Sonic Drive-In

2886 Hope Mills Rd, Fayetteville
(910) 426-4934

Recent Reviews

Kyle Lane

Friendly people and very quick to remedy even the smallest mistake. Would give five stars but the app menu doesn’t give all the food options of the actual drive-in menu.

Zachary Decicco

Food was great, definitely better than a lot of sonics, only area of concern the workers there seem annoyed, and just looked dirty.Everybody has a rough day so no fault there, but at least look clean

Deluxe Shaves

Great food went while I was at work a total group of 7 people and sure enough it only took them 5 minutes to get our food out and nothing was left out they did great

Oriana Suarez

One star is even giving the sonic too much credit based on the the service I recieved. Upon getting there and pressing the button to be served on I was told to please hold. After about 5 minutes of waiting I was still on 'hold'. New vehicles that had pulled into the stalls right next to mine while I was still on 'hold' were served emediately after pressing the button. I had to press it again to be finally attended to. When I did finally get to order and it was brought out Julia ASSURED me that it was the brownie shake I ordered. After getting home I was extremely disappointed to learn that the shake Julia assured me was abrownie shake was not.

Chad Shelby

My order was missing some items, instead of calling corporate I called the store to let them know of the mishap. The manager promptly and very professionally took note of what happened and offered replacements when I come back in. I will definitely keep coming back.Update: lowered my rating. I received a medium blast that was obviously just thrown together. Bottom portion of cup was empty (dont know how they did that) and what was supposed to be extra reese's apparently means only a small top layer of candy and the rest is just plain ice cream. Blast was also partially melted when it was received.

Dorothy Floyd

Love that have all day everything on the menue

Barb Lewis

Good except they forgot to put ketchup on my burger and tots could have been hotter. First time the weren't tho

Victoria Ramos

This place is great. The food is wonderful and the staff are all friendly. You can expect your order to be out super quick and totally accurate unlike some fast food places around here. They always have awesome specials which is another bonus!!!

Katherine Yocom-delgado

This location is well run and well maintain. In this time of pandemic they are taking measures to ensure the public safety. I saw a number of staff cleaning the order boards and other public use station. The only drawback to this location is that there are no public trashcans or a drive thru

Lea Hartman

This used to be our favorite Sonic in the area. Great play area for the kids, good food and beverages. I honestly don't know what happened to this place. They let the play equipment get run down and broken, boarding it up for months on end instead of repairing it.

Robert Gonzales

I went today and my card would not go thru. Finally they told me my that my card was scratched and that why it wouldn’t go thru. I never have cash so after trying 3xs they gave me my food! I was in aww I was so appreciated that! 5 stars all the way!

Kristen Chason

Well, I used to like coming here...they are getting to where they don't follow orders on app. Ordered a burger, added jalopenos on it, and they charged me, but didn't put jalopenos on it.

Adora Wiggins

Always amazing atmosphere when going to their drive thru

Dawn West Brock

the last time I was there and got done ordering my stuff. the person who was taking my order was cussing . needless to say I left there and went somewhere else.

Marie Rizzo

My order was great they got it exactly the way I liked it and the people were very friendly

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