Country Fish Fry

3307 Fort Bragg Rd, Fayetteville
(910) 868-4100

Recent Reviews

Stevie Frisby

Wait was really long

Julius Griffin

Firstly today 7 May, 2020, I had a craving for some fried fish. Went to this location, waited 45 minutes in line , only to get to the outdated speaker system. Placed order at window. Received food only to bet down by THE MOST BLAND, UNSEASONED, FLAVORLESS food ever. The fries didn't have salt!!!!! The whiting and fries was room temp at best. The cocktail sauce was just seasoned ketchup. To matters worse, I found a HAIR in my tartar sauce!!!!!!!! Last by not least, the cole slaw, just bleh!!! Please take a look at your menu and rethink life choices.

Lynn Milanese

The absolute very best, fast and not expensive. Thank you for continuing to serve during to Virus threat. You are the Best!

Molly Arnold

This is the best combo fish and shrimp in town. Large portion, white fish (instead of scary tilapia), good fries, delicious hush puppies, really good slaw. All cooked fresh. Family owned, local business. And the sweet tea is on point.

Vanetza Menjivar

Love is countryFish Fry is the best food you want to eat the guys there are very nice it's a wonderful place to come I recommend it to anyone Just hope that they keep there prices the same for ever I will not stop coming here is the best and amazing and awesome plac to come with your family always ❣️ thank you so much ❤️

Andrea Hamer

Food was hot and fresh! So delicious. I always have to eat here when I'm in town. A must have for me. Wish they had a Country Fish Fry in DC!

Ditarei Grey

It's okay. A very Southern traditional country fish fry sort of place that reeks and has a very minimal selection. Local favourites, I suppose but I can't honestly five star any establishment that serves fish and chips but doesn't carry cod as an option. (눈‸눈)

Tina Smith

The shrimp was amazing and I brought the hush puppies home and my sister couldn't stop eating them and this was where I had my first lunch date with my bae. Love me some J.

Mitchell Mcneill

The food was so fresh. The service was good and fast. Good people.

Mary Chatman

The food was very good, service was good and prompt, once we got passed the ordering box, it seemed to have been malfunctioning.

Jamie Watson

Cheap but still good. Like the shrimp plate and they have good hush puppies.

K. J.

I’m a huge seafood fan but this place was not great. The food appears to be all frozen breaded items considering the delivery truck that was delivering at time of arrival. Service is slow. Food not hot nor fresh considering how close we are to the ocean smh. Not a fan of this joint.

Bayla-Ariella Israel

I definitely liked the crispy fish, hushpuppies, and coleslaw. Very classic down home food. Decent amount of food for the price...Would go again most definitely, bring your hot sauce!

crizzy pop

Good food great prices. Delicious Sweet Tea!

Patrice S.

Good fried fish and other seafood quick when you want it. They have a drive thru option which makes it convenient when you want to just grab dinner on the way home. You don't have to call ahead and the wait isn't terribly long. The do have seating inside but it is more like for a quick lunch bite and has a fast food restaurant feel and decor. The platters are plenty of food to share or even split for a meal the next day and the price is REALLY cheap for the quantity. I paid $7 for a fish and shrimp platter with hush puppies and two side.

Barbette Morris

This was way better than the Hope mills one. Hot food, get your monies worth, customer service was awesome. My husband, whom don't eat fish, loved it.

Ethan Raynor

Good food. Great portion size. Great and friendly service.

Stephanie Grady

The food is awesome and it is a huge portion. Clean and great service!

Kenberger Berger

Really great food and the managers special for $ 3.99 will fill you up. Put ya in a food comma.

Naomi Bethune

Food is good drive through customer service was horrible! There’s a sign posted that’s says “say hello when ready”, we’ll after saying hello for over five minutes someone rudely says what’s your order! I pull up and I’m greeted by a female I’m guessing a manager/ owner whoever it was doesn’t need to work drive through very nasty attitude. Never again I’ll go elsewhere

Melissa Lewis-Hill

I wanted some seafood, well shrimps, fried. I prefer North Atlantic fish and chips. But; Country fish fry is good enough.

Frances Mcmillian

Best they cook your food when you order it be hot andnfresh

Quran Mack

100% Just OK. Staff was respectful but clearly felt as if no one wanted to be there. The FOOD was so basic it was suprising. I've never had fried fish that didn't have any flavor. Cocktail sauce didn't taste good. This spot needs a overhaul soon. I gave three stars because I'm a very generous when it comes to rating food. I also had several item and I will say cold slaw was decent and shrimp was solid. Not the worst place but will not return to this location unless there are changes and a new command in charge. P.S wasn't dirty on inside but definitely not atmosphere to stay and eat in.

Scott Marshall

Best seafood at reasonable prices. Cooked fresh and quickly when ordered. Been going for years. Will continue as long as they keep running that way.

Lori Stewart

My favorite place but they have really been slipping lately the last 2 times I have ate here I was missing items on my plate. This time I had only 2 and a half pieces of fish instead of 3 and only had 4 hush puppies and they usually give you 6. Love the food but come on stop leaving food off the plate that I paid for. Please....If it happens again I will be forced to go back to my other seafood spot I stopped going to, to come here.

Nicholas davis

The food is delicious ! You really can taste the food . Don't play around they about the business .

k berg

They have really good fish and hush puppys, the one in hope mills is better one of the two.

Ressie Harris-Delgado

They have good food, but it would be nice if they had more than one kind of fish.

Tony Smith

My wife loves this place. The food is pretty good.

Aurora Crowell

The fish and shrimp are very fresh and not greasy at all. I recommend “The Hook” and “The Sinker” dishes.

Antionette Belanger

I picked up two sinkers they were nicely prepared they had a fish and shrimp in them I had to wait for the orders to be done the place was very busy the cashier was polite and helpful when I went to pick up the food when my number was called the gentleman that was packing them and calling out the number was most polite and kind and I appreciated that greatly country fish fry is one of my favorite places to go because you get good value for the money and it's not real expensive

Vee L

The flounder was delicious. Cole slaw was bland. Took a long time to get our food. Crowded! Popular place it appeared

Mike Byrd

Love this place! Staff is great as well as the food. Has a welcoming vibe.

M F.

Decent fried fish, good prices. However, if you're like me when you take your fried fish platter to-go that you don't want cole slaw to wet up your fried fish, hush puppies or fries, so you always ask for it to be packed separately. Then they repeat the order back correctly - each time to "pack the cole slaw separately" but when you get in and open the container to find cole slaw packed in with your other items. That is my only issue. I don't like anything wet, except soup.

Vanessa Colvin

The seafood was excellent but the cole slaw was dry and no taste! But the restaurant was absolutely clean and pleasant. The staff was very nice!

Chalmers M.

Waited 50 minutes for my order. The food is not that good. One Staff Member spent a massive amount of time shaking hands from behind the counter with customers and lots of loud talking. I could help but be concerned about sanitation/ cleanliness of the hands he was shaking. Worst service in Fayetteville, I will not return.

r o s e t t a s t o k e s

The food was great. The place needs an upgrade, but the service and food was outstanding.

Shakera W.

Great seafood, great price, and cooked to order. A must stop in Fayetteville! The hook and the line are great! I always order one of those when I come to Country. Their hushpuppies are the best! Everything is always fresh and cooked to order. Food is always piping hot and delicious!

Charvawya Simien

Great food. All orders are cooked fresh, so please allow for a short wait

Shawn T.

The best place to eat in Fayetteville!! Great food, great price, and super clean!! There's sanitation grade is a 100% A!! They run like clock work efficiently!! The staff is super nice!!