Bruegger's Bagels

626 9th St, Durham
(919) 286-4900

Recent Reviews

Greg Derry

Best Blue Devil bagel shop in Durham!

Julianna Patterson

The last time I was there and ordered a bacon egg and cheese bagel it was bland and not really that hot

Tim Winder

What a great beagle expirence.

Doreen Danielle

The sesame bagel with honey is amazing

Marky Mark

Awesome bagels and they make some most excellent sandwiches with those bagels as well.

chaz t.

Bagel Wednesday is a great way to grab a dozen bagels and get $2 off. They will let you call ahead and grab and go or walk in to order and take out. They seem to have good covid protocols in place as well.

Michael Fogle

Nice place for brunch or lunch when you want something simple, like a bagel or one of their made to order bagel sandwiches.

Aubergine Smith

Delicious bagels! Nice place to sit and eat upstairs

Brandi Cramer

I love Briegger's. I normally love everything bagels but the toppings got a little burnt. My only complaint. I'll definitely go back, just will not toast anymore everything bagels.

Audra _

I was able to order online and pick up some catering in just a few minutes, and everyone loved it. The only thing that I would suggest is that if you have prepaid, walk straight to the cash register and check in. I got in line because there were no employees at the register, and wasted over 10 minutes because there was no one to release my order.

Samuel Grossinger

Good bagel, decent coffee. Service fair to good, uneven. no non dairy cream alternative of any kind. Often runs out of popular bagel types by 8-9 am.

Jean Miller

Got here early, early in the morning during our road trip, and the crew was fantastic! So friendly, with an attention to detail. Fred, Linda, Che are the best!

Allen Lee

Decent bagels and great service. Pretty crowded at 1030 on Sunday

Celeste J.

Staff was amazingly polite. Food was almost on point. They gave me the wrong bagel (poppyseed instead of everything) but that didn't bother me much, they are similar. Would have been nice if they labeled our sandwiches because at first they got mixed up. They were out of the soup that my coworker wanted but they have rotating soups, so there weren't many issues, just miscommunication. I will definitely be back here. They have their own parking lot which was awesome.

Mi Joi White

I came here on a Saturday morning and tried their pastrami, egg and cheese sandwich. It was hot and definitely reminded me of New York.

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