Prik Thai Cuisine

2429 Robeson St, Fayetteville
(910) 491-0256
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Spring Rolls$1.95
Thai Fresh Rolls$5.95
2 pieces.
Chicken Wings$8.95
10 pieces.
Beef Jerky$7.95
Pork Jerky$7.95
Cheese Wontons$7.95
12 pieces.
Chicken Wontons$7.95
12 pieces.
Gold Fingers$6.95
5 pieces.
Spicy Meatballs$5.95
Shrimp in a Blanket$7.95
6 pieces.
Pla Tod$7.95
Fried fish fillets. 10 pieces.


Tom Yum Soup$9.95
Lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, mushrooms in hot and sour broth.
Tom Kha Soup$9.95
Hot and sour coconut milk soup with galanga root, kaffir lime leaves, lemongras, mushrooms.
Gang Jued Woon Sen$9.95
Vermicelli noodles, green onions, mushrooms, celery, napa cabbage, cilantro in mild soup. Ground chicken.
Wonton Soup with Roasted Pork$9.95
Green onions and cilantro.


Thai Beef Salad - Yum Neur$9.95
Sliced grilled beef, cucumber, onions, lettuce, hot peppers, garlic, lime juice.
Thai Seafood Salad - Yum Talay$10.95
Shrimp and squid cooked with garlic, hot peppers, lime juice.
Larb Salad$9.95
Minced pork, beef, fish, or chicken with ground rice powder, onions, lime juice, cilantro.
Goi Salad$10.95
Sliced grilled beef, onions, hot, peppers, ground rice powder.
Papaya Salad - Som Tum$9.95
Shredded green papaya, carrots, tomatoes topped with crushed peanuts. Served with cabbage.
Plah Salad$10.95
Chili paste, green onions, red onions, kaffir lime, lime juice.
Yum Woon Sen Salad$9.95
Red onion, cilantro, tomatoes, carrot, hot peppers, garlic, lime juice.


Sesame Chicken$9.95
Sweet & Sour Chicken$9.95
Broccoli Stir Fry$9.95
Beef or chicken.
Pepper Steak$9.95
General Tso Chicken$9.95
Lo Mein$9.95
Orange Chicken$9.95


Pad Thai Noodles$9.95
Rice noodles, beans sprouts, egg, grounded peanut, green onions.
Pad See Ew Noodles$9.95
Rice noodles, egg, broccoli.
Drunken Noodle$9.95
Rice noodles, egg, green beans, bell peppers, basil leaves.
Pad Woon Sen Noodles$9.95
Bean thread noodle, egg, carrots, broccoli, bean sprout, mushroom, cabbage, broccoli, onion.
Lad Nah Noodles$9.95
Rice noodles and broccoli in gravy sauce.
Ba Meeh Hang Moodang Noodles$9.95
Egg noodles with roasted pork, bean sprouts.
Noodle Soup$9.95
Choice of chicken, beef, or seafood, Rice noodles, bean sprouts, green onions, cilantro.

Fried Rice

Thai Fried Rice$9.95
Egg, broccoli, tomatoes, onions, topped with cucumber slices.
Pineapple Fried Rice$9.95
Pineapple chunks, raisin, cashew nuts, tomatoes.
Basil Fried Rice$9.95
Egg, basil leaves, garlic.

Stir Fry

Basil - Kra Prao$9.95
Bell peppers and fresh basil leaves.
Cashew Nuts$9.95
Cashew nuts, bell peppers, mushrooms, carrots, baby corn, celery in tangy sauce.
Pad Pug Ruam$9.95
Sauteed onion, broccoli, bell peppers, mushrooms, baby corns, celery, and carrots in brown sauce.
Pad Prik Khing$9.95
Red curry paste, green beans, bell pepper, lime leaves.
Pad Preaw Wan$9.95
Tomato, cucumber, onion, pineapple chunks, mushroom, celery.
Pad kra Tiem$9.95
Green onions, mushroom, onions.
Pad Prik$9.95
Onions, green onions and bell peppers.
Pad Khing$9.95
Ginger root, onion, bell peppers, mushroom, baby corn, celery, and carrots in brown sauce.


Pla Rad Prik$10.95
Fried fish fillets topped with chili paste, kaffir lime leaves, bell peppers

Lunch Specials

Pad Thai$6.99
Choice of beef, chicken, or pork.
Pad Prik Khing$6.99
Choice of beef, chicken, or pork.
Pad Prik$6.99
Choice of beef, chicken, or pork.
Pad Khing$6.99
Choice of beef, chicken, or pork.
Pad Pug Ruam$6.99
Choice of beef, chicken, or pork.
Pad Kra Tiem$6.99
Choice of beef, chicken, or pork.
Pad Woon Sen$6.99
Choice of beef, chicken, or pork.
Thai Sweet & Sour$6.99
Choice of beef, chicken, or pork.
Thai Fried Rice$6.99
Choice of beef, chicken, or pork.
Thai Beef Salad$6.99


Sticky Rice$4.00
Fried Rice$2.00
Steamed Rice$2.00


Sweet Tea$1.79
Unsweet Tea$1.79
Thai Iced Coffee$2.95
Coke Production. Please contact to merchant for choice of soda flavor.
Bottled Water$1.79
Hot Tea$2.00
Thai Iced Tea - Cha Yen$2.95
Coconut Juice$1.79


Fried Banana$4.95
Mango & Sticky Rice$7.95