Mi Casita Bragg Blvd.

2637 Bragg Blvd, Fayetteville
(910) 677-0001

Recent Reviews

Catriina Snyder

Poor customer service! Waited over 30 min for a simple order with no apology or regard for my time. All I got told is Im the owner’s son and don’t have to. I can’t control if orders don’t go out in order. No ownership. Embarrassing. Left my order and money they needed for training.

Lisa Riley

I picked this restaurant based on the Google reviews. I am a Production Manager for the film industry and frequently need to get crews fed on a timely basis. Twice today, I called ahead to be sure this restaurant could accommodate my small crew of 9 filmmakers at 6:00 pm tonight. I was assured that it would be no problem when I called with all 9 orders to be ready when the crew arrived. So, I called at 5:15 pm and placed the orders by name for the crew, with one crew member present to witness as I was not there, and once again was assured that the plates would be ready. At 6:23 pm a crew member called me to ask why their food was not ready. MORE THAN AN HOUR after I had placed the order, there was NO FOOD. What Mexican restaurant has ever taken more than 15 minutes get any food out? When I asked the manager what the problem was he told me the owner was in Mexico and the cooks couldn't handle that many plates and hung up on me. NOT MY IDEA OF GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE. The crew walked out and did not eat there. NEVER AGAIN.

Dan Davis

Great little place! Loved the quecidillas and the steak Ranchero. Glad I got Ranchero sauce on the side. It was good but quite spicy. Big, potent margaritas too! Everything was the best!

Anna Porter

Food is excellent- great portions - friendly knowledgeable staff

John Fields

Delicious, hot food served quickly by friendly, attentive staff. Has been my favorite for years.

Tim H.

This is the most bland imitation of Mexican food that I have had. I unfortunately have been here way too many times because my wife and daughter want to go here. However I have never had anything flavorful or authentic in all my visits and I get something different each time because it's so terrible each time I try something different the next time. Save your money and make your own at home.

Steven King

Salsa just ok, food order was hot and brought quickly. Staff very friendly

Lauri Mucciolo

Excellent service and staff. I rate this place based on flavor and cleanliness.Flavor was seriously lacking in every thing we tasted. Even the salsa and guacamole lacked flavor.Attention to detail in any place serving the public is critical. Typically the restrooms are a good indicator. Broken locks on bathroom stalls, cautionary signage with missing letters and similar lack of maintenance. So what's happening in the kitchen?

Mickey George

Eat here pretty often , friendly staff. Always open and fast service for take out

Mike Hardman

It's not Tex-Mex, it's truly Mexican Cuisine. The single most authentic Mexican restaurant I have seen in the US, and it was phenomenal.

Jenette Arreola

My frozen strawberry margarita was good, managed to get me tipsy instantly (I’m not a drinker), but it lacked a distinct fruity flavor. The carne azada I ordered was properly cooked. I enjoyed it very much, along with the rice, beans and salad (not pictured because I was under the influence- forgot to do so). My love ordered the chori pollo fajitas, and he claimed they were good as well. We both enjoyed our evening together at Mi Casita. ?

Briana B

Food was perfect. Hot & came out fast. Friendly service.

Tresa Clanton

Great food and great service! Best Mi Casitas around!

Jasmine Plez

I like this restaurant and they're food is good and delicious

Kyle F.

Service was amazing. Food came out fast and tasted great. The carnitas and horchata were on-point. Prices were reasonable. Try this place if you haven't.

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