True Flavors Diner

5410 Highway 55 Suite AJ AK, Durham
(919) 316-7978

Recent Reviews

Andrea H.

Did enjoy this casual traditional breakfast spot. It was full when we showed up at noon on a Saturday, but only had to wait about 5 minutes for a table. I had the pancakes and she had the chicken and waffles. The pancakes were light and fluffy and I picked bacon as my side item that was included. She had the chicken and waffles and the presentation was this stacked tower of mini waffles with the fried chicken on the side. It looked great, but you had to knock over the tower to eat it and that caused a powdered sugar dust cloud that ended up on her shirt! Would have liked to see more gluten-free items on the menu but I guess they don't have the demand for it and/or it's not that kind of place.

Kris Mullenberg

O.M.G. how amazing the food. If you want to get you have to wait outside if there are no open tables so hope for good weather. Two person seating is a bit off for me because I wanted to sit next to my wife not opposite of her. But the atmosphere of this place is fantastic and our waitress so great. A for sure place to go or even make it part of you ritualistic rotation.

Dan O.

What a great diner! The staff here is one of the best servers I have encountered in Area. The food is top class- southern with a twist. I usually get the chicken and waffles - it's really a nice small diner. The tables fill up fast- and people wait., It's a hard spot to find - tucked away in a strip mall- but that kitchen bust out some really creative brunch items. We go once a month-

Jessica Harriman

Wow this place was great! The food was amazing and fast. Very cozy spot. Everyone was friendly with the exception of one. We got the French Toast was incredible chewy soft and crispy huge portion. We also got the chicken sandwich so big and juicy. We are so far from here but we will defintley be going there again. Thank you for the great food!

Amy L.

Friendly staff, but they do not have reservation and the wait can take up to 30-40 min. There is not much around it to see while you wait. However, the food is amazing, it is the most heart warming brunch food you can have and I haven't had a bad dish here yet! Parking is very easy and sometimes there's a farmer's market right in the parking lot on the weekend.

Andrew B.

I have to admit this wasn't the type of diner I was looking for and it was a bit more pricey than I was anticipating but WOW was it worth it. The menu was a bit exotic (duck hash for breakfast, for example) but the food and service were great. They brought out fresh biscuits with homemade ginger jam which was amazing, I ordered pancakes with bacon and eggs over medium. I'm always impressed when a diner can get over medium done correctly and they nailed it here. The bacon was nice good quality simple flavorful bacon. As i've seen mentioned in other reviews the service was attentive without being overbearing. Will definitely come back if I'm in the area

Vida O.

This was my second visit to True Flavors (first time was about 3 years ago) I was a little disappointed with my most recent experience. A friend and I stopped in for brunch on a Thursday so it wasn't busy at all. We were seated right away. Food was bland, a little cold and the portion of my omelette was small. The highlight of our meal were the biscuits. We ordered extra biscuits due to the size. (They are about the size of the salt shaker cap) The restaurant also had a weird odor. Our waitress wasn't knowledgeable about the menu and didn't care to find the answers to our questions. We intentionally chose to dine here on a Thursday to avoid the long wait and weekend crowd. I don't plan to go back.

Kebreeya Lewis

Today was my first time going. That was THE BEST food I've ever had in my entire life! I didn't know that place was there but heard a lot about it. Conveniently placed in RTP/Durham/Apex area. The atmosphere was amazing. The employees were amazing!! The food!!! Oh my!! Out of this world. I forgot the proper name of what I got but I ordered the veggie grits bowl!

Lyndie Litchfield

On Sunday, Feb 2, I brought my good friend to True Flavors for her birthday lunch. She was so excited to have the pancakes and I was excited to try a new dish as I had only been once before and LOVED my meal.

Karen T.

We stopped in to try something new. Wow, what a hidden gem! The food was all fresh, homemade. Nothing was coming from a bag. We sat at the counter and had a birds eye seat to watch the chefs. It was really fun, and the food was delicious. We had the dirty bird and it might be the best chicken sandwich I have ever eaten!

Lyndie F.

On Sunday, Feb 2, I brought my good friend to True Flavors for her birthday lunch. She was so excited to have the pancakes and I was excited to try a new dish as I had only been once before and LOVED my meal. We were greeted outside by the hostess who said it would be a 25 minute wait. No problem. We waited outside and after 20 minutes we asked how much longer the wait would be and the hostess mentioned 3 tables had paid and they were waiting for them to finish up so they could clean off the tables for us. No problem. As we continue to wait another 10 minutes, we watched new families arrive, ask for the wait and be told they could be sat now. We were confused. We asked the hostess why 3 people who just now walked up were being sat before us as we had been now waiting 40 minutes. The hostess said they could only sit parties of 2 at the special counter or 2 top tables. I asked to speak with the manager as I was dumbfounded by being passed over by families who had not had to wait. As I watch the hostess walk over to the manager, I see more families approaching the restaurant. I sat at the one open table available waiting for the manager to come over. When the manager did approach the table, she did not introduce herself or ask any questions, she immediately said if we do not get up from the table she will call the police and have us removed. I explain we have been waiting over 40 minutes and people who are just arriving are being sat. She had no desire to hear anything we had to say and when my friend asked, "just to be clear you are not a first come first serve restaurant?" she rudely snapped and said "Absolutely not" and continued to explain they have their own system for seating people. The hostess had more patience and tact than the manager on duty. At this point I got my phone out at took the managers photo so I could follow up with her supervisor. We left so upset and my friend vowed to never return. That afternoon I reached out to True Flavors via their website in hopes of speaking with the owner. I left an email as well explaining I would like to discuss my experience with their management. It has been 4 days and I have not been contacted. My issue is this... if you have a policy to sit parties of 2 or fewer at special tables, then why would the hostess inform us she had 3 tables being prepared and we would be seated soon, only to have us watch as she sat two more parties before us? Also, I'm sure the manager has dealt with this seating issues before and would have the patience to hear us out and at least apologize for the misinformation. We left so frustrated, hungry, and disappointed in our experience with the management at True Flavors.

Lauren O.

Friendly attentive service, busy busy. Told we can't have a table (two available) since we were only a party of two so we sat at the counter, it's actually uncomfortable and the stools are high up and there's no where to put your feet but oh well. The food was good, we enjoyed the complimentary biscuits. I got the duck hash bowl which was good, very little duck through. I think it had a sauce but it appears most of it was on the side of the cast iron bowl it came in and not on top of the food (pictured). My boyfriend got the ultimate biscuit platter which he enjoyed, the sausage gravy made it, he thinks. Despite the faults of this place we would be back and willing to try it again. It had a parking lot, which I'm always a fan of.

Crystal Harden

After a great experience at the Lakewood location, I took a friend from DC to visit to Greenwood location on Thursday January 23 at 1:55 pm. I checked the website before driving over and saw the closing time was 2:30 pm. As we arrived the signage on the door said 2:30 pm. Well, we got a locked door with a waitress saying that they closed early. I asked for a manager for further clarification and understanding. A manager appeared from another door to say that “we decided to close early because we had no customers for over 2 hours and this saves on labor costs”. She said that I should have called by phone even though I checked the website and signage on the door. This is an absolutely horrible business practice for any restaurant. My guest and I were appalled by the manager response and this practice. If you all have this as a standard practice then you should make sure to market and advertise as such.

Steven Graham

Amazing food. Rich, high quality food, great staff, treated us like were home. Absolute must do if you are within 50 miles of one of the locations.

Cinnamon Frame

If you are a fan of lots of butter and soul food, this is perfect. If you are looking for a lighter meal ask the server for suggestions. The shrimp and grits and the biscuits and gravy were both swimming in butter. Tasty, but a bit too heavy a meal for me.

Jameka Wells

So, this would have been my 5th time there yesterday and frankly, I'm done with giving them a chance. My desire to support a local Black owned business was crushed before we could even be seated. My friend and I planned to meet there, and as I'm walking in, I see she's parking so I tell the hostess table for 2. I discover that we need a 3 top table when my friend arrives and ask the hostess (who told me to wait at the counter that they sit cakes on to be seated) for a bigger table. After telling me to sit at the table she head nodded to, I ask if we can sit at the bigger table. The hostess says no, you're sitting over there and points at the 2 top table. With a smile but more force, I ask for a bigger table and the hostess says no then goes to tell someone else what's going on. This other woman who behaved as if she's in charge then comes over and reiterates that we only had 2 in our party and didn't seat people if the entire party was there and that there was no waiting inside so I needed to move from the cake counter where I was directed to sit. Oh, I forgot to mention that when I originally asked the hostess to be seated at one of the 2 empty bigger tables, she said they'd already paged people to be seated on the wait list for those tables, but in the approximately 5 -6 minutes that my friend and I were treated rudely about a table, no one showed up to be seated at the tables that were empty when I arrived. I've experienced in the past a hostess there who didn't seem happy to be employed and I've ordered a salad that was described as having cucumber on it only to discover it was pickled cucumbers (or bread and butter pickles cut up) on the salad, but I was willing to overlook those things because of the jams/marmalades, a particularly kind server whom I've had take care of me on many of the occasions I've been there and that it was Black owned. As a matter of fact, that's the only reason I've given 2 stars. It is highly unlikely that I will return to either location, I don't believe in giving my hard earned money to those who don't clearly want it. My friends and I ended up at a different restaurant for brunch and when we left, I'm pretty sure it was no skin off True Flavors' nose as people have different levels of tolerance for bad customer service.

Bryant Hamm

Green butter on everything over priced and oily quality. You definitely can't eat here everyday. There was a puddle of oil in my eggs gross.

Lena Spencer

The experience here was absolutely horrible!! Please save your money and go to IHOP because you can expect better kind of service for much cheaper. The manager is unprofessional and lacks the ability to accept constructive criticism, as well as the basics of customer service. She appears to be unstable in her emotions and possibly is the reason this ship is sinking. We were told this was once a great place to eat, those days must be long gone. The food was burned and over seasoned my daughter ordered the pancakes which were so doughy we wondered if they were cooked thoroughly. I ordered the chicken and waffles the mini eggo waffles I received were burnt and the chicken was fried in old oil. I know this because the crispy coating on the chicken kept falling on the plate and had an issue sticking to the meat. The "homemade" fries could have been good but when you split the potatoes in chunks and some in slices, the slices burn and the chunks are half done. The server was unconcerned with our needs and came to the table twice during our service. I wish I could leave no star at all, I wanted to like this restaurant but we were treated horribly, the food was terrible, and when we dared to address our concerns were met with nothing but disrespect and attitude. We WILL NEVER VISIT THIS ESTABLISHMENT AGAIN!!! PLEASE DON'T PATRONIZE HERE YOU ARE NOT VALUED AS CUSTOMERS!!!

Belle D

Came there with a party of five. They had issues with us being late after texting us. We were not that late!

Hana M.

Small diner with delicious food! It's a great breakfast/brunch place. There selection of food is tasty. I truly enjoy their Country Fried Steak, brunch burger, duck hash, biscuits, and their milkshakes! There's always a wait because the place is small and popular. However, it is totally worth it! Expect to have a full plate of deliciousness & enjoy!

M D.

Came there with a party of five. They had issues with us being late after texting us. We were not that late! When we were finally seated I wanted the duck hash with no peppers. Waitress who by the way was not very pleasant said we can do that. After a period time she came back and said I'm sorry the peppers are mixed in but it's not that many you should be fine. I said no, I don't want peppers. I asked to see the menu cause I had a backup choice because of the peppers. It seemed like a chore for her to bring me the menu. Then she LITERALLY dropped it and walked away. I had to flag her down to place my order. Still seemed annoyed. I ordered the moonshine french toast. AFTER I ordered it, she came back to tell me, no ice cream and only sausage links for meat. At this point I'm like whatever. Food came out pretty quick. I had 2 SAD pieces of French toast, what LITERALLY looked like 1 HOTDOG and rubbery scrambled eggs. I've been here 6+ times previous. This was the worst customer service experience from them! Almost every single server had a scowl on their face. I was excited for the company and for their recent expansion but now I fear they won't last... I do not recommend them currently.

Rob R.

I lived in Durham over 20 years ago, so I have my "go to" places that I must have when i return. During my last visit, my friends turned me on to True Flavors for brunch and it was amazingly good. I may have to add this to my "go to" list. There was a 60 minutes wait, which ended up being 40 minutes. Lots of brunch options. The food comes out quick and everything taste good. I will definitely be back.

Bill Bonney

Server could have been friendlier but was busy so no worries. Food was FANTASTIC and 2nd x there and still very happy with everything iv ordered. They do forget to bring things but again, very busy so................. but worth the wait trust me.

Brittney Howard

I use to love this place. Seems like the last time few times I went the food wasn’t that great for the wait. The waffles and pancakes are super thick like bread which in my opinion makes for a horrible waffle. The chicken really doesn’t have season on it. The shrimp and grits my cousin received was very watery. To the point he needed a spoon to finish it up. Last the waiter wasn’t that great. She did what she was supposed to do but no smile, no friendly greeting and about 10 mins after we finished we were asked to leave to give up another table for someone else. I get it, you have others waiting but who wants to go to brunch only to be rushed out! It’s apart of the experience. Probably won’t be back, and I usually go every few months.

Jocelyn Gray

I finally had a chance to make it over here and I am not disappointed. Food is great. I would definitely recommend the duck hash.

DJ Rogers

Every time I come here it is a superb experience. They had some tech issues (not their fault) last time and they were direct, polite, and still super prompt. Anyone who comes to Durham, I recommend true flavors first.

Rhonda S.

Was going to eat here this morning with my daughter (because she's never been) but noticed that they have a sanitation score of 90!!! Ewwwww!

Neelam C.

Wow- I had heard of this place being amazing, but it's more than amazing. I got the fried fish over cheesy grits and he got the chicken and waffles. Portions are quite large but super tasty. The only turnoff is the hostess was just plain rude, other than that everything was great!

Teresa Thompson

This is one of Durham's best keep secrets. The atmosphere and food is amazing. Worth sharing this secret!

Jarrod Gough

These guys understand food. So much depth of flavor! Sit at the bar overlooking the kitchen and you’ll be able to see that artistry come to life.

Omar A.

The hours claim they close at 2:30 but they actually close earlier then that and stop taking orders. The hours should be updated on this and other pages to reflect the real closing time. Update: They were extremely rude to a friend of mine because they thought he left this negative review when it was me who left the review. He called me and said they accused him of leaving a negative review. They were confrontational, Extremely rude, unprofessional, I recommend finding another place to eat. They should focus on improving instead of lashing out at customers as well as updating the current hours posted.

Odette S.

First time here. Service was good, they're not over bearing or trying too hard to win you over. I like that they give you space. Since it's fall they had the pumpkin-apricot jam, so delicious and original. The flavor profile with the saltiness of the butter biscuit was unbelievable. My boyfriend had the Nashville tacos, they were spicy, but it worked well together. Personally, I didn't care for the French fries on it, but delicious either way. Myself? I had the chicken and waffles. The flavor was there, with mini homemade waffles could barely finish it! 10 out of 10 will be back again for the duck once it's in-stock!

Olivia L.

Came here for breakfast and was not disappointed. The service was excellent, the food was delicious, and the place was quaint. I got the French toast and my boyfriend got the creole hash. His eggs were a little under cooked for his liking but once he mixes everything together he really enjoyed it. The component biscuits were yummy too.

Pamela Torain

The food was so delish, I forgot to photograph it. True Flavors Diner Grits taste better than mine... and THAT is a true compliment...because MY stoneground grits are banging (w/Cabot butter and Vermont Cheddar cheese). 😂

Sandra Benton

Love the atmosphere (Durham) and my service was excellent!!!

Pisei Nop

The female owner is extremely bitter, disrespectful, and unprofessional. She approached us with a demanding, rude, dismissive, and an aggressive tone all from seeing Dad move the table a couple feet towards him (to allow servers more space to walk by drink machine). I asked our waitress if she was related to the family, since I knew it was a family owned business (not knowing she was the owner yet); we were in complete disbelieve when our waitress told us the rude lady was the owner. Initially, we planned on staying, since we waited 45 minutes to get a table and our waitress was kind and brought our drinks already.

Kim H.

Please get a more pleasant and professional hostess! We checked in, was told an hour, checked back in 15 mins later just to see if wait time had changed and how many in front of us and she lectured me about how long ago I checked in and my remaking time, all while she was in her cell phone watching some video. Doesn't make us want to return or wait out our 45 mins!!

Jacki R.

Oh my gosh, everything was so flavor filled. I don't know what kind of magic fairy dust is on those biscuits but momma like. They are mini but definitely enough. The flavor was sooo good. We split the Veggie omelet and honestly it was perfect. It tasted so delish. I don't know that it meets strict vegan rules of life because it had cheddar cheese but I would eat that every day. Caramelized onions, mushrooms, spinach, peppers. They are not phoning it in when they make this,

Anastasia H.

Always delicious and the look of the inside is very nice on the eyes. Have only been a few times as the price is a little higher then I would like for breakfast, but the quality is there, so I dont mind dropping that amount of money every so often.

Brittany D.

Enjoyed a nice brunch here on a busy Saturday. The hostess was very kind and seated us quickly. Our waiter was very pleasant and overall attentive. Even made a little time for light humor. Spouse got the chicken and waffles, which I highly recommend. Flavorful and juicy fried chicken with mini waffles that were crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. My drawback, the serving size of the sides!! Almost 4 dollars for this half serving of Mac n cheese, a nice amount stuck to the little skillet it was served in. However, what I could taste was very delicious. Nice bite to the Mac, as opposed to soggy, over cooked noodles. Gooey and cheesy as Mac and cheese should be. Spiced apples were also good, but that top layer of oil took way from the flavor.