Del Rancho

730 9th St, Durham
(919) 286-5330

Recent Reviews

Steve M.

Quality Mexican food. Ordered ACP for lunch. It was very good a bit heavy on the mushrooms and light on the chicken. For a lunch portion I cannot complain but only two tortillas. Overall a good meal and I will be back again. The taste was great no complaints there.

Christian R.

My family and I had a wonderful experience here! The service was AMAZING! Our server was an angel: very friendly, funny, and always made sure we were well taken care of. We ordered the guacamole as an appetizer with their complementary tortilla chips and it was super fresh and delicious! I ordered the Tacos al Pastor and they were absolutely fabulous! A bit different than normal "Al Pastor" tacos but in a very pleasant way! They had steak, chorizo, and pineapple in them and were served with a delicious and very spicy (just the way I like it) Habanero sauce on the side. The horchata was one of the best I've ever had. My parents thoroughly enjoyed their dishes as well! I don't understand some of these negatives reviews. I highly recommend this restaurant and suggest you give it a try!:)

Jason Cardot

The food we got was nearly flavorless. There was almost no spice to anything...even the salsa wasn't spicy and was 99% liquified tomatoes. The enchiladas were blah and yeah, not trying to be mean but I would not eat here again.

Bailey White

Ordered takeout, yes on Cinco de Mayo but still, it has been 3 hours since we ordered and our food has not even left the kitchen. When we called almost an hour ago they said it was about to walk out the door, now we called again and they said 5 more minutes. The two people we talked to on the phone were not very helpful, neither one ever apologized, just said “yes there are a lot of orders right now”. We ordered 2 entrees, queso, and salsa.

Kendra W

The food and service were great. The rice was a little bland, but everything else was full of flavor. The restaurant and was bathrooms were clean and the booths were very comfortable

nova trout

I ordered my meal off grub-hub and it was delicious!! Definitely would recommend this place for anyone

Karlaa L.

I first experience with this place I definitely will order again! food was tasty, warm and delivered on time! The guacamole was fresh and delicious!!!

Crystal Williams-Brown

Very disappointed. I ordered the nachos chipotle before and they were really good. So I decided to reorder today through door dash. First I realized the container was smaller and the lettuce was packed separately for some reason. Then I had trouble pulling it apart and realized it was dressed with queso instead of chipotle sauce. The cheese was cold that's why it was stuck together plus they only gave me one slice of tomato.

Kurai Hoshi

Nice seating area outside plus bright, festive colors inside, excellent service and wonderful food. My new go-to place for Mexican cuisine.

Caleb Vandenheuvel

I don't usually leave reviews, but the employees here went out of their way to assist me with an issue caused by GrubHub, and they did so of their own volition. It was a delicious meal, but more than that, it was some of the best customer service I've ever experienced.

Bradley Bennett

Ordered takeout for dinner. Ordered fajitas, another entree, and a side of queso. Specifically asked for extra chips. Received a single small bag of chips to go along with my included salsa and the queso. It was simply insufficient and the chips might have been enough for solely the salsa, but any combination of the two or even just the queso left us with a ton of left over queso and no chips to enjoy with it. For the fajitas the portion of actual entree was substantial and adequate, but they included only two small (5-6" long) tortillas. If they were being cheap for the portion they would have included at minimum four tortillas, but two was just ridiculous and I had probably 2/3 of my fajitas portion remaining when I ran out of tortillas. Simply cheap and knowingly inadequate on behalf of the restaurant. Very disappointing.

Krista Odom

The food is delicious, but my orders come out wrong half of the time. They do always remake the food when it's wrong with no hassle

Heather Hamilton

Just stopped here for dinner, sign on door said they were open but it was dark inside. Also checked online and it also said "Open" Might want to think about updating the information since it is not correct.

Eyad Alhamo

This GrubHub driver. I am gonna give you 1 star because I am not suppose to wait this long time.

Arun Kallumkal

Good customer service.

Mya S.

Shitty. Just shitty. Ordered the Chorri pollo and it tastes like chicken jerky with a sorry excuse of cheese sauce and a sample of chorizo on top. It's disheartening, and disgusting. Would NOT recommend.

Michael Sherrod

Great food friendly service and good prices.

Brian M.

just awful. 20 minutes just to pay the check. food service also took forever, even though i was the only food customer at the time. chips, tastado and enchilada were awful--bitter slop.

Chenae Erkerd

Went for a business lunch. Service was slow. We finally got our food and I was pleased when I left. I woke up a 2am the next morning with FOOD POISONING and had to stay home from work the next day. I called to tell them I had food poisoning. They took my phone number and never called me back! Never going back....

Jocelyn Gray

Cheap eats and drinks. Cute little spot on 9th Street. Not overly crowded on a Saturday night. Get the chicken fajita quesadilla. You won't be disappointed. 🍹

B R.

Went in for lunch around 1:00 pm on a Tuesday. Took about 20 minutes to get the drinks out and another 30 minutes to get the order. There was only one waiter for quite some time. A couple more showed up later. Many people left while we waited for our order. Food was way below average - not worth it at all, refried beans were not palatable. Save your time and money for another place.

Jenny Palmer

Yuck. I haven't had food this bad in ages. I didn't fear I'd get sick or anything, but it was just really bad flavors. The enchiladas were made with flour tortillas. I would compare it to school lunch versions of mexican food. (It also took a long long time)


Good Tasty delicious Mexican Restaurant. Durham N.C.

Alex Gamboa

Good food, at affordable prices!! Clean and good beers!!

Hattie Hargraves

This is one of the slowest restaurant! I am a dasher, and had to wait more than 20 minutes on the order!!

Chris Konecny

I knew as soon as I tasted the salsa this place would be awesome

Chris Konecny

I knew as soon as I tasted the salsa this place would be awesome

Stephanie Clayton Swain

This is been my favorite restaurant for years but I’m super excited to learn that I can order through Grubhub and get my favorite food delivered fast! These guys are the best! I love Dell Rancho

Frances Gonzalez Hicks

I had the BEST chicken taco salad ever today at Del Rancho

Forrest Liu

Great place- service, food, and quantity

Gary Dickens

great service great margaritas

Robert Brockman

Food was good. The restaurant smelled like a bathroom though.

Arturo Gutierrez

Best food and great services in Mexican restaurant

Kerrie Elizabeth

Best ever love miss Mary

Vershon B.

In my Shrimp and Rice order i found a cooked, dead fly that was black so at first i thought it was like a piece of onion since most of the onions were blackened. My shrimp did not look too appetizing either. Called in the complaint to ask for a refund. A male employee answered and I was assured that everything would be ok. I then received a call from another female employee who asked me the same questions and who gave me an excuse about why my refund did not go through. She then hung up on me while i was asking a question. Terrible customer service and no sense of accountability.

David Boddie

Great margaritas. Unfortunately they we're out of some deserts.

Prathmesh Patel

I’ve been to this restaurant with family many times, but this last time the chips were stale and the food was past its expiration. Terrible service also and after I said the food was spoiled, they didn’t even give me a fresher plate. Will not be going back.

Kyle Russell

Very good food cheap kids meals on the weekends friendly staff!

paris kouns

This was the worst dining experience of my life. I'm not one to write reviews but I have to for this one. First of all, they got my order wrong THREE times. The waitress looked 15 years old and she never once came to check on us. She was on her phone the whole time. The other guy working looked about the same age and charged me for three tacos instead of two because "he just couldn't figure out how to charge for two" I had to explain to him that's not cool to just charge more and not explain or apologize..?? I held it together through all this and when I got home with the "correct" food, it was wrong again. I called to complain and the guy hung up on me mid sentence. I will never eat here again. For sure.

David Courtney

Nice low price Mexican cuisine. Great spot to just drop in for a quick bite to eat.