The Dog House

2009 Guess Rd, Durham
(919) 286-9200

Recent Reviews

Kevin McKenna

Loved this place since I was a kid.It's even better than I remember.Food: 5/5

Dub Karriker

This is where Durham goes when we need a quick, inexpensive, reliable hot dog. Nothing fancy but always tasty.

James Wilhelm

This was a great place to get hotdogs! The lady was by herself and I still got my order really fast and the people in front of me had a huge order. Very delicious!

Meda Connor

Love this place but it can be hit or miss, great courteous employees.

Lamar Brooks

Friday May 6. Went to Dog House on Guess Road ordered pint of BBQ got home and when I opened it there were pieces of brown paper in it not to mention bbq looked dry and looked like it had been in warmer all day.

Michael Riggins

I always stop in to get dog to take back home when traveling through Durham NC. The best dogs ever.

Jose Ramirez

I’ve always loved dog house hotdogs. But I’ve got to say, the new Apple turnovers are a real disappointment. I’ve always added a couple to my order since I’ve started going to doghouse, but I’m really considering not going back. Please bring back the old turnovers.

Rudy Leigh

Great hot dogs and great atmosphere ! Always love going here.

Christina Yim

Hot dogs, fries, and drinks were good. I gave 4 stars instead of 5 because it'd be nice if the fries had some salt on them. However, we'd come back again :)

Lee David

I have driven by this place many times cute place always wonder what was up so I decided to stop in today but before I went I gave them a call they told me that the burgers that they make are from fresh ground beef and a patted out themselves I said okay cool sounds like my kind of place so I went there they didn't lie they made smashburgers they were the truth the real deal none of that store bought box stuff great I definitely recommend them I'm going back for sure that's my new spot the real deal burgers just like my mom used to make me at home later

Tarji Bowen

I walked up to the window to place order an A blk female looked me in my face an made a smug look at me then turned her back on me. A white female employee took over an was much more pleasant. The blk employee purposely prepared my bulldog order without chili or She was to focused on her phone conversation to get my order correct. I make it a habit to check my orders before I leave a takeout joint. The bread was wet from the hot dog not being drained and over loaded with cole slaw. She definitely prepared it that way on purpose. Theres always that one black person that's extra messy for no darn reason. I didn't say 1 word out the way to that worker for her to have treated me that way. Just remember the energy you put out is what you get back in full circle.

D Nicole Williams

I enjoyed the opportunity to stop for a hot dog (or two). I was able to sit outside and enjoy the scenery and my meal. I was happy there were not many people. However, with the number of students in the area, I wish more students would take advantage of meals and deals like these.Customer service was great. The wait was short. The staff were attentive and friendly.

Maria Purcell

I have enjoyed dogs from The Dog House for over 28 years. They are just as delicious now as they were then. The fries amd the apple turnovera are a must as well. My personal fave is the Bull Dog (slaw, chili, onions, mustard).

Harold Schmitt

Their hot dogs are pretty good but I stop by anytime after a visit to the Durham V.A.for a qt.of stew.This stew is great!!!

Lawrence Brown

Stay away from the dog house on latter and roxboro rd go to the store on guess rd the people are nicer and the food is better

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