Tim's Pizza Place - Eutaw Shopping Center

2734 Bragg Blvd, Fayetteville
(910) 433-3456

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Excellent place, but their phone is not working for take out orders.

Vin Weasel

Did this place close down for good? I've been there a couple times in the last week and they haven't been open, despite their hours saying the should be open. I tried calling them and their phone is not in service.

Margi K.

I Went there yesterday to get something for lunch while out shopping. There was a person putting a big pad lock on the door and a sign in the window that said " We are closed"

thomas h

amazing food and very nice staff

Jody Blonde

True Brooklyn pizza with the New York attitude too. Love this place.

Pete Matusick

The people are a trip, the slices are BIG and tastes great !

nadia m

The place is filthy. The building is old and in need of a remodel. Pizza is so greasy that I would definitely suggest it if you are constipated... Never again.

Devid Lawrence

Large portion sizes but the place needs to be cleaned up for it to be considered anything close to great.

hanna bananas

Staff is super friendly but sanitation is poor. I ordered a sandwich and watched the employee touch the freezer door, open a bag of fries, drop them in the grease, check their phone, pull up their pants then make my sandwich all with the same gloves on. As I waited on my food I observed the employee ring up another customers order, not wash their hands then continue on to preparing more food. The other employee grabbed pizza out of the oven without gloves on, with their hands covered in flour. The food there is always great (I normally call it in) so this was my first time seeing them handle it in person. I suggest the owner gives all of the employees a quick lesson on cross contamination and proper sanitation and this place would get a 5 star rating.

Denise W Alston

Unfortunately on May 1, 2019 my sister drove from outside Fayetteville to Tim's to return an incorrect order. She was subjected to disrespect from a disrespectful, pants below the behind worker who addressed her in an unprofessional manner ("babe" to a woman old enough to be his mother ) and told her he "did not have time" to address her concern. She was not given her money back or a correct pizza. All the workers were not disrespectful just the one who must have been the lead worker. This was around 5:00. We have never experienced this kind of service from them in the past but rest assured it will not get a recommendation in the future to friends. Check yourselves Tim's. Workers need to wear name tags to correctly identify them. Receipts need to be given to customers in case there is a problem. Trying to lean over counter to view an order is not good. Too bad one worker left a bad taste in the mouth. For the cost of this pizza, there should be time!

Diego Andrade

Amazing, the workers made you feel at home. The family dinner special can feed 3 adults and 2 teenagers. I am from NY and this is the closest pizza in Fayetteville NC that can compare to it. I recommend it for the food and service.

Shanese Griggs

The pizza was great. The wings had just the correct amount of spice. Friendly staff as well.


This place need a little makeover. The place is small and not well kept. However, we loved the pizza and sandwiches. cant go wrong if you want a quick bite

Tony L.

Our weekly pizza order! Fantastic everytime! Thanks for the great food and even better service!! Highly recommended. PERFECT AGAIN! Our local spot!!

Wolfgang Sanyer

Very disappointing. First of all, i wanted extra cheese but the lady kept insisting they wouldn't do that on slices. So I got two slices. Cheese was almost non existent and basically a thin crust of pizza with the tomato sauce. :-(

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Tim's Pizza Place - Eutaw Shopping Center

2734 Bragg Blvd, Fayetteville, NC 28303
(910) 433-3456