703B 9th St, Durham
(984) 439-1790

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Lexi B.

Happy + Hale is a great, light lunch spot. If you've ever visited SweetGreen, it's very similar. I got the steak chimichurri bowl and it was so good! My mom got the Hale Caesar and loved it as well.  I'll definitely be back when I move to the Durham area in March!

Emily C.

So sad that my favorite restaurant is continually discontinuing my favorite add ons !! Hummus, lentils, butternut squash :(

Jacob Kowalick-Allen

The line was long, they could streamline it a bit more. I had a smoothie and avocado toast, I like. Estoy feliz! Yeah.

Angel T.

Still such an amazing place. The vegan/plant based options are a welcome addition. I am souled out for the Hale Caesar salad O-M-G. Idk how they make the dressing vegan but it's amazing. The chickpea crisps are airy and provide a great contrast in crunch. I won't pretend that coconut tastes like bacon but it was still delicious lol . The buffalo cauliflower was perfectly prepared and all the flavors just marry together for the most perfect salad. Oh except I did pick out a few of the tomatoes, idk, I love this salad lol. Cauliflower doesn't taste like chicken but if you enjoy plant based meals this is definitely a win.

Craig S.

This place was so good we ended up going back 3 more times in 2 days.  We got the pink smoothie, green smoothie and a few of the salads. Some places make their healthy food with added sugar and junk, but their food tasted super clean.  Very friendly staff too.

Trisha S.

Happy Hale is one of my go to restaurants in Durham. This restaurant combines healthy food with great taste. The salad I truly enjoy is the Hale Cesar. The buffalo cauliflower is very flavorful. Also my sister had the Beyond Bulgogi and the beyond meat was super tasty. Overall I do recommend this restaurant if you want to have a no guilt great meal.

Naomi M

Quality and portion size has really declined! Our salads were just slapped together, soggy, drenched in dressing and inadequate for a meal. The smoothie was thin very thin and lacking in flavor--might as well have just been drinking straight almond milk. Finally, my cc purchase came through as $10 higher than the purchase price I signed for in-store. I will NEVER go back. Sad. It used to be one of my fave places.

Victor Cohen

clean place nice people . There dressings are almost all spicey and felt like I was choosing from a tex mex place . chicken was dry and had just came out waited for 8min. Seems to me they cooked it and did a reheat . Not sure I would come back I cam make a way better dressing and would love to share what I no with the owners

Ross Twiddy

Healthy food, fast, clean, and delicious. We ordered online and it was ready when they said it would:) Whole family loved their meal.

Mindy L.

I enjoy all of the salads that I have tried. They have numerous toppings and you can modify the salad that you want. It is fresh, healthy, and I love that they use seasonal items as well.They do curbside pickup and you can call them up and they bring it to you or you can go inside and pick it up!

Ashley S.

First time visiting and I was craving something healthy and quick. I was really excited to find somewhere that had fast, dairy free options. I ordered the Beyond Bulgogi bowl since it was vegan and was thoroughly happy with the taste and amount of food.(Korean BBQ Beyond meatballs, ginger cucumbers, pickled carrots, cabbage slaw, avocado, yum yum sauce, scallions, sesame seeds, jasmine rice).That being said...I only gave 4 stars beacause it was kind of expensive (15 and change) for just the bowl and half a cupof yum yum sauce, no one greeted when I walked in, and also when I entered into the restaurant there is no clear definition of where the pick up is (I honestly may have missed it, I had been up since 3 am) but when you figure out where it is and walk up it is just a window with a steel shelf and food is just sitting there not bagged (not much of a biggie I guess) with just a ticket on it that you have to lean over the other to go plates to read your name. Not only that but there are no markings for distancing and some other customer came up behind me to grab his food.I worked in the restaurant industry for many years and sometimes when you don't have wait staff you see all of the other issues in a restaurant. There were only about 6 other customers in the store that day so they weren't crazy busy and not a single person in line. The food was really good and maube next time I go( I believe in second chances) back it will be a better experience since I am a little more familiarized with the way things work.

Alicia S.

Amazing healthy food and friendly staff. You can't go wrong with anything on the menu!

Shelly L.

This is my favorite place in Durham! Great staff, great food, at a great price. They even have gluten free vegan brownies that are to die for if you feel like splurging. Eat here every time I am in Durham.

Shaylee Smith

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Just tried Happy + Hale for the first time tonight and I am absolutely in love. I created my own bowl and it was delicious, flavorful, filling, and nutritious! I will be raving about this place for a long time ??

Giz F.

Tried this for the first time today. Absolutely delicious. Fresh, healthy, in-season ingredients. I had the Korean Beyond bowl which was superb. Friendly, efficient staff. Priced well. Generous serving size. I will definitely be back.

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