Burger King

2820 Bragg Blvd, Fayetteville
(910) 437-0269

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Elaine Love

Straight Trash!!! The customer service is horrible and all the staff always have nasty attitude’s. They definitely need to get more advanced training and NEW staff fast!!!!???

Miss Amie

If I could give zero stars I would! For a place that’s never really “busy”, they are always “out of” something. The menu at drive thru needs to be updated to reflect what they no longer serve. The lighting is horrible! The workers have very nasty attitudes & always sound like they would rather be elsewhere than at work. I feel like if they don’t like the job they applied for & got hired to do, quit & go another direction! Just horrible!!

Megan Cheatham

Had to wait in line forever.. Apparently they don't know how to take orders and let people pay at the same time. When you pull up to place your order they ask you to wait. Because they are waiting for the people ahead of you to pay then they will take your order. I literally watched four people in front of me leave the line and go elsewhere. Terrible job for a business. They did get my order correct, so that's a plus.


Not very clean tables were dirty. Ladies bathroom door lock was not working and it only is for one person. Food was pretty good though.

LaTamra Frazier

Disgusting and old. Definitely a rip off

Ed Burkett

Whopper Jr.

Ed Burkett

The service sure is not.

Priscilla Volts

When my daughters was working there the service and the food was good. My order was always correct. But just went there may 15th 2020. The customer service was a disgrace she had attitude and had to repeat my order 2x. Then when I got home my order was wrong & my drink was water down no syrup was in it. Will not return till it fix.. will go try the one on skibo rd. Hopefully there is better service

Nikkita McDowell

This Bragg Blvd location has some of the most unprofessional workers I have ever seen. Please hire better management, better workers, or close it down!

Linda Salas

Ordered the croissant with with eggs, cheese and bacon. But their hashbrown was too hard and crunchy.

Bettina Virgil

I came to Burger King last night. I ordered 2 for 10. One burger all tge way one with no sauce, add light mayo and light onions with lettuce and tomatoes two cokes and a milk shake. I got my food and the fries were fresh and hot. When we attempted to eat the burgers the meat was so cold I refused to turn back around. I don't know what was going on but our burgers was not it!!! Please do better I know yall close at 12 but you still had about 45 minutes til close. I would say the lady at the window had great customer service and went above and beyond cause my daughter wanted ice cream after she cleaned the machine.

Marcella Landry


Karla Rose

I love the taste of the Whopper/burgers and never had a problem before, but I had to repeat my order twice at the drive-thru and then when I finally got home to eat my order was wrong. It was too late to call about it, but just check your order thoroughly, before you leave. The attitude was a whole other story, but it's Bragg Blvd so I guess I should have known. Will not go back until improvements are made.

Sandra Crow

Drive thru was okay. But the quality of all of this chain fast food place, has gone down hill. I really don't like to go there.

Gerald King

The reason why I love Burger King, is because I can have it my, yes my way, and guess what so can you.

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