. They always give exactly 5 no more and I think if you pay the extra for a premium side you should at least get a decent amount (7-8?). I also notice that they are generous with regular fries (and do not count exact amounts) which is nice if that's your go-to side. Maybe there's a reason they give so few yuca fries, but if that doesn't bother you this place is excellent.

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Alpaca Peruvian Charcoal Chicken

703A 9th St, Durham, NC 27705
(919) 908-1597