Bruegger's Bagels

626 9th St, Durham
(919) 286-4900

Recent Reviews

Christopher Winkler

Really friendly and helpful staff in a two story joint that serves good bagels, bagel sandwiches, and coffee. The staff are super nice and friendly, and make you feel welcome. The restaurant has plenty of seating and was very clean. The bagels were pretty good--a chewy exterior and soft interior, with a good variety of spreads/schmeres. A good snack or breakfast joint.

Charles Bevan

Their everything bagels are absolutely perfect.

Renita Evans

Great service n food

MM Personal Account

Let's not start comparing it with NYC or other places, but the bagels and sandwiches here are fabulous. Can't get any better ones in Durham. The Western breakfast bagel is my favorite.

Angela Pacheco

Terrible. First time I went, last time I will go. Customer service was terrible and the place was disgusting. Food was not good and looked gross. I do not recommend coming to this location.

Anisa Cutler

They are friendly & courteous & answers any questions you asks.

Samantha K.

Decent prices and great taste. This is my first time checking in but I've been here a few times before. On this trip, I got a Snapple and a bacon, egg, and cheese bagel sandwich, which was very good. The only issue was that the rewards app, when scanned, was not working. The associate and I assume to be the lead on shift tried to make it work a bunch of times and it just wasn't working. I ended up paying with my debit card, which was fine, and they ended up taking down my information and email to see if anything could be done. I will say the only thing that made me feel uncomfortable was that a team member made a pass at me, and it's something I'd rather not deal with when getting my morning bagel. Otherwise, the food is great and I do enjoy the atmosphere of the restaurant.

Amp - M

Tasted like bagels and coffee. If you've never been, you should go. Delicious and relatively nutritious. French toast coffee is amazing.

Rafa R.

I have been coming here for the last 5 years because of it's proximity to work and because my choices are limited when it comes to getting a breakfast bagel. Let me preface this by saying that I have no problem with the staff. They are always friendly and generally seem happy to interact with the customers. I am also not giving this place 2 stars because of the bagels. They are good although rather on the small side. I am giving this place 2 stars for their practices when it comes to the rations they give out with the bagels. Maybe I am just a transplanted New Yorker who is used to a bagel with copious amounts of cream cheese. Maybe I didn't get the memo that currently, we are at Winterfell and the Night King and his army of the undead, has laid a siege at our castle walls. Thus, making it a necessity, to ration out the cream cheese in minuscule, thimble-sized portions. When I order an "Everything bagel w/ cream cheese" it comes back to me like I said "Can I get an everything bagel with the slightest hint of cream cheese" The catalyst for this review came when I ordered an "Everything bagel / Avocado"....what I got back was a bad joke. The travesty l got, nowhere resembled the bagel with overflowing avocado they like to display on their menu. It's as if they reluctantly put avocado on the bagel and then scraped it off with great malice. I don't think I had enough avocado on the bagel to get a DNA sample. If you want to enjoy a bagel with avocado I suggest you BYOA.


Good food, good staff. Have been going there for years. Great bages.and best coffee!

Maureen Lodato

Just what we wanted for breakfast. We are traveling and this Brueggers was just like home. Fast, friendly and good food.

Daniel Ace

This location on 9th Street is excellent! Friendly staff party plus quality food as well. If you're needing WiFi, they have that also. Keep two things in mind. This location handles a LOT of customers from Duke - Hospital & University. Expect a line. Also remember it's open for breakfast and lunch. No dinner!

Michael Long

I always get a tuna on an everything bagel with lettuce, tomato. avacado and onion.

Jaimie Lee

Terrible service from Steven. Shocking attitude towards me when I arrived to pick up my order. He did not even provide the cream cheese which was pre ordered.

MuR Lu

Love everything, they even have skinny bagels for those cutting back on calories.

ms gay

Let's be real the bagels are so awesome. And the staff is funny and remember all your old orders

Lesley L.

I visit this location several times a year, since it's sort of close to my work. The bagels and cream cheese are good, of course, and the bagels are extra yummy when they're still warm. On a recent visit, I got a tuna melt on regular wheat bread and a cup of vegetable soup. The tuna melt was especially yummy! The flavor of the veggie soup was a little underwhelming that day, but was hot soup on a chilly, rainy day. Hey, I'll definitely get the tuna melt again!!


I always love eating breakfast/brunch here. The Bacon/Egg/Cheese is fantastic and as always I double up on the bacon which in itself is quite good, although I prefer it cooked in such a way where it's not like a wet floppy piece but rather a little dryer so it can hold its form - perhaps the only thing that's not a 5 out of 5; but the flavor keeps the rating 5 out of 5 always.

Frank G.

I needed a lot of coffee. It wasn't planned. I thought I'd get a brew for the crew at Bruegger's. My god, how inconvenient it was for the folks at Bruegger's because I didn't call ahead. This place sucks.

Greg G.

Excellent bagels. Ordered the hot fresh Everything Bagel Pastrami and Egg . Skinny Zesty Egg White on Asiago. Make your own salads very good as well. Add to that a great group running the show and you have 5 stars. Almost forgot the French Toast coffee!

Forrest Liu

First time coming here and it was fantastic- food, service, everything. Best bagels I’ve ever had

Zach Brown

Terrific service here this morning. It's a chain and food wise you know what to expect but at 7 am on a cold rainy morning the whole staff seemed almost joyful. Service was pleasant and prompt. The whole atmosphere of the place is wonderful.

Dan R.

Came in at 6:50am on a Sunday after being at work at the hospital. Staff was very friendly despite the ungodly hour. Coffee was hot and tasty for a bagel chain (I'm definitely picky about coffee, so for what the place is, coffee is solid). I live for smoked salmon bagel sandwiches being from the northeast and all. Service was very quick and my bagel was oh so satisfying after being in surgery all night. I've always enjoyed this chain up north and happy to have it down here as well

H h.

Absolutely love their location and interior design! The food is super affordable (you can get full for less than $10) and they have the BEST pizza sauce if you are craving a pizza bagel! I wish to return here since once I'm in the area again! Great place to meet up with friends since its actually easy to here your friends rather than go to an overly popular area where its way too loud. Service was outstanding as well!

Muns A.

The guy making the sandwiches looks very grumpy for some reason. This wasn't a good customer service experience.

Autumn Wetsel

best bagels ever!

Larissa D.

The parking lot of this location has two entrances, and signs indicating that the entirety of the parking lot belong to this restaurant from the Perry Street entrance are only on the side of the building and are not visible when turning into the parking lot and facing east. Thinking the periphery of the parking lot was a public lot because we are quite frankly on familiar with this area, my friend and I parked in a shady spot adjacent to some trees that had no signage of belonging to this establishment anywhere along that portion of the parking lot. All signs indicating that spaces belonged to the business were on the side of the building and nowhere near these parking spaces. We walked next door to a local business, and we were immediately asked by the employees of this business if we had parked in the adjacent parking lot, and they let us know that this was not their parking lot. We immediately left the establishment to go move the car to a public parking spot. In a time span that was less than two minutes from us walking away from the car, a tow truck had already begun the process of attaching the car. I am nine months pregnant, and it was well over 90° today, so it was physically cumbersome for me to be outside walking around in dealing with this situation. The individual with the tow truck at the request of the business would not allow us to move the car until paying a $100 fee. I initially walked with my friend to locate an ATM, but the ATM at the adjacent bank was out of order. Being nine months pregnant in over 90° heat, I ended up needing to wait at the car for a considerable amount of time while my friend obtained enough cash for the vehicle to be released. This business did not give us the opportunity to move the car, and they hired a tow truck company to predatorially target a portion of their parking lot that was not adequately labeled as their property. I think this is indicative of the type of people who manage this establishment, and given the amount of physical duress I went through during that time span in which we tried to rectify this situation in my current state of being 39 weeks pregnant, they extended me no compassion in finding a faster resolution. I do not find them to be good enough people to merit my business, and would like for the business owner to know that I will never again make the mistake of being on their parking lot, most especially for the purpose of patronizing their establishment.

Brad E.

Very helpful and polite. Made a fresh batch of sun-dried tomato bagels just for us (which the Brueggers locations back home don't carry). Thanks!

Amanda W.

You have to really want a subpar bagel to endure the experience you are in for at this location. The private (free) parking lot is a plus but it seems it was made for match box cars, not full size vehicles. Beware, it is tight and normally packed since you have to pay for street parking. On this day I went in to grab an early (to avoid the parking debacle) lunch to go. When I walked in there were a handful of people in front of me and 3 people working behind the counter. It took me almost 30 full minutes from entry to exit for a single bagel with cream cheese and a fountain drink. I mean come on?? The folks working were literally moving at a snails pace, the bagels were not well stocked and I heard several people order things that they did not have. My bagel was fresh - I'll give them a star for that. With so many places to grab a quick bite on Ninth Street think twice before choosing here, I know I will.

Matt M.

When ordering my bagel the employee started putting cream cheese on before I had a chance to say I wanted it toasted, and then he blamed me and said I should've said toasted already. Then he scraped the cream cheese back into the container it was in which seems wrong. I walked in needing a pick me up in the early AM and left feeling. Like I had gotten in trouble...

Mona R.

The place itself is nice and cozy and the parking is good for the area it's in. When we arrived, we were greeted with smiles. The customer service was par excellence. It's like the staff was attentive to each person that they knew what to say to each person. During my conversation with one of the staff, I mentioned I was in the service. They ALL thanked me for my service. It's not like they spend a lot of time with each person, but they somehow managed to put a smile on the face of every customer in the store. When we walked out, my friend said, they definitely know what to do to keep people coming back! Let me not forget that the food was GOOD! I enjoyed my bagel and was extremely happy to know that they had meat choices other than PORK! They had turkey sausage and even smoked salmon.

Irwin B.

4 Stars for the food... 0 Stars for the service. With no customers in the restaurant and 5 employees behind the counter , I had to wait 2 minutes for someone to acknowledge me. Then he looked up, mumbled something , and looked back down. I stared at him in amazement until he finally looked up again .... but said NOTHING ! No, "what would you like"? Or anything like that!! After I gave him my order , which included a half dozen bagels to go, I received it and sat down to drink my coffee. As a goof, I decided to look in the bag and what did I find ?? 6 bagels you would assume, right ? NAH ... 4 bagels. Wtf ??? I went back , heard some more mumbling , got my 2 bagels and left. I won't be back !

Damien Neville

Bagels are awesome and the service staff is pleasant and jovial. Food items range from bagels to small sandwiches and all are budget friendly.

Alicia Smith

Very nice! I can always get in and out fast. And the staff get along very well. Always puts a smile on my face.

Patrick Lasseter

Just what I needed on a cold morning in March. The staff is great at this Bruegger's.

Bobby Gunder

Everyone there makes You feel like Family not just a customer. From the Manager to the People behind the scene are Great Folks!! Love Going To Bruegger's!!

Jared W.

Sub-par bagels and REALLY slow service. Staff is inattentive and not super friendly. Good for a quick grab and go though.

Alyssa Rabel

I regularly eat at a Bruegger's location closer to my house, but I was in Durham today and felt compelled to post a review. The employees here are easily the friendliest I've ever encountered at a Bruegger's location. Everyone seems to get along well, and the service was warm and welcoming. The food food met Bruegger's standards as well as any other store, but the employees are what made my experience stellar.

Jade B.

This location is my favorite Bruegger's due to the early morning crew- I work 3rd shift and often stop by just as they're opening and one of the ladies who opens is hands down the friendliest person I've ever met pre-6am. The menu selection is standard fare for Bruegger's but the restaurant itself is spacious, clean and well-maintained with a 2nd level dining room that adds extra seating when it's busy. I think their bagel sandwiches are a good value for the money, and while it is obviously a chain restaurant, the staff at this location just does everything better. They really seem to take pride in the food and their location, which is awesome and exactly the type of thing that cultivates loyal regulars.

Meilinn T.

The wonders of a delicious bagel! So many calories but so many flavors. They have a variety of bagels as wells as spreads. I ordered a smoked salmon, thinking it was going to be the cream cheese spread. But they gave me a sandwich instead. It was delicious, but I had to pay twice as much from what I originally wanted.