Superior Bakery

2433 Hope Mills Rd, Fayetteville
(910) 424-4242

Recent Reviews

Susan P.

I ordered a cake from another bakery for my sons 7th birthday. The day of the scheduled pickup, I was told the cake would not be available until next week. While I understand unavoidable things happen, I was never notified. Panicked, I went to superior Bakery and purchased an out of this world tres leches cake which was exactly what I ordered from the other bakery. I should have just ordered from superior. I've been a loyal customer since I was a teenager and on a whim decided to try another bakery. Never again. Superior Bakery saved my day and did it was outstanding customer service and a warm smile. Thank you, Superior Bakery!

Daniel D.

The variety of pastries is great. I don't think they are as good as ppl say. I have received a lot of dry or stale donuts.

Amber H.

I love me some sweets and with that it has to be just right for me to love it. Now this location was not bad at all just not the ish to me. This location was about 11mins from my house which was further than other locations and I am now spoiled to driving short distances so I never traveled this way until I was heading to a store that was right next door sooooo I dropped in.The store practiced social distancing. You come in and can see what's in the cases and order when it's your turn. I didn't have anything in particular I was looking for so I ended up with a cream cheese danish, a slice of carrot cake and an almond crescent. I was hoping for a lemon bar she said they don't carry them unless it's a test item. The carrot cake was flavored good, it just didn't have that cream cheese taste that you need not want need lol it was more of a custard cream which was too heavy for me so I left that out. Same with the danish. I was not able to eat the crescent but wasn't to bad for the great price. Try it out for yourself.

Melissa M.

I highly recommend this bakery. You walk in a it smells like a grandmas kitchen. The staff there make you feel like family from the moment you walk in. The food is amazing! I will definitely be back.

Cynthia B.

Always the best service and pastries! Make sure you stop by. Will even give out samples.

phillip gomez

I have never felt so blessed to go buy donuts this place is awesome customer service 110% everything we picked up was on point even left with some rolls that they gave us that were super good we will definitely be back !!!!!

John Hartrich

Super friendly staff and an amazing selection and variety of baked good. We are always finding new things we enjoy there. They also have a great selection of savory pastries as well. A must visit!

Nat Robertson

Simply the best around, you must try it if your new to the community!

Fay F.

Rated best bakery in Fayetteville and there's a reason. This place has the BEST strawberry cake. I've searched far and wide for a cake like this and it's the best! We come here every so often for a special treat.

Brianna Hammond

Their goodies are ALWAYS delicious and the staff is so kind and helpful! The croissants are my favorite!!

Jenna Hartley

This is the BEST place in town. No bakery can top this one. This is family owned and they are in there ready to greet you. The perfect fix for any sweet tooth. The fried glazed croissants are mouth watering. They are not shy with samples and they ensure you leave satisfied. The prices are good. There is always cakes made for any get together. They take pride in what they do, and they have earned some serious bragging rights. When you look at the wall to the right you will see their accomplishments. They are well known.

Sb6491 Nae

I’ve been a loyal customer for some time now and want to say thank you guys for your services. You guys are amazing and never disappoint. Best bakery establishment I’ve ever come across! Highly recommend.

Legocoach Frantz

Got a black forest cake. Even my fiancee, who doesn't generally like black forest, thought this one was delicious. It was a special order in short notice, but the staff got it done beautifully and deliciously. The stuffed croissants are a specialty, as well, and I very much enjoyed one of the new savory "bistros" they've recently added.

Krystina Downing

Cute little bakery with loads of options on your pastries. It was my first time going and the staff were so sweet, patient and helpful with me. I couldnt decide, so I got one of each and boy were they reasonably priced! I'll be going back for sure!

Kayla K.

Probably my favorite place in Fayetteville. I've been looking for a cute little bakery since moving to NC. Back home we had a small family owned one and it was my fave place to go with my grandma growing up. I'm so happy to find something with a little feel like that. By far the best sugar cookies and the maple bacon donuts are to die for. I go about three times a week.

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