Burger King

2820 Bragg Blvd, Fayetteville
(910) 437-0269

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Gerald King

The reason why I love Burger King, is because I can have it my, yes my way, and guess what so can you.

Joan Milligan

I was a frequent customer many years ago. Then management changed. Not all. Tried coming back. Not good now. Everytime I go there, my order is NOT the order I placed. Time is of the essence. Not sure what has happed at THIS Burger King, But I WILL NOT RETRUN!!

Darrell Strickland

April at that work there are very rude and not welcoming...it took forever to get someone to take my order... I would not recommend this place

Anastashia Mcnair

Don’t eat here by far the worst Burger King ever and manger attitude is horrible !

Kayla Koehler

ordered three chicken nuggets and 2 Rodeo Burgers had to pull up and wait about 10 minutes for our food we were missing a nugget and the Nuggets we did get were cold and Tiny and the rodeo burgers were dry and cold

billy wix

Great Food and Customer Services was quick i would recommend coming here this place is great. Dont let the review contradict you.

Shameka Walker

The attitude for the employee is horrible! I asked for a lemonade for my daughter. She said she doesn't have lemonade. My daughter saw that Burger King offered lemonade in a frozen drink. So, I asked if they had that. She got very nasty and she said, "I said that we don't have lemonade PERIOD!!!!" My entire family was offended and decided they didn't want to eat there and drove to another BK. Her bad attitude was so unnecessary. And, whomever owes that restaurant lost money and will probably continue to.

Emily Humphrey

By far the worst Burger King I have ever experienced why I went back, is the question! My visit before this one I paid for cheese did not get cheese called the manager she actually asked me to bring the sandwich back so she can put some cheese on it LOL. I did take the sandwich back and told her to run me my money. Went back today it was a sign that there wasn't a single car through drive-thru or in the parking lot that was the hint to keep going. But I did I ordered the buy one get one for a dollar I ordered the BK bacon single which came to a total of $7.98 so I guess that means that just this single sandwich was $6. Which should have been 50 cents because this sandwich was not only cold and old and it looks like it expired about 4 days ago. Now I know why they don't have any customers for the second time. They got me twice they won't get me again

Terry Markward

The new Garlic and Bacon burger is amazing.

Matthew Trexler

Great service and the people working there are so nice.

Meredith Wynn Richling

If your going through the drive thru, check your bag before you drive off. I have had someone else's food on more than 1 occasion

Jacob horvath

HORRIBLE food!!! TERRIBLE customer service. It’s very obvious no one there wants to work!!! Very rude as I ordered through the drive through. Ordered a fish sandwich and got the definition of a dried a** piece of cardboard. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE!

Mykel SIMS

Second time I was forced to the drive through. I understand being understaffed. But having attitudes isn’t the solution. Food was hot however, I have a question; are you recycling the tea bags? It was awful. You only get 1 chance to make an impression I gave you two and you failed both times. I’ll find another Burger King to disappoint me.

Vangeline Harris

Manager on duty could of been more friendly! But he was hustling to get the orders out! I can appreciate that!

Kendra J.

Overcooked food almost burnt and found hair all over my onion rings that I didn't even order. I honestly wouldn't risk buying anything from here.

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