2628 Raeford Rd, Fayetteville
(910) 920-1992

Recent Reviews

Polly Weese

My Hot coffee was Cold. Offered free coffee in future but didn't do me a lot of good as I was gone by the time I called. Second time service did not meet expectation.

Mataya H

The ladies who helped me were very nice and accommodating. Service was great!

Shon Fults

Great prices, awesome customer service and awesome coffee!!!

Allen Farence

Heath coolatta was awesome tasted great and service was fast and friendly thanks for a job well done keep up the good work

Rysa C.

One of the slowest Dunkin's in America. Be prepared to wait in the drive thru for at least 20 min..

Erik M.

Started off by being informed at the drive through that they are only taking CC not cash. O ok? Then placed my order. After 10 minutes in line someone came out of the side door and asked what was it I ordered. Placed order again..payed and received no receipt. Then waited for another 20 minutes and pick up window until I had to yell for assistance. They said they must have forgotten and asked again what I ordered. I asked or the manager and explained what has happened and asked for my refund. No apologies or concern from this lady but asked for my receipt. OMG you guys didn't give me a receipt! I had it pulled up on my phone from my bank with the charge. The manager disrespectfully gave me my money back. This store and especially management is a joke. Never again!

Trina Scott

Went here to get the kit Kat iced coffee, it only came as a coolotta wasn't sure how my tummy would react to I got the cookies and cream one instead, I wanted a large and they didn't have any large cups lefts, so they gave me 2 mediums for price of the large. I was still happy with that

Doreene Mcgill

I do not recommend this location when the Assistant Manager Chelsea is working. She is extremely rude! I always order the caramel iced coffee. A favorite. She asked if I'd like whipped cream and I replied, yes. When I get to the window my drink is ready but there's no caramel drizzle on top. Easy fix. Instead she starts fussing saying I didn't tell her I wanted the caramel drizzle on top of my whipped topping. Mind you this is the second time she's had a fit about adding the caramel drizzle because she left it off. When the other young men make my drink there I NEVER have to specify please add the drizzle on top. If it's left off they add it and keep it moving. I work out of Raleigh and I've never had to specify hey add that caramel drizzle as a finish guys! When you look at your menu, that whipped cream and caramel drizzle, chocolate drizzle are what attracts those drinks to the customers. So I drove off and took a sip. It was bitter like no body's business!! So I turned around and said let me just go back and get my money as I don't have to be treated in this way when I'm spending my money. When I go in I explained to the young man what happened and he was very apologetic over and over and offered to re-make my drink. He said if you still want a refund that's fine too. He said please let me make it Ma'am. He says here taste it. I said it's perfect! I said you know you and the other young man are always so nice and pleasant but that young lady when I came last time was rude to me. She came over and I asked her for her name she told me and that she was the Assistant manager for the past 8 yrs. I said you are quite rude, you really could work on that. She says well I apologize but you didn't say that you wanted caramel drizzle on top. I said I didn't know I had to specify that and if that's one of your pet pieves with that particular drink you're the professional at this establishment the same way you asked me specifically if I wanted the whipped topping you should have asked me if I wanted the caramel drizzle on top as well. After all, I did order a caramel swirl coffee. She said you should specify that you want it on top too!

Lauren Mollett

I've never had Dunkin Donuts coffee until today. I ordered a medium iced hazelnut latte, easy on the hazelnut syrup so it's not too sweet. The woman who took my order was very nice and polite. I sat down to wait for my coffee and the lobby seemed clean and well stocked. I waited 10 minutes and never heard them call out. I went up to the counter and my drink was sitting there. I took 1 sip and it was awful. I stirred the drink and tasted again, still disgusting. The latte itself tasted as if it was just the smallest amount of regular brewed coffee( as opposed to espresso, which is what normal iced lattes are made with) with a ton of milk and way too much syrup. I could barely taste any coffee at all. If you want a real iced latte and not sugary, coffee-flavored milk, you're better off going to Starbucks or a local coffee shop. My mother said her donuts were nice and fresh.

Billy Shaw

We love the iced caramel crazed latte. The reason for 4 stars is...how is a donut place always out of donuts, out of caramel, and sometimes you get cinnamon, sometimes you don't. The staff are friendly, and the place is clean. Just seems to stay out of everything a good bit of the time.

Jenna F

This has to be the WORST Dunkin NATIONWIDE. Seriously the most incapable employees ever. Morning drive thru is a joke as is the inside line. Takes FOREVER\n Never visiting again

Maedean Honeycutt

Enjoyed the power breakfast sandwich. Great to have a healthy choice, sales associated were very helpful and friendly

Phyllis Kemp

I will probably become a regular. Makes me feel like I am back in Tucson.

matthew jewell

I stop in for coffee in the morning. They are generally pretty quick. Always friendly staff.

Sharon Collins

Went to get some delicious donuts and they were. Always have great service.

Jessica White

Can not hear through the intercom. Had to pull to the window to be greeted with an attitude. Also the donuts were stone cold.

Brian Tyler

Friendly, efficient service is hit or miss. Usually faster to use drive-through than inside counter service.


I was a frequent visitor, morning and evening. A quick cup of coffee and a donut for me and the wife several times per week. We were able to enjoy their good coffee and decent donuts while getting a senior discount. On our latest visit we asked for the senior discount. The young man first said “we don’t give senior discounts.” I told him that my wife and I have coffee here several times or week and always have been given a discount. He wanted to argue and tell me I was wrong and that they never give senior citizens discounts. Rather than argue I asked for the manager. He came over and asked what the other fellow said. I repeated what he stated. The manager then apologized and said the young man was new but that senior discounts are for 65 or older. We then told him we were 63 and always received a discount. He said their policy is 65 and always has been. I emphatically stayed I go all over Eastern NC and ask for the same thing and have never been denied the discount. He said I must be mistaken (now essentially calling me a liar). Rather than argue about a $.60 discount we simply told him to refund our money and we would not return. I estimate we spent as much as $50 a week at this location. Sadly I have refused to return on principle and now take my business to other locations. The disrespect we were shown by this employee and manager is unforgivable. It is unfortunate and if this owner is supportive of their actions it is reprehensible. If management believes they gained anything by losing a faithful customer over $.60....then they need to reassess their business savvy. So unfortunate but it is about principles.

Misty Sadler

they have the best chicken bacon croissants

Sam Lavery

Well this is the absolute worst Dunkin’ Donuts I have ever been to. The donuts tasted dry and kinda chemically. I got a box of powder donut holes and it was not busy at all and the woman behind the counter had a bit of an attitude.


Their food is not consistent. One day its great, the next its mediocre (and occasionally luke-warm to cold). The service is lacking and you're almost always told to "pull forward and we'll bring it out..." no matter what time of day or what you order. The location is super convenient for us, and their dinner is usually better than breakfast surprisingly.

Dalia Rose

Well, personally I don't like their coffee. It's not bad, I just don't get that rich brewed, fresh coffee taste. The coffee is the draw for me at these places. The rest of the menu offerings are the usual. Parking and leaving is not good at the Raeford road location.

Nashay Donnell

The food is delicious and you should get the sausage and cheese wrap with glazed munchkins

Rebecca Bennett

Dunkin doughnuts is so good and I always enjoy the staff here


50/50 chance of the iced coffee not being watered down. I used to work for dunkin and i know whats going on. DON'T serve the coffee when it is finished brewing! You ruin the whole batch. Rest of the food is typical reheated subpar dunkin.


I really want to give this five stars but I can’t. I grew up in the north where Dunkin’ Donuts is a staple and Krispy Kreme is a newcomer. I can remember eating the fresh, soft, tasty donuts when I was younger and could afford those calories.When Dunkin’ Donuts open in Fayetteville I was ecstatic! My dreams were shattered after the first time I ate here. The donuts taste the difference, not as fresh. I understand that they are no longer made on site but that they are warmed up or thawed on site. The staff is always pleasant. If you are from the Northeast then you will be disappointed.

Trena Daignault

Seriously, no one should send food out looking like this. I rarely eat this type of food but when I do it's because I'm in a hurry and hungry. This however went in the garbage. Fortunately they gave me someone else's order of cinnamon donut holes so the 3 star is for that and the coffee.

Emily Kim

The employees are so nice at this location and it’s a lot nicer than the others in town. We drive miles past another Dunkin to go to this location.

Catherine Hnat

Good enough u get their on time. Most of day limited donuts

Jessica D.

My husband and I are highly dedicated Dunkin' Donuts customers. This morning though honestly has been the worst service we have ever experienced. We waited in the drive thru for almost 10 minutes then when we received all our food was cold. My husbands bagel stone cold as well as hashbrowns. And my wake up wrap had only one sliver of bacon burnt cheese and hard tortilla. My husband went inside to ask for a new one and the "sandwich" maker said they only use one piece and he was highly rude to my husband. Every other Dunkin we go to adds more than one piece of bacon he told the employee and he was just rude. never going back to this Dunkin. Terrible service and food.

Mina F.

Suffering right now. Ordered my drink with almond milk and I am pretty certain they gave me regular milk. So glad I was off from work today.

Alise W

You are an excellent manager in your customer service is superb along with the rest of your team thank you for always making my visit pleasant

Julianne F.

I never write reviews but coming from Massachusetts and moving down south my boyfriend and I stopped by Dunkin as we love Dunkin and were VERY surprised at how good everything was! The bacon wake up wraps were fresh af! Tortilla wraps were fluffy, bacon did not taste frozen I think it was legit! They managed to do well on the French vanilla regulars even though they use syrup! Mass they brew the vanilla coffee! The lady we had was very friendly as well! Anyway had to write a review because the food was fresh and good and service was friendly and efficient!

Joshua A.

I'm really not sure what happened here. Used to come everyday. Sometimes twice a day. For the past weeks their espresso machine was down, today the drive through was out of order. Placed my on the go order, waited in the store for 15 min while everyone behind was getting their coffee first. Will be my last visit here.

Laurie Powers

For the most part my coffee is always good and customer service is great.Today coffee was made wrong twice and ladies working seemed to not care.

Mary M

Outage in fayetteville lights finally on and these woman were acting rude as heck, one girl was behind the register acting like she didnt even want to help me and my girls, okay if you knew your so called server wasnt up you shouldve kept your doors locked til it was right, they had unacceptable behavior and if that other lady was there mumbling under her breath if she was the manager lord please hire a new one cause she was very very ignorant wouldnt talk to us directly talked around us, the man was the only one right he popped a register im and said hell your customers yet the woman just stood around and kept talking there mess, once again poor service and poor attitudes they definitely dont need to be working with the public

Valerie Ingram

I love their coffee and donuts. It is my all time favorite

Antonio Valcarcel

I can't complain. Basically the same level service you get at any other Dunkin Donuts. The only thing is that they either they don't have a guest wifi or it wasn't working properly when I went there for my first visit.

Alyce Singletary

Typical dunkin donuts but parking is very limited. Most traffic is through drive through so it is faster just to go in and get what you want.

Kathryn H.

New people NEW REVIEW!!! Angela and jessica set the bar and its high they are always serving the most perfect coffee and its quick and its always with a smile !!!!!! THERE FOR BECAUSE OF THESE 2 MAKING THIS THE BEST DUNKIN DONUTS IN FAYETTEVILLE