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Sonravea P.

I had a terrible experience tonight with a delivery driver to our home. He did not give the courtesy of ringing the door bell. He just slung it in the chair like he was delivering newspapers. He didn't know we had cameras and saw him. Then when my husband went to the door to ask why he didn't ring the door bell, he started arguing and cussing at him as he was leaving. To make matters worse, he didn't even leave our entire order. I called the store and the manager was willing to try and fix the problem, but my level of disappointment and disdain had already set in. I never experienced this level of unprofessionalism, disrespect or pure outrage at a simple delivery order. As much as I love Domino's and delivery it will definitely be a long while before I open my home to this. Total disaster and epic fail.

DV Phil

I will only say order online, per my Son. Because calling does not reach the Domino's store, rather a person that doesn't speak or understand English at all, being asked for my area code and my zip code, then my credit card information. When I am picking up in the store.Then the quality of the pizza was dismal, both of them.

Admin Crown Raleigh

What on earth was going on Friday night October 28th, and who was supposed to be supervising the store and wasn't?A lobby filled with customers waiting for their carryout orders that were ready, but the employees hadn't kept track of which boxes belonged to which customer and were just standing there fumbling through boxes trying to figure out what belonged to who. In my case I waited over an hour to receive a carryout order, which was marked on the tracker as ready for pick up almost 30 minutes before it was given to me and sat around getting cold while they accomplished nothing.

Tracey Dragoon

We recently moved and have ordered from this Dominos 3 or 4 times and it's been decent. However, we placed an order on July 28th at 6:30pm and never got it. Right after we ordered a big storm came through and apparently they lost power, however no one reached out to let us know. The only reason we found out was because my husband drove over to the store at 8:45pm! They said our money would be refunded as soon as the system came back up. I called the next day, and a very rude associate said it could take 3-5 business days to show up. My husband called on August 4th, a week later, to ask about our refund and the woman he spoke with said she would give our information to the manager and they would reach out. Here we are a week and a half later and we still have not gotten our $56 refund and we never got a call back. Very disappointing! So glad they made a profit while my family never got our order or any communication regarding the power outage or getting our money back.

Channing Elliott

This Domino's location always does a very good job of making sure that they have their quality control checked before you get your items. I didn't mind waiting the extra time for the pizza because they had some burnt edges around my Philly cheesesteak pizza. They caught the problem before I even had to see it and made sure to correct it before bringing the order out. I greatly appreciate that, and the staff are always very friendly and courteous. Great franchise location

Judy Lynam

Ordered gluten free pizza online, received regular pizza DESPITE confirming IN THE STORE that they had made a gluten free pizza. While Phillip did refund the money, my guest is terribly sick, and Phillip told me what to look for in the next pizza since "his staff is young and they can be expected to make mistakes." -- Uhm, raise your standards, Phillip... raise your standards.

Deborah Kish

Last time I ever order from this place. I have had "choppy" quality but nothing like this. I asked for "light" cheese like I generally do and they have GOT to be kidding - there was NO cheese on this pizza... and they don't care. The excuse? That during rush hour, they have no way of cooking at half to make sure they cheese doesn't burn and that it doesn't dry out. This pizza was like a piece of cardboard and was ultimately tossed in the trash. They don't want to make it right either. I really thought this place had their act together after my last order.. boy was I wrong.

Connor Link

Absolutely TERRIBLE LOCATION. I placed an order roughly 2 weeks ago, got a phone call from Phil (the ‘new’ general manager of this area) to rectify my order that was made improperly (which also took two weeks for him to contact me) & gave this dinky location another shot.The order I placed tonight was free of charge because his employees are on the spectrum of retardation & they AGAIN, MADE IT INCORRECTLY. This location has no sense of customer service & I will absolutely never be coming back. What a terrible location & I will let everyone I know to never come here.

Teresa Torres

I’m not sure who just delivered my food but he was so quick and personable! I ordered my pizza and wings on the app and it was here in no time. Usually when that happens at a pizza delivery joint the quality of the food seems rushed, but not today. The pizza is amazing and the wings are cooked well. Thank you!

Karla Webber

My food was good, but they need to work on customer service. I ordered carryout about 10:45pm. When I got there, the lobby lights were off but the kitchen lights were on. I called "hello?!" several times loudly. Finally a fella came and said" wow, how did you get in here?" I said, " the door?" He seemed very surprised and wasnt sure where my order was. When he gave it to me he muttered "darn". I guess he was waiting for a tip? They had just fixed my food, didnt they think Id be coming soon?

Jeramy Melvin

Foods bad... i live here and this location is 1.7 miles from my house and they still serve bad food at a high price 27 dollars for 2 medium items delivered 2 hours later. I paid 27.63 for what was in this picture. I also had cheese sticks put no marinare and a 2 liter of coke. The 2 liter was the best part of the meal.

dillon greeves

Me and my girlfriend got food tonight. We ordered at about 9:20 online and we got a call saying that it may be over an hour wait, which we were fine with. We waited and eventually got our food and it was very obvious the store was extremely understaffed. The girl that brought our food out to me was working extremely hard and I think she may have been there completely by herself. Even under the obvious extreme workload she was very very polite and our food was fantastic! I was very pleased with everything considering how understaffed they were. Kudos to the young lady running everything doing a fantastic job! (Saturday march 6)

Eric Jett

Worst place ever don't ever go here, placed an order for delivery gave a 20 % tip, after an hour and a half called in very politely to check the status of our order and was told it would be 20 min and they would make sure it was hot they were sorry. Waited another hour called back was told. It never got made they were putting it in and it qould be there when it got there. How rude the people that work at this store It's disgusting they should all be fired as you could hear them all in the background laughing when we asked for a manager we were told there wasn't one. Never go there.

Nicky Hawkins

If I could give this company zero stars I would. I spoke with Alex who called me after placing an order and paying $50.00 online stating that they could not deliver my food. All Alex (the name the employee gave) said to me was that he was sorry and if I had any more questions, I needed to call the 1-800 number. This was really unprofessional considering they are advertising for delivery orders online. Now when I tried to choose to pay in cash ONLINE when they arrived, they would not allow me to do this. The website stated I had to pay with my card rite away in order for my order to go through. This is not something that I am happy about at all. What if that was all the money I had and had to wait 2-3 days to get it back (this is when Alex informed me my money would be available to me again) What would I do for food? This Dominos need to just close the doors. They did not try to compensate me for taking my money and not delivering my pizza in any kind of way. It was just like hey IM SORRY. it'll be back on your card in 2 to 3 days and if you have any questions, please call the 1-800 number. It should have been presented a different way and I would be more understanding because I understand things happen. However, to get a phone call with someone who acts as if they are doing you a favor when the whole issue is due to their company negligence is definitely not what a customer wants. I was oversold and underdelivered. THIS IS NOT OKAY!!!

Sasha Lacy

I've lived in the area for awhile now and never had a big problem with dominos. I've called before with minor issue and it was never a problem to either replace or some type of coupon. But BABY maybe it's something in the water but tonight it seemed like everyone hated their job. First off wasn't gonna complain cause I did ask for the delivery driver to knock but I sure ask heck ain't ask for SWAT. As I stated before not a huge deal I did ask for it after all but what I can't stomach is the fact that when I called about my wings being "raw" aka cold on the inside with barely a drizzle of the hot wing sauce ( I would of had more if I paid an extra 50 cent for the packet) but the fact that the manager lied to my face stating that their is a "WELL DONE" option for wings which is a LIE. EVERYTHING WENT DOWN HILL ONCE THEY UPDATED THE SITE. I'm no longer able to tell the store direct directions like bake my wings twice if cold wings is the standard and blaming the customer like I was the one who sent chicken out the store yellow not brown. Never again I'd rather cook myself then chance and get salmonella.

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