Golden China

1515-110B, N Pointe Dr, Durham
(919) 220-3168

Recent Reviews

Brett Brett

It's a solid option for tasty takeout. I don't eat meat so can't vouch for that but the veggies and tofu were well made

Joel Wright

I rarely write negative reviews, but I feel like people need to save their money, and time, and have a meal that makes you happy. We tried it twice, both disappointing. Although my wife liked the egg roll, the entrees were not good. Very little taste, gelatinous sauce. To be fair, we have not tried any of the Szechuan entrees. Also, both times one of our three entrees was incorrect. I gave it two stars instead of one bc of the fast service.

Shelia Edwards

I ordered a quart of vegetable fried rice. It is enough for several servings. The food is delicious and tastes very fresh. It is full of broccoli, mushrooms, carrots and other veggies. It is very filling to me. They have so many choices to choose from. It is take out and not dine in currently. Parking is right across from the restaurant. You can call in and pick up or order and wait. They are closed on Sunday.

Erica Clay

This is one of THE best Chinese restaurants in Durham. Good portions, very well seasoned, foods always hot, excellent customer service and prices. I have been eating here for years and the quality of the food never changes and it's a very clean restaurant. They also have lunch specials.

Rip X

This was pretty good Chinese food. There are some people out here that have to have sushi 20 minutes later after the fish is cut up. The people that come here are not those type of people. You just want a decent meal and a decent price? There you go here it is.

Peyton McIntosh

I wasn't impressed with the quality. I got the Wonton Subgum, General Tso's, and steamed dumplings. Meat was overcooked and underseasoned.

Kathye Williams

This was my go-to place for Chinese food. The past few times I have purchased takeout the food has been lacking the delicious flavors that I love about Chinese food and the people rude. I overlooked the poor customer service but the last straw was the tasteless egg drop soup in my last order. My egg drop soup has at least the egg flavor. Com'on now!??

Steve Jones

Nice food. nice price. good quality. Friendly and safe covid mindfulness.

Tabatha Evans

This food was not good at all. I got the beef and broccoli and the beef was slimy and pink. It was obviously cooked too fast and was not done all the way. The meat was tough. I ate the broccoli out of it and threw it away. Rice ? was the only thing good.

Kay E.

Placed a togo order via phone thinking it was 1.5 hours before closing. They let me know on the phone they were actually closing in 15 after placing my order. I ordered "buffalo" chicken wings, fried scallops, and a shrimp & broccoli w/ rice plate. Oh, and egg rolls. Raced there and made it on time. Once I entered the restaurant to pay, they let me know at that point that there were no scallops. I felt like a bully stole my lollipop. Even a little pissed, I just said ok. Just to keep it short, the wings were sweet & sour (dry as H under the sauce), the egg rolls were mushy, the plate was bland. The scallops were missing. It's a no-go for me and my family.

Aaron Weinbaum

My co-workers suggested this restaurant as this one was my first experience. We ordered $60 of various items for take out. Upon arrival, the customer service was excellent. The previous Health Department Inspection score was a 96. While waiting for the order, looked like there is insufficient ventilation from the kitchen due to the discolored ceiling tiles in the seating area. The carpet in the restaurant needs TLC. It's a dive in a shopping center.I had ordered the beef and broccoli and it was a very large serving. Upon opening the box, the beef and broccoli did not pass the smell test...kind of smelled liked rancid oil. While the broccoli tasted okay, the beef was fatty and chewy. After a few bites, I tossed it in the trash to reduce the risk of my GI immediately purging what I just had eaten. My co-workers all liked their meals but mine was not good at all. I would not recommend this restaurant for lunch or dinner.

Paula Lavender

I used to like this place because it was really good, fast and very nearby. It seems that over time, the quality has gone down. Everything sort of tastes the same and bland even if you ask for spicy. Other than the Wonton soup which is really good, I've been disappointed. Last time my shrimp toast was burned and greasy and my main dish had very little other than over breaded chicken chunks and large hunks of green pepper. I hope they improve their food so I can go again.

Steve Zung

Best fried rice as a side in town! Great dishes, great quantity, great value!!!Our favorite Chinese restaurant for 10 years!!

Victoria Luchkevych

the chicken taste like a trash, everything is awful. Please don’t visit this place, you will definitely get sick after this food ??

Jea Kim

Out of all the Chinese restaurants I’ve tried in Durham, this place had the lowest priced lunch specials. I got the twice cooked pork with a side of egg drop soup, and the variety of veggies in the entree was surprising. I also liked how the sauce wasn’t too overwhelming, and the pork was pretty good for the price. Only complaint that I had for the restaurant was that they put everything in a small paper bag, and the sauce from the container leaked all over the bag. Other than that, I was quite satisfied with the meal.

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