Andy's Homemade Ice Cream

804 Cedar Creek Rd, Fayetteville
(910) 483-4415

Recent Reviews

Aaron Derstine

Great ice cream! Stopped by on the way home from vacation and the kids loved it. Great value.

Spencer Duke

Best Ice Cream in Pittsburgh

Robert Elliott

From one of Fayetteville's greatest writers, GoFay is doing amazing work to highlight ALL that Fayetteville has to offer. Love, love, LOVE this!

David Gilliland

Simply the best ice cream you will ever have. Many flavors made from fresh natural ingredients.

Ben McKinney

Best waffle cones I've had

Marsha Dugan Kolbe

Really delicious ice cream!

Allen Nickerson

Where is the best place in Fayetteville to eat. I like good Italian food. ?

Dana Curry

What a great place to take you family! Very friendly and positive environment! Ice cream made on location and delicious. Will be returning in the future! Thank you!

Jim Swankler

Delicious, homemade ice cream. Enough said!

Donni-Anne Doyel

Best ice cream ever!! Andy gives a lot of care to quality. And we enjoyed his friendliness too! It's a must stop!

Jules Donahue

This is one of the most Outstanding Blog's I've ever read. Over and over every time one is posted. It's content has been tried and tested to secure accuracy. My Favorite Blog by Jenny Bell. Thank you for your integrity.

Tina D.

Andy is as nice as he can be. Honest and hard working always trying to please the people he is working for. I would tell you to stop by and taste the ice cream. He would say it is the real stuff!!

Rebecca Walker

I love this little shop and the ice cream was awesome. Just wish they hadn't run out of the chocolate chip cookie dough as that was what I was looking forward to trying after hearing about it so much! I hope to get there sometime this week and try again!

Mike Funfar

This is the best ice cream joint in the Burgh! The workers are great and I messaged them on fb and received a message back that day. They go above and beyond on any requests and put customers first. I cannot say enough good about them (and highly recommend their honey apple cinnamon granola ice cream!)!!!!!

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