2628 Raeford Rd, Fayetteville
(910) 920-1992

Recent Reviews

Victoria Amelia VonSina

They were through and efficient. Thank You, I know you all have implemented some changes. The last time I had visited this Dunkin Donuts, I was greeted with unprofessionalism but, since then you have changed things. Thank You.

Krissy Cruz West

Awesomeness..staff is great...baker Sandy is very pleasant & bakes superb...

Jackie Dixon

I like DD but their staff are rude. They are arrogant for one. They treat ppl as though their trash. It's really sad bc it causes them to loose buisness.

Casey Ferris

Love the price and drinks, but the service has really gone downhill

Jason Myers

Love the free donut on fridays, way better than Krispy kreme donuts. In the north the have dunkin donuts on every corner like gas stations. Make sure you have the ddperks app so you can get free stuff

Re'Quan Miller

I place my order.. ham egg and cheese croissant sandwich, well actually two of them and I asked him to be fresh! which she did not respond to that part of it but only told me what my total was. So when I pulled up to the window and I asked was it going to be fresh she made a nonchalant face and then straighten up and said of course as it always is and then when I got my food it was lukewarm the cheese wasn't even melted and eating it I was just dissatisfied! Wont go here again..

Sasha Gooding

Matcha Latte iced is good. Try it.

syd nicole

the service is decent, coffee is okay but they seriously need to repave the parking lot and drive through... i mean really....i can’t even get through it without worrying about my oil pan so i go to the one on skibo. not everyone drives a lifted truck..

Leila Charlemagne

My experience was amazing here. I order two sandwichs and a cold macchiato with hazelnut. They were very busy it was during the lunch and I knew and understood how hard this time csn be, so Iit so i waited patiently. The ladies there were very nice and thorough. Will visit this establishment again.

Dominick Russp

Please best egg sandwiches 24khrs there Donuts are the best

jason cole

Very convenient location, friendly customer service. Could use a sweep inside store when you walk in and outside in the parking lot other than that everything seems to be very very nice

Freddie Wells

Donuts are stale. Service is slow. My munchkin boxes all held various numbers of donuts except for the 10 it was supposed to be. This is my 3rd bad experience at this location. I will not return.

Abbz Mary

Amazing coffee!! Plus I payed $6 for a large and it was bigger than the size of McDonald's!

Dinah G.

The donuts were stale and the lemon doughnut tasted funny. The employees are not very friendly. I kind of felt like a nuisance because they didn't seem like they wanted to be bothered. Not the best customer service and not the best donuts

short100fuse 15

If I could give them a zero I would. For the last two weeks I come here, I sit in the drive thru line and window waiting for about 10mins to receive my coffee. The workers move so slow like snails I don't see how they haven't replace them with new workers. I will not come back to this location.

Mary Ellen Grayot

Delicious. Order was a little confused, but very edible.

Sunni McPherson

From the minute we arrived the front service was rude and it was obvious that staff did not know what they were doing in terms of making coffee! This is their job! My fiancé asked for black coffee with just sugar and a little caramel....he ended up with hot milk almost that tasted terrible! I ordered an iced Carmel macchiato (my usual...I know how it tastes!) and I was not right and NO caramel!!!

Nia L.

I just ordered a half dozen donuts plus 2 apple fritter through POSTMATE delivery Their donuts is ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. They are old and stale, I meant like seriously 3 days old stale and hard. This is unacceptable. I'm very disappointed. I can't even call the store, they seems disconnected their phone. So DISSAPOINTED!!! NEVER EVER BUY DONUT FROM THIS RAEFORD STORE AGAIN. I wish I can give them ZERO star. Ps: I called skibo dunkin donut, talked to the manager. He told me that they are from the same corporate but there is nothing they can do. They can't even tell the RAEFORD rd dunkin donut's manager to call me. THIS IS JUST UNBELIEVABLE. I ordered with postmate delivery, paid for fee and the shipping cost and now I have to drive there to complain because for some reason their store phone is disconnected.

Mansoor Badshah

Reasonable price good greetings. Keep it up

Jennifer Chandarlis

First time at this Dunkin'. I felt quality control was lacking a bit. The hot brewed coffee was very weak/watered down. And my wake up wrap was cold. I waited 14 minutes for my food so I was not prepared to wait another 14 minutes to get it fixed. Very disappointed with this location, but I really like Dunkin' Donuts otherwise.

rene cuatt

It's always a happy place here I really do enjoy my time when I have to go and get my coffee and donuts

April J White

Love the ice coffees..one of the best in town..

Polly Weese

My Hot coffee was Cold. Offered free coffee in future but didn't do me a lot of good as I was gone by the time I called. Second time service did not meet expectation.

Mataya H

The ladies who helped me were very nice and accommodating. Service was great!

Shon Fults

Great prices, awesome customer service and awesome coffee!!!

Allen Farence

Heath coolatta was awesome tasted great and service was fast and friendly thanks for a job well done keep up the good work

Rysa C.

One of the slowest Dunkin's in America. Be prepared to wait in the drive thru for at least 20 min..

Erik M.

Started off by being informed at the drive through that they are only taking CC not cash. O ok? Then placed my order. After 10 minutes in line someone came out of the side door and asked what was it I ordered. Placed order again..payed and received no receipt. Then waited for another 20 minutes and pick up window until I had to yell for assistance. They said they must have forgotten and asked again what I ordered. I asked or the manager and explained what has happened and asked for my refund. No apologies or concern from this lady but asked for my receipt. OMG you guys didn't give me a receipt! I had it pulled up on my phone from my bank with the charge. The manager disrespectfully gave me my money back. This store and especially management is a joke. Never again!

Dre Skitz

Great Coffee and Egg+Cheese Wraps

Trina Scott

Went here to get the kit Kat iced coffee, it only came as a coolotta wasn't sure how my tummy would react to I got the cookies and cream one instead, I wanted a large and they didn't have any large cups lefts, so they gave me 2 mediums for price of the large. I was still happy with that

Doreene Mcgill

I do not recommend this location when the Assistant Manager Chelsea is working. She is extremely rude! I always order the caramel iced coffee. A favorite. She asked if I'd like whipped cream and I replied, yes. When I get to the window my drink is ready but there's no caramel drizzle on top. Easy fix. Instead she starts fussing saying I didn't tell her I wanted the caramel drizzle on top of my whipped topping. Mind you this is the second time she's had a fit about adding the caramel drizzle because she left it off. When the other young men make my drink there I NEVER have to specify please add the drizzle on top. If it's left off they add it and keep it moving. I work out of Raleigh and I've never had to specify hey add that caramel drizzle as a finish guys! When you look at your menu, that whipped cream and caramel drizzle, chocolate drizzle are what attracts those drinks to the customers. So I drove off and took a sip. It was bitter like no body's business!! So I turned around and said let me just go back and get my money as I don't have to be treated in this way when I'm spending my money. When I go in I explained to the young man what happened and he was very apologetic over and over and offered to re-make my drink. He said if you still want a refund that's fine too. He said please let me make it Ma'am. He says here taste it. I said it's perfect! I said you know you and the other young man are always so nice and pleasant but that young lady when I came last time was rude to me. She came over and I asked her for her name she told me and that she was the Assistant manager for the past 8 yrs. I said you are quite rude, you really could work on that. She says well I apologize but you didn't say that you wanted caramel drizzle on top. I said I didn't know I had to specify that and if that's one of your pet pieves with that particular drink you're the professional at this establishment the same way you asked me specifically if I wanted the whipped topping you should have asked me if I wanted the caramel drizzle on top as well. After all, I did order a caramel swirl coffee. She said you should specify that you want it on top too!

Lauren Mollett

I've never had Dunkin Donuts coffee until today. I ordered a medium iced hazelnut latte, easy on the hazelnut syrup so it's not too sweet. The woman who took my order was very nice and polite. I sat down to wait for my coffee and the lobby seemed clean and well stocked. I waited 10 minutes and never heard them call out. I went up to the counter and my drink was sitting there. I took 1 sip and it was awful. I stirred the drink and tasted again, still disgusting. The latte itself tasted as if it was just the smallest amount of regular brewed coffee( as opposed to espresso, which is what normal iced lattes are made with) with a ton of milk and way too much syrup. I could barely taste any coffee at all. If you want a real iced latte and not sugary, coffee-flavored milk, you're better off going to Starbucks or a local coffee shop. My mother said her donuts were nice and fresh.

Billy Shaw

We love the iced caramel crazed latte. The reason for 4 stars is...how is a donut place always out of donuts, out of caramel, and sometimes you get cinnamon, sometimes you don't. The staff are friendly, and the place is clean. Just seems to stay out of everything a good bit of the time.

Jenna F

This has to be the WORST Dunkin NATIONWIDE. Seriously the most incapable employees ever. Morning drive thru is a joke as is the inside line. Takes FOREVER\n Never visiting again

Maedean Honeycutt

Enjoyed the power breakfast sandwich. Great to have a healthy choice, sales associated were very helpful and friendly

Phyllis Kemp

I will probably become a regular. Makes me feel like I am back in Tucson.

matthew jewell

I stop in for coffee in the morning. They are generally pretty quick. Always friendly staff.

Sharon Collins

Went to get some delicious donuts and they were. Always have great service.

Ranette Goodwyn

I waited in the drive thru line for 25 minutes just to get a COLD sandwich that didn't even melt the cheese. Then the girl who brought it out didn't even apologize for the wait, but made sure to loudly yell out "you're welcome!" like I was supposed to thank her after waiting that long for cold food. Don't go here.

Jessica White

Can not hear through the intercom. Had to pull to the window to be greeted with an attitude. Also the donuts were stone cold.