3004 Bragg Blvd, Fayetteville
(910) 758-9898

Recent Reviews

Daniel Cox

Best place to go have a good time. Food is great!

Ellen Rodriguez

Very relaxing great company and good food.

Fern G

Good friendly atmosphere staff work great, food was good, pool tables to get your game on ð??ð??ð??

Kristen Sanner

Hands down one of the best bars in Fayetteville. The owner Bear is really nice and always makes sure we get good service. Also, their food is FANTASTIC

Deannah Robinson

Not only is it a great atmosphere, but the drinks are affordable, they serve food, and they have soft tip darts! Great place for fun times!

Channel McMillan

I waited an hour an half for a small burger cheese.My sandwich was cold. Instead of hamburger buns it was

aaron geer

My favorite bar in town, the staff is very friendly, the food is great and drinks are fairly priced. If you're looking for an easy going place to kick back with friends and have a good laugh, you've found it.

Vicki Raum

The owner and staff are super friendly! Great service! Great atmosphere!

James Pecore

The Taco's are awesome and the buffalo chicken fries are to die for.

Richard Brown

exceptional bar with great customer service!

Jorge Perez

Staff was nice the patrons are friendly l. Will definitely visit again. Food was pretty good too.

Thomas Giddings

Great bar, friendly atmosphere, and a fun place to hang out. The pool tables and dart boards are like new. Unlike most bars, the food is gourmet quality at low prices.

Michael G Calderón Pizarro

The food was amazing and I had a lot of fun playing with the darts machine. Definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a good time

Jeff K

Great place to relax and enjoy good company.

Warbird Phoenix

A laid back and surprisingly clean cozy bar and grill. Also with decent collection of beer and spirits with just as decent bar grub.

Nikki Phillips

The food was ok. Four of us were at the table and we got our food at drastically different times, but we didn't have anything else going on so we didn't say anything. The bartender never asked us if we wanted refills or additional alcohol which I thought was weird because that would have been easy money. The people who got breakfast food were very happy. All in all, we would go back for the laid back atmosphere but not the service

Renee G.

I love the food, the portions are large and I don't leave hungry. They have all of my favorite beers and a lot I have never heard of to try. The people are friendly and there is what seems like an awesome event every weekend.

Nick Craddock

Can not give this place enough stars!Awesome places to grab a bite to eat or a drink. Just remember, they don't cook fast food, they cook Great Food. My wife and I have been going there often for a while now and it gets better and better all the time. The themed event nights and day time family fun activities when they have them are AWESOME. If you're a Marksmen fan, this is your away watch party headquarters and home game ticket stop. The entire staff is friendly and family to us, everyone has a great time wither you're shooting pool, eating , or have a drink after hours. Definitely follow them on Facebook and Twitter they are always having something going on, and the live feeds are fun to follow.

April Brandhorst

Nice place! I liked it. Will be back, plus great food. (Not fast food).

Jennifer Bompus

I love this establishment family friendly environment and the food is awesome

September GirlAbby

Very well rounded crowd. Cozy bar. Felt comfortable. Went on a Wednesday night. Listening to karaoke was great!. The owner is a gem! Staff were all very nice. Wings were fresh n hot n good! I like the convenience times that this place told me they open in the am! Reminds me of Germany! I would def. suggest anyone check it out for themselves!

Roxanne Kane

Awesome bar. Great staff. The best in town

Luke K.

For the greatest burgers and the home style feeling you are searching for come here! This pub has it all! Pool, darts, great food, and even better hospitality! I'll always recommend it as a welcoming place for all to enjoy! Family friendly and to be completely honest you will feel like a part of the family immediately upon entering. It's truly the best bar/pub in North Carolina. Don't waste your time searching cause the decision is easy! On After is the place to go for any occasion. Dude the brisket sandwich is so great I made a baby in my pants twice as I decided one wasn't enough! Jesus help my belt line!

Joe Moore

awesome place and bear is great. food is awesome. Staff is very friendly and attentive.

Shuga Shane

Great service, food and employees. Very fun and welcoming environment. 5 out of 5 stars. If youâ??re looking for a cheap drink and some delicious food, no need to look any further.

Todd Tucker

Great wait staff. Friendly folks. They would have got four stars but the fry cook Seriously dropped the ball on our simple order with hardly any food clientele in the pub. It took 45 minutes for my chicken sandwich, then the burger showed up 15 minutes later, with no fries. Fries arrived 10 minutes after the burger. They need to school the cook or get a new one.

Jessica Purvis

Absolutely love this place. Bear is an amazing bar owner, friendly and kind. Love the amount of events that happen here. Great environment, great people, great food... Just an overall fun place .

Christina W.

I finally got around to visiting this joint. Came on a Sunday night. Happening place. Cheap, strong drinks, pretty good bar grub, karaoke and billiards. The bartender was personable and adorable. She took great care of me. Eclectic crowd, you get a little bit of everyone in here which is great. Kitchen seemed swamped so took awhile for my food to come out. You might get seating at the bar but people will crowd about ordering food and drinks during busy times. It thinned out greatly around 11:30 or so. The people I talked to seemed pretty friendly. This joint wasn't too intense or intimidating. I know I will definitely be back.

Ted M.

The bartender was very nice but a little slow. My main reason for reviewing this place is because of the food service and prices of food. I had a simple cheese burger on a Monday night. I ordered the food barely after 6 pm. I got the hamburger after 7:30. They have a sign that reads "KEEP CALM WE DON'T HAVE FAST FOOD WE HAVE GOOD FOOD." That's seems to be a dead giveaway.

Tony Long

I heard some good stuff about this place when I was at another bar in town. It used to serve food when it was a different place. So I stopped in one night. The people were super nice. Then I ordered some food; fantastic. I ordered one of their premium burgers and fries. The food was hot, plentiful, and quick. Then I find out that I know the owner Bear when he was in the Army. Great place, great food. Iâ??m damn sure coming back! Put it on your listð???

Colleen Bishop

Just stopped to grab a late night dinner. Love how the cook makes it to order done with my diet in mind!!! Taco Tuesdays are AMAZING.

Brandon Wooldridge

On After is a great little bar with good food and down to earth people. I like stopping by in the early afternoon. Not a lot of people in there and is a good place to relax for a bit.

Phaedra Backer

Food is excellent, especially Taco Tuesdays. Cool refreshments and you can hear your music when played. You know what I mean. Welcoming atmosphere.

Nas Wingster

The Best bar and grub in town! The owner and staff are welcoming and as accommodating as it gets. Youâ??ll love the atmosphere and the friendly faces you meet every time you walk through the door. Thereâ??s always a drink special and the food is simply amazing!

Johnathan H.

Had drinks with my buddys and we were greeted fast by our bartender. Karioke night was fun and we will come back!

Marcus Ellison

The bartenders for some odd reason display horrible social etiquette, the DJ jazz is great, the crowd though small mainly hang around the bar and are boisterous. Definitely not the glory days of the previous establishment COACHES. It's highpoint is the renovation, definitely more spacious, but the crowds seem split between the three pubs all whistling distance away. . Check it out and see how you like it, might float your boat..I still will give it a 5 *, all on the remodeling job..

Abel T.

This is my favorite local bar. Being military, and having been stationed here for a bit, people ask me all the time where a good place to drink is. The great thing about On After is that not only is this a great place to drink but they have AMAZING food! The Bear Sandwich and the provolone stuffed bacon pineapple burger are must haves!!!! I will never stop recommending this place! Another great things about here is the management and staff. Friendly and here for whatever you need!! Definitely worth your time!!!

Joe H.

I was greeted by the owner as i walked in and treated like a superstar from the staff. Lotsof people ordering food talking about how great it is.... i only drank beer which was cold snd inexpensive. Had my first shot of soju with two other patron i didnt know. Great bar and people... will come again when in town! Plus they are airing the Canelo fight with no [email protected]

Jennifer G.

Great place, great selection of entertainment, as well as beers and specials. Absolutely will go again, can't believe how friendly the staff was that's almost unheard of at bars in this town!